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"Masayoshi Son Overcame All Barriers,"
Says His Mentor Kazuo Noda

Japans Richest Man to Donate All His Fortune
Mr. Kazuo Noda ()poses with Chairman Chang Man-Key of Korea Human Development Institute (KHDI).

Nobody belived Masayoshi Son () when he said to his entire staff of two that he would earn 300 billion yen 30 years later, said Mr. Kazuo Noda (), a mentor of the billionaire founder of Japanese telecom firm Softbank Corp. Evenybody around him treated him as an insane person

Mr. Noda was referring to an anecdote of Japans wealthiest man in front of a group of Koreans gathered at a Seoul hotel on Sept. 22, 2011. He delivered a special lecture under the title of Japans Richest Man Masayoshi Son, Log into His World.

Mr. Nodas lecture was arranged by Chairman Chang Man-Key of Korea Human Development Institute (KHDI).

Kazuo Noda () serves as chairman of the Japan Research Institute (総研ϼ). He is also honorary president of Tama University in Japan.

Masayoshi Son ()

After Mr. Son finished his speech, one of his two staff tendered a letter of resignation to Mr. Son, Mr. Noda said.

He said that this anecdote illustrated how Mr. Son was ambitious when he was young.

Mr. Noda recollected that Mr. Son was a young man with a strong confidence and a great dream when the 19-year-old Son visited him in his office in Tokyo.

He said that Mr. Sons life changed when the adolescent Son met with McDonald President Den Fujita. Son began to have interested in business.

At age 16 Mr. Son went to America. He was able to enter UC-Berkeley only after he studied English in California for only one year. He majored in economics and studied computer science.

At age 19 he realized that computer technology would ignite the next commercial revolution. He also married his wife at the same age. He started his won business in the Sillicon Valley. But, somehow he returned to Japan soon after.

After he returned to Japan he visited me in my office and I asked him why he came back Mr. Noda continued. And he said I came back just because I liked Japan.

Mr. Kazuo Noda ()

When in my office he said to me he is Zainichi Korean (Korean-Japanese), Mr. Noda said. I was impressed that he had to courage to come and visit me

Back then I was pretty famous and he was a nameless and young Korean-Japanese, Mr. Noda added. Fom my first conversation with him I feld that he is a smart man with an insight

There are a number of intelligent Japanese, but not many of them has the decisiveness and strategic thinking, Mr. Noda praised Son.

For the success it takes also a leadership skill as well as being decisive and having a stragegic thinking, he advised.

Mr. Son has a strong will power and he concentrate on only one thing, he said. Yet he always smiles and is bright

Mr. Son overcame all the barriers and difficulties, he said. Not many people here can think that Mr. Son is hansome, he had a disadvantage of being a third-generation Korean-Japanese, and particularly he was very poor with his health

Mr. Son declared that he would donate all of his fortune to society when he becomes 60 years old, he said.

Mr. Noda said he had a chance to travel to Europe in recent past.

These days there are not many stories on Japan in European media, he said. only one newspaper reported six Japanese prime ministers were changed within five years

Japan is losing power now, he said There is no real politician in Japan

I think person like Mr. Son should become a prime minister for Japan, he emphasized. He can now stop working as president of Soft Bank

Mr. Son showed an indefatigable courage when he was struck with chronic hepatitis he said. But he ran the risk of losing his life when he took the vaccin and the vaccin was only 50 percent safe

He said that South Korean is outrunning Japan in nearly all areas of business these days.

Koreans are definitely more tenatious than Japanese, he added.

He also revealed that Mr. Son was discriminated in Japan as a child.

Just like elsewhere in the world there is clearly a discrimination in Japan too he said. But the thing is whether you have good friends there or not

He said that Mr. Son was also discriminated in Japan as a young boy. Son was hit by a rock thrown by his Japanese friend.

Mr. Son, the third-generation Korean-Japanese, grew up in iTosu, Saga Prefecture in Japan. He was born on August 11, 1957. He became a naturalized Japanese citizen.

Forbes magazine rated him as the richest man in Japan with a net asset of 8.1 billion US dollars as of 2011. He is also one of the most generous philanthropists in the world.

He is a Japanese with a Korean heart and mind, he characterized Mr. Son.

Mr.Kazuo Noda ()'s website:

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