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Int'l Community's Cool Response to Israel's Genocide Policy Disgusting, Pathetic
A Palestinian carries the body of 21-month-old baby girl Salsabeel Abu Jalhoum, killed in an Israeli airstrike, for burial during her funeral in Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip on March 2, (AP Photo/Eyad Baba)

DUBAI-The Gulf Today, a UAE English language and Dubai-based daily, condemned on March 2 the international community's "disgusting, pathetic and despicable for its "largely cool response to Israel's policy of genocide against the Palestinians that whose only fault is that they refuse to remain under Israel's yoke and want to exercise their right to self-determination and set up an independent state of their own on their land which is under the Jewish state's military occupation."

"It is a genocide of a scale that is worse than a holocaust that Israel is committing against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip." The Jewish state, it said, is ranked among the top 10 military powers of the world, for unleashing its military might against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip in the name of protecting its own people against rocket attacks.

"It would not be an exaggeration to state that not many around the world sympathize with Israel over the rocket attacks coming from the Gaza Strip since the Jewish state is reaping what it sowed through its occupation of Palestinian territories and the Palestinians are exercising their right to resist their occupiers," opined the paper.

"Israeli officials could offer all justifications and explanations over what their military is doing to the Palestinians, but their approach is nothing short of re-enacting the Holocaust against the Palestinians." The paper attacked Israel's Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai, who used the Hebrew word "shoah" — generally used only for the Nazi Holocaust— saying he "could not mask the reality that he meant precisely that and it represents the Israeli determination to inflict as much death, injuries and damage to the Gaza Strip with the aim of subduing Palestinian resistance."

"There is growing suspicion that the Israeli military action against the Gaza Strip is designed to draw in Lebanon's Hezbollah into a conflict across the border,"opined the paper.

The suspicion, it said, has gained strength in view of the deployment of naval and marine vessels opposite the shores of Israel and Lebanon in case the fighting spreads to the Lebanese front.

"It is imperative on the part of the world community, particularly the European Union and the Asian powers, to understand the implications of what could transpire in the region and move in advance to prevent what seems to be a US/Israeli plan for a make-or-break military conflagration,"remarked the paper.

"Their priority should be to work out an immediate halt to the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza since that seems to be designed as the trigger for a wider conflict," concluded the Gulf Today. UAE calls on Int. Community to act against Israeli attack on Gazans

In the meantime, the UAE on March 2 called on the international community to take decisive measures to halt the continuous Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

'"The crime being committed by the Israeli army against the civilian Palestinians in Gaza is a flagrant violation of all international human charters and conventions,"the UAE said in a statement it issued today on the latest developments in Gaza.

The crime, the statement affirmed, should invite immediate action from the UN Security Council to put an end to acts of repression, killing and devastation the children and people of Gaza have been sustaining for several days at the hands of the Israeli army.

The statement held the international community responsible for the consequences the continuous Israeli aggression could have not only on the security and stability of the Palestinian people but also on the regional and international stability and security alike

"The UAE,while standing besides the aggrieved Palestinian people, reaffirms its sustained strong readiness to provide all possible assistance to the victims of this aggression and contribute to every individual, Arab and international efforts to stop the massacre against the Palestinian people," the statement emphasised. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)






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