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Israel, US Fail to Learn from the Past
Beirut in Lebanon

Sharjah,UAE (WAM) — As the war rages in Lebanon, Israel - which thought it would be a cakewalk - is feeling the deadly heat of Hizbollah resistance, a UAE paper commented.

To the US, the paper said 'Its indirect participation in the war against Lebanon proves beyond doubt that Washington policy makers have failed to learn fundamental lessons from history.

On the 22nd day of the conflict on Aug.2, the daily paper said Hizbollah fighters fired 182 rockets. Israel's desperate response, besides the aggressive bombardment, was claims by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that it would keep fighting Hizbollah. He vowed to continue the war until a strong international force is deployed.

'That is the catch: Israel wants an international force to bail it out. The image of Israeli army as an invincible force has been shattered beyond repair. Its capitulation would be imminent if the conflict drags on. The only way before political sentiment at home destroys Olmert is to find a settlement with Hizbollah, wrote "The Gulf Today."

Commenting editorially on the latest developments in Lebanon, the Sharjah-based daily said : " But Hizbollah would not do so unless their demands are met. Even Olmert's suggestion that Syria and Iran are behind Hizbollah's military might could not invoke any kind of international support to his grand agenda to crush Arab resistance.

"The only country that steadfastly stands by the Zionist regime is the United States. There also President George W. Bush is traversing unpredictable ground. The powerful Jewish lobby is pressuring Bush for a much more active and direct role for the US in Israeli's military operations,"it remarked.

But, it add, the large number of deaths among civilians - particularly women and children - could prove politically suicidal for him to send American forces. But no US administration can abandon an ally like Israel. Washington even sought deceptive ways with its own allies like sending high-power precision ammunition to Israel through British airports, much to European distress.

According to the comment, there is no support for Olmert from the Europeans. His ambition of disarming and destroying Hizbollah - about which he spoke on television - is not in the realm of possibility. The fierce fights that the resistance is putting up is destroying Israeli morale. It would not be surprising if it turns out that the 48-hour Israeli lull in air strikes after the Qana massacre that killed 52 mostly children has been a strategic interregnum.

"It has given Israel time to stock up on the American precision bombs and bunker busters. Such indirect participation by the US in the war against Lebanon proves beyond doubt that Washington policy makers have failed to learn fundamental lessons from history," it said.

They are firing at Iran from the Lebanese shoulders and trying to get Syria directly involved in a confrontation. By enlarging the conflict, Israel and the US intend to deepen Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East. But the neoconservative warmongers in Washington, who took the gamble of invading Iraq hoping it would fall in their laps, could not scotch the Arab spirit of independence and dignity.

Despite announcing victory in Iraq, the US still could not pull out its troops amid the mounting insurgency. It tried to destabilise the Iranian government but failed to accomplish its goal despite using the proxy war from Lebanese soil. They also failed to pull Syria into the conflict after trying several stratagems to damage the Damascus government's political integrity and peaceful intentions. The attempt over half a century to snuff out the Palestinian flame of resistance has also failed miserably.

'"One wonders how many wars that the US-Israeli axis has to fight to learn that it cannot crush the Arab resistance and reign over the Middle East. The various guises that Israel and the US are using - campaigning for economic and political reforms and foisting democracy in the Middle East and the incessant wars they are instigating - have failed," it noted.

These disasters,it signaled, have been so miserable that the credibility of the US and Israel among the comity of nations has hit the lowest level ever. Neither the Europeans nor America's friends in the Group of Eight wealthy nations have any desire to get involved in their wars.

"On Wednesday the 46-nation Council of Europe's parliamentary assembly condemned the continuing disproportionate use of force by Israel. Today there is no country that wants to back the US policy on Middle East whose sole aim is to prop up the Jewish state. Israel has only brought misery to the region and none in the world wants to see the horror replicated on a global scale,"it concluded






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