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EBM Director Heo Bong-Soo Introduces New Health Concepts
"Right Food" Equals Good Health and Vitality
Mr. Heo Bong-Soo (left), director of EBM Integrative Medical Center, poses with Chairman Chang Man-Key (to his right) of the Korean Human Development Institute (KHDI) in a group photo.

"Cancer is caused by any substance that the body doesn’t like," argued Mr. Heo Bong-Soo, director of EBM Integrative Medical Center at a breakfast forum held at Lotte Hotel on Jan. 19, 2012.

He spoke on the relationship between the food we consume and how our bodies react under the title of "Food Table Is the Doctor."

Mr. Heo conducted research on 2,000 people on the interrelation between smoking and cancer. The research showed that for most female patients smoking was not causing the cancer.

Mr. Heo’s devotion to health began when he was just a child. Fast forwarding a few years and in 1993 Mr. Heo began his serious research on the importance of food and what it does to our bodies and health.

For over 20 years, Mr. Heo observed 40,000 people and concluded his research with “ones health depends on what and how they eat.”

Another health issue discussed was the recent rise of foot and mouth disease in Korea. Interestingly though not all parts of the mouth were infected. The outbreak began in Nov. 29, 2010 and spread to five provinces including Incheon, a major South Korean city.

This caused the government to slaughter 662,000 pigs and cows and vaccinate 452,000 of livestock. Mr. Heo presented the idea that the “basic problem was the food” that both pigs and cows were consuming. This caused the disease to only attack certain parts of people’s mouth. Thus conveying the idea that the “food in the environment is very important.”

Pain is a significant part of our daily life. Mr. Heo explained that “humans traditionally used five sensory systems”.

However living in a modern society, people tend to now resort to “scientifically proven data analogies.” He discussed the notion of pain as being “a warning from your body” which means that the intake of specific food needs to be altered to prevent further pain.

Disagreeing with the use of medicine, Mr. Heo expressed his argument and beliefs clearly stating "when you take medicine for disease you have to resort to it for life."

Therefore instead, he suggested that the individual needs to cure and find the problem. Usually the causes of the disease are based on the “food you eat and the environment you live in” explained Mr. Heo.

Ying and yang is a very familiar and well known concept which represents an understanding of how things work. The outer circle represents "everything", while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called "yin" (black) and "yang" (white), which cause things to occur.

Therefore, if an individual has a balanced Ying and Yang then they can maintain order within the body as well as helping them live a more fulfilled lifestyle. The balance brings about happiness and vitality “which are the essentials for a healthy life” said Mr. Heo.

Since 1998 Mr. Heo has been active in Japan, where he has his medical center. He visits various important cities including Osaka and Tokyo to promote the ideas of health and well being that can be achieved through the correct intake of food.

The organizer of the event was Chairman Chang Man-Key of the Korean Human Development Institute (KHDI). Three decades on and he is still organizing successful breakfast conferences. The most recent one being early this morning (Jan.19, 2012) at Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul. Around 150 gatherers attended the Ecologically Balanced Medicine (EBM) seminar. The guests included JEI Corporation CEO Yang Byong-Moo and other businesspeople.

Chairman Chang Man-Key is very significant in the business sector of Korea. He established his institute, KHDI in 1975, whilst he was in his early 30s. The purpose of the institute was to further develop the potential of young business people in Korea.

The institute’s motto is “Better People and Better World”. Being very dedicated to his work, Mr. Chang has been developing potentials of young businessmen and women for over 30 years. His drive came from the period of hunger back in the 1970’s. Mr. Chang believed that developing human resources was the only way of increasing the nation’s economy, and therefore would bring about the end of starvation.

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