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Is Philippines Dangerous Spot for Tourists?
Filipino Robbers Prey on S. Koreans
8 Koreans Murdered Last Year Alone
A barmaid ready to greet Korean customers at the local bar in Manila, the Philippines.

The Philippines is turning its image as a popular tourist destination into a dangerous place for South Koreans as more and more Koreans are targeted by armed robbery of Filipinos.

As recently as April 15, 2013 a South Korean man was killed and two other Koreans were seriously wounded when their car was attacked in the broad daylight by the armed local Filipinos in the Korean Town area of Angles some 80 kms northwest of Manila.

A 34-year-old businessman, known only by his last name “Lim,” was instantly killed by the bullets sprayed by the Filipino armed robbers. Two other Korean men were carried to the local hospital when they were seriously injured by the bullets. Lim was running a money exchange shop.

After the attack, the robbers took away a cash bag of half a million pesos (roughly 13.5 million won) from the car. The Korean men finished late lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant before they were diving.

The local police are investigating the armed robbery case.

The city of Angles is an entertainment area full of golf ranges within its vicinity.

Earlier in February of 2004 South Korean professional golfer, known only as his last name “Chun,” was shot to death by the local Filipino man a bar in the city.

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) says that a total of eight South Koreans were murdered in the Philippines late year alone.

The number accounts for a third of entire South Koreans killed in foreign countries last year. Twenty seven Korean were murdered overseas last year.

In China, where the most number of ethnic Korean reside, the number of South Koreans killed last year was merely five.

A number of South Koreans fall victim to the various crimes in the Philippines.

A total of seven South Koreans were murdered in the Philippines in the year 2011. In 2010 the number was six, and it was five in 2009.

Last year alone four cases of armed robbery against South Koreans were took place. Kidnappings occurred six times. A total of 243 theft cases against Koreans were reported.

Each year 10 cases of armed robbery are reported to the South Korean Embassy in Manila.

Surprisingly, no South Korean was murdered in Vietnam, Malaysia, or in Thailand last year. It was in Cambodia that only one Korean was killed last year.

Experts say the increasing number of robbery case against Koreans is related to the lack of domestic security in the Philippines. The nation has been suffering from civil war with anti-government Islamic group for the last 40 years.

Influenced by the Unites States gun ownership is possible in the Philippines. So, crimes involving guns take place frequently.

Still, South Korean tourists are threatened by the local Filipino robbers and even by the local police.

A South Korean tourist recalled that the local Filipino policeman arrested him on the beach in the Philippines four years only because he walked with an empty bottle of beer in his hand.

He said that the policeman took him to the police box and pointed his gun to his head. He was released only after he handed a sum of cash to the policeman.

He said that he never wants to go back to the Philippines.

Experts argue that South Koreans fall easy victim to the local Filipino robbers just because they want to indulge in the entertainment and gambling.

They say that a number of South Korean tourists visit the Philippines for the purpose of playing golf, and enjoying sex and gambling. So, they are exposed to the danger of local criminals.

Amongst the local Filipinos South Korean men are known for carrying a large sum of cash to buy local sex.






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