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Letters from London
Shake It, Baby!
Say Hello to the Narni Shakers
By Shane Clarke
London Correspondent
Narni Shakers

Sexy dancing is enjoying a purple patch at the moment. Burlesque style and podium dancing are all enjoying a revival as women embrace this empowering medium of self-expression.

There are clubs opening up everywhere, schools where women can learn the art to give their husbands or boyfriends a treat, and we even have the movie, Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, which has already got people talking and is bound to be a big hit across the world. Yes, ladies are getting their dancing shoes on again – and they never looked so good.

So, please allow me to introduce you to the Narni Shakers, the world-renowned DJ Show that have brought the art into the twenty-first century. Combining traditional elements of burlesque with contemporary dance music and modern twists, these girls create a show which is both spectacular and unforgettable.

Charlotte of Narni Shakers

Charlotte Devaney, founder of the Narni Shakers, is already a well-known name in the UK, having modelled for numerous magazines and co-starred in the Hollywood movie, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” alongside Megan Fox, Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst. As if that wasn’t enough, Charlotte is also a successful DJ, and hosted shows on two radio stations before taking her mix of Hip-Hop/RnB, Funky Commercial House and Slammin’ Electro onto the club circuit worldwide.

With such a passion for music, it was somewhat inevitable that Charlotte would move into dancing. So, just a few years ago she formed the Narni Shakers dance troupe with three of her friends. Their intention was to deliver a professional, polished and sexy dance experience mixing elements from pole-dancing and the traditional burlesque performances with bang up to date music and dance moves.

‘It started as four girls who loved to dance and wanted to be out there performing,’ she told me, and that’s exactly what they did.

They were an instant success, and before they knew it they were performing for celebrities like Blu Cantrell and Tyrese, as well as multi-national companies such as Coca-Cola and Hennessy.

‘It has grown and grown over the years,’ Charlotte said, ‘and now we’re known worldwide.’

Narni Shakers

She’s not lying there. They have taken this show all over the world and have always met with a fantastic response wherever they have gone.

Now they’re bringing it back to Asia, where they have performed on numerous occasions in various countries across the continent. This time, they’re doing a six-date tour in China over the Christmas holiday.

‘We’ve been to a lot of different countries in Asia before,’ Charlotte told me, ‘but we’ve never been to China, and we’re all very excited.’

Not half as excited as the people lucky enough to attend these events are going to be. In their determination to remain fresh and exciting and at the top of their game, the girls have evolved the show over the last few years to ensure they deliver a high-octane experience of sexy, choreographed dance routines, along with freestyle and fire-dance, that is perfectly in touch with modern trends while staying true to the spirit of burlesque and exotic dancing. They’ve even got Charlotte back on the decks to combine her energetic DJ performances with the dancing girls to create a well-rounded, thrilling show where the music is as exciting as the dancing.

This is the best thing that could have happened to Charlotte. She has been passionate about music all her life, and this is reflected in the energy she puts into every performance and the way she gets everyone in the place on their feet. This amazing, high-energy DJ who has been in demand in clubs all over the world for years now, doesn’t just play the music, she feels it, and like a wildfire, her enthusiasm spreads throughout the club in an irresistible wave of House and Hip-hop that creates more an experience than a show, and while she gets the crowd whipped up into a frenzy, the dancers get them frothing at the mouth with their fantastic routines.

Of course, Charlotte isn’t the only member of the Narni Shakers. There are seven more stunningly beautiful ladies that make up this breathtaking DJ Show. Please allow me to introduce them:

Barbie is a strawberry blonde who started singing and dancing at the age of three, before going on to train at the Laine Theatre Arts School for three years. After graduation, she toured with Disney’s High School Musical for a year. Following this, she took on a hectic schedule of dancing in various clubs across Europe, including the world-famous Starsky’s, before joining the Shakers.

Kirstie is the troupe’s choreographer. This eye-catching lady is trained in performing arts, and when she’s not teaching dance, she’s putting on captivating performances with the Shakers involving some versatile dancing skills and fire performances. She has also danced for many artists, including Jocelyn Brown and Tyrese.

Vicky, who also trained at the Laine Theatre Arts School, has danced in some of the biggest venues in the UK, as well as at the biggest events, such as the Brit Awards, the MOBOs (Music Of Black Origin), and the NME awards. This striking beauty has been with the dancers for a number of years and enjoys interacting with the other girls.

Liz is a qualified fitness instructor and also teaches pole-dancing. She has enjoyed a successful career as a model, dancer and actress, taking the lead role of Tricia on the number one UK tour of ‘The Naked Truth’, and more recently playing Gail in the BBC soap opera, Eastenders. As a dancer, she has performed in such places as Ibiza, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Ghamseh is the troupe’s stunning Arabian jewel. Having studied numerous styles of dancing at university, she has gone on to perform in numerous dance shows and prestigious events as well as teaching dancing to young children and choreographing for various artists. Like the other members, she also has a successful modelling career.

Jemma has modelled for many big name magazines, as well as performing at FHM catwalk shows. She has been dancing since an early age, and uses her curvy body and beautiful looks to wow crowds with her high energy routines. Always one to keep busy, she has also taught dance at numerous levels.

April is the newest member of the troupe. Like the other girls, this stunning blonde has been dancing from an early age, and she exudes an air of confidence and a passion for her work. She’s currently in her second year at London Studio Centre where – as well as dancing – she is studying acting and singing.

With those credentials, you can be sure that these girls are going to put on some amazing shows in the coming weeks, so if you can get there, I highly recommend you go and take a look. However, as you stand there, staring in open-mouthed wonder at this veritable feast of stunningly beautiful girls, dancing and performing for your pleasure, please spare a thought for the rest of us over here in the UK. We’re in the grips of a cold snap that is going to be plunging back into minus figures again soon. So, while we’re going to have a cold Christmas over here, it’s going to be red-hot in China.

For more details about the girls and their upcoming tour dates, please visit their website at:

If you want to know more about Charlotte, you can find her at:

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Shane Clarke serves as London Correspondent for The Seoul Times. He has been involved in humanitarian work for numerous years. He’s also a freelance management consultant. Having completed an honors degree in Law at Wolverhampton University, he then moved on to an MBA at Warwick Business School. He’s heavily involved in the fight against international parental child abduction to Japan.






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