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Q1: Thanks a lot for this interview in spite of your hectic schedule. First would you like to explain about your company?

A1: NEXFAIR came into realization in the year 2005. We first started with exhibition and convention business and steadily expanded into trade and marketing areas.

Finally, consulting was added into the list of our three main business areas in 2007. In 2008 we established a subsidiary in Dubai, UAE and in 2009 we set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

NEXFAIR is the pioneer organizer for the Kids Education Exhibition in China and it obtained first venture certification in this industry. We are currently handling the sales and marketing of medium- to large-scale exhibitions such as MIK 2012 and Macworld Asia in addition to our existing MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) business.

Q2: NEXFAIR is involved in a variety of businesses as we are aware. But what are the core areas of your business?

A2: Our main business is Convention & Exhibition for small- and medium-sized companies. We do effective marketing consultation to competitive domestic and overseas markets. We enable these companies to pursue a correct direction and vision in regional planning, development, and operation for the export market.

This year we are promoting “Made in Korea 2012” exhibition as a platform to launch genuine and quality Korean products by our local companies. We look forward to new export opportunities in the UAE and the GCC areas for our Korean companies to overcome the global economic crisis, which has always been our mission in NEXFAIR.

Q3:Among China, Middle East, Japan, the United States, and other countries why are you focusing on China and the Middle East? Are there any special occasions or reasons for this?

A3: Many of our local companies still believe that China and the Middle Eastern countries are poor countries. It is time for them to realize that these countries are now the richest in the world.

They have emerged as great powers to reckon with in import and export business. China’s foreign trade growth is accelerating every year in UAE. We need to learn the open-minded business attitude from them in order to be successful in our efforts.

Q4: What are your strengths or competitive edges compared with other companies doing the same or similar businesses?

A4: NEXFAIR has a unique operation after exhibition and convention. We do trading, marketing, and consultancy to become good business partners for our local clients. We work together in substantial trade. Company employees are educated and trained for marketing-based Convention and Exhibition for the best synergies between trade and export business.

Q5: NEXFAIR has advanced into various areas of businesses since its inception in 2005. Could you specify the business areas you want to focus on in the future?

A5: NEXFAIR’s business is derived from MICE. In order to stay within a good share of the industry’s markets, we need competitive products. We work hard for the exports of Korean products. And we aspire to be the best in Asia in what we do.

In addition to trade and marketing within our exhibition and convention industry, our aim is to be the Only One focused on One Dream. It doesn’t matter which rank we are in this field, we have a Dream and we want to make it come true.

Q6: You founded NEXFAIR in 2005 and you have been at the helm of your company ever since. We presume that more and more people at home and abroad now recognize you and your company. What, do you believe, are the secrets of your success? What is it that motivates you to work hard and to be successful?

A6: “Let’s do ‘TongTongTong’” is my and our company’s slogan. There are two meanings attached to this slogan.

The first meaning of “TongTongTong” is for our staff being able to communicate freely with the company.
Our staff are multi-nationals. We use seven different languages in the office. Each one of our staff is of unique personality, out-going, creative, and they are all very special people. I always ask them to find different ways of communicating just to understand each other better as we see each other every day. We all have to effectively communicate and get along well together.

The second meaning of “TongTongTong” is the importance of “an idea.” In the global world, coming up with an exclusive idea is essential for keeping the secrets of the trade. Every company has a special concept exclusive only to them, and so do we.






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