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Letters from Tokyo
Mexico Resembles a Civil War: Three Murders Per Hour in Early 2017

By Sawako Utsumi
Tokyo Correspondent
The nation of Mexico resembles a nation going through the trauma of a brutal civil war. Yet, the government of Mexico seems at a loss about tackling the ongoing crisis. Hence, in the first four months in Mexico ...

Op-Ed Special
President Moon Jae-In's Initiative of "Miracle on the Daedong River," a Cornerstone for Inter-Korea Ties

By Moon Il-Suk
Publisher of The Break News
The "Miracle on the Han River" refers to the period of explosive economic growth in the decades following the fratricidal Korean War (1950-53). The miracle, made in ...

Op-Ed Special
Wahhabism vs. Muslim Brotherhood: Qatar Crisis Opens Old Wounds

By Marcelle Geroux
London Correspondent
“Muslim Brotherhood,” officially known as the Society of the Muslim Brothers, was formed in Egypt by Islamic scholar Hassan al-Banna in 1928. The transnational Sunni Islamist ...

Master Artist Min Tae-Hong in Vanguard of Promoting Korean Art Throughout the World
Min Tae-Hong Creates Jiduhwa (指頭畵) Style Art
South Korea's master artist Min Tae-Hong has just finished his pro bono solo art exhibition held five days at The Mark in Los Angeles, Calif., the Unisted States. He landed the United ...

"Fight against Corruption Is Actual Task"
Special Conbribution
Bt Uzbekistan Embassy in Seoul
Corruption causes serious damage to the development of any country. At the same time, citizens' trust to social justice, truth and state bodies is lost. Therefore, the fight against this evil ...

United Kingdom & Brexit:
"Door Remains Open," French President Says

By Lee Jay Walker
Tokyo Correspondent
The new leader of France, President Emmanuel Macron, is making it known that the United Kingdom (UK) can still remain within the European Union (EU). Of course, this is based ...

Grupo Promax Becomes 1st Mexican Company to Set Up Factory in Gwangyang, South Korea
Mexican Envoy Bruno Figueroa Joins in Opening
Grupo Promax, one of the leading makers of steel, has become the first Mexican company that made direct investment in South Korea by setting up its factory ...

Marriage Saving Tips We All Should Know
What do you do if your marriage is in trouble? If you’re like most of us, you’ll seek help. However, the last person you’d probably ever consider going to for marriage advice is a ...

CSIS Brief
Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia

In the past decade, tensions in Asia have risen as Beijing has become more assertive in maritime disputes with its neighbors and the United States. Regional leaders have expressed ...

Joint Art Exhibition of Park Kyoung-Muk and Han Byung-Uk Runs from May 31 to June 20
The joint exhibition of the oriental painter Park Kyoung-Muk and young cartoonist Han Byung-Uk is drawing a large crowd at U-eum Center Gallery on the College Road in Seoul's ...

"Chinese Cities Want to Copy Songdo As Model of Smart City," Says Caspar Herzberg
Hundreds of experts on cities particularly news cities gathered at the Convensia Center in Songdo in Incheon west of Seoul on June 7-9, 2017 to discuss the future of the new cities. ...

Grenada's St George’s University Signs MOU with S. Korea's Uiduk University
Grenada, West Indies (June 13, 2017) — St. George’s University in Grenada has signed an agreement with Uiduk University in South Korea, creating an avenue for students ...

Junior Football Leagues Show Record Growth in China
Shenzhen, China, June 12, 2017 — More than 1,000 children have competed in the first ever Mission Hills Junior Football League in Shenzhen this year, which reached its climax in ...

KB's Madam Moon Myoung-Soon Dedicates Life to Nation's Financially Vulnerable Folks
"I was always concerned about ordinary people's use of our banking system," said middle-aged banking official, Madam Moon Myung-Soon in a recent interview with The Seoul ...

Evidence Destroyed Over And Over Again
One of the women who filed charges against Julian Assange is Anna Ardin. She stood in the elections to the community council for the social democrats and she is a public name. ...

Trump Hands Over the Possession of Arab Nations from Saudi Arabia to Tel-Aviv
Bhupen-da Came alive with Dhola-Sadiya Bridge Inauguration Ceremony
ITF Demonstration Team to Perform in Muju
Mission Hills China Joins Global Efforts to Promote Women's Golf Day
Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker Is Renamed Karajan Academy
Advancing Justice Applauds Court Decision to Keep Block on Muslim Ban 2.0
"Countering Coercion in Maritime Asia"
President Trump and Ousted FBI Chief Comey: Competing Forces and Repercussions
Forbes Announces World's Biggest Public Companies
S. Korean Team to Enter $1.75 Mil. Water Abundance XPrize Competition


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Plastic Surgery's Highly Specialized Care
Grand Meets Patients with Perfect One-Stop Medical Service
Among hundreds of plastic surgery clinics clustered in Seoul’s Gangnam area, Mecca of South Korea’s medical industry, Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic stands out. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and top-notch skills its 31 highly specialized doctors meet their patients, both locals and foreigners in its own system of one-stop service that ... more
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So what if it is the city of Mozart, Strauss, Haydn, Beethoven, Klimt, the majestic Schonbrunn Palace, the exquisite baroque Belvedere, and all the glories of Hapsburg indulgence! Call me a lowbrow , a philistine if you like, but I wasnt lured ... more
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