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New Enemy of N. Korea
N. Korea & Kim Jong-Un Get a New Enemy with "The Leader Is Present" by Max Papeshi in U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, Sept.18, 2017, — The renown San Francisco-based McLoughlin Gallery is pleased to present "The Leader Is Present," the landmark ...

Singapore's 52nd National Day Marked in Seoul
"Lion City" Enjoys Highly Amicable Ties with Seoul
Singaporean Ambassador to South Korea Yip Wei Kiat (葉偉傑) held a dinner reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul on August 18 (Friday), 2017 on the occasion of Singapore's 52nd National Day. ...

Letters to the Editor
K-Pop Saves the World

Special Contribution
By Michael Casey
As I flagged yesterday I’ll write something about Pop Stars today, I’ve even changed my usual Font. I did think of one thing and then another, then I had a splat idea. Its the Jackson Pollock school of ...

Prof. Maceri's special column
Trump's Tiny Heart and DACA's Repeal

Special Contribution
By Domenico Maceri
“We are going to deal with DACA with heart...because, you know, I love these kids.” With these words, President Donald Trump answered a question on Barack Obama's executive order to protect ...

A Blueprint for Fisheries Management, Environmental Cooperation in South China Sea
The South China Sea is one of the world’s top five most productive fishing zones, accounting for about 12 percent of global fish catch in 2015. More than half of the fishing vessels in the world operate in ...

Indian Community in Korea Marks 11th Ganesh Festival at Seoul National University
Festivals are an integral part of the Indian’s life irrespective of where they go. It binds them with their motherland by a thread that is both auspicious and nostalgic. Ganesh Chathurthi a popular Hindu ...

EU Trade Chief Cecilia Malmström to Attend "2017 EU-Korea Business Forum" in Seoul
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström will attend the "2017 EU-Korea Business Forum," to be hosted by the European Union (EU) Delegation to South Korea in Seoul on Sept. 21 (Thursday), 2017. ...

Animal Cruelty Should Be Stopped in S. Korea
The tragedy and shame of cruelty to dogs and cats in South Korea continues. This is despite the majority of the populace wanting this cruelty eradicated, not least the admirable animal welfare groups ...

Manufacturing Misguided Protests in Assam
Can northeast Indian province of Assam be put on a red-hot pan anytime by few motivated leaders even though for a wrong reason? If most of the Assamese speaking people often listen to a section ...

US Chamber CEO Strongly Opposes US Withdrawal from US-S. Korea Trade Agreement
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes U.S. withdrawal from the U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS), it announced in its news release on Sept. 5, 2017. U.S. Chamber President ...

UNESCO Should Cancel Japan’s Okinoshima Heritage Status Unless Women Allowed on It
Bring North Korea to the Negotiation Table, Do Not Sanction It
A War of Monkeys, Every Man for Himself
World-Class IT Pros Trained in Ukraine
Why Live in Israel?
China and Technology: Tortoise and Hare Again
Assam Forum Bats for Work Permits to Bangladeshi Settlers
Singapore's Tycoons on Forbes Rich List See Wealth Rise
Three Key Players in Middle East Diplomacy
Yesterday's Immigrants: Better Than Today's?


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Asia Watch by George Zhibin Gu
The Best Choice for Taiwan & China
The realities between Taiwan and mainland China are 'economically hot, politically cold.' Their ever-increasing economic ties demand far better political relations. One highly feasible resolution is a 'federation.' Would it work? The answer: economically, the time is right; politically, it is only few steps ... more
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Learning Languages the Easy Way?
The ad stated you could learn Spanish, French, or Japanese or other foreign languages in the time it takes to listen to a few CDs for the very low cost of less than $20.00. Maybe. It all depends on the meaning of learning a language. What will you be able to do after listening to a few CDs? No much in all likelihood. ... more
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India and The Oscars
India's Oscars fiasco is growing bigger, and no one seems to care. Aamir Khan's debut, "Taare Zameen Par," is the country's nominee for the 2009 Best Foreign Language Academy Award. The work undoubtedly ... more
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    The Horror of Custodial Death
    Modi Is the Man We Need in India
Getway with John Hagan
Harry Lime's Vienna
So what if it is the city of Mozart, Strauss, Haydn, Beethoven, Klimt, the majestic Schonbrunn Palace, the exquisite baroque Belvedere, and all the glories of Hapsburg indulgence! Call me a lowbrow , a philistine if you like, but I wasnt lured ... more
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    24 Hours in Belfast
    24 Hours In Dublin
    24 Hours in Helsinki
    Mexico City's Blue House
Middle East News by Yasser Moailek
Gazan Weapons Dealer Reveals All
Rafah City resident Abu Mohammed whipped out his modern mobile phone and quickly dialed a number, before starting a concise conversation with the other side. "Hello. Please send me 750 watermelons and five crutches, and make that fast," Abu Mohammed ... more
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    Korean FM's Visit to Palestine ...
    Heated Campaigning But Friendly ...
    "Reform and Change" Wins Hamas ...
    Tunneling as a Life in Rafah, Gaza ...
    Abu Mazen Liked by US, Israel as ...
THIRD WORLDER By Rolando Fuertes Jr.
Shisha: An Arab Delight, a Taste of Home
MANAMA, Bahrain ? An Arab man leans back in his chair as he blows smoke rings in the air. The smell of apple is much like the scent of baking an apple over a wood fire. So thick is the smell of apple tobacco inside the coffee shop you can almost taste it as it escapes ... more
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    Third Worlder: "World, Read My ...
    Arab Countries Burdened with ...
    Women Empowerment Must Start at ...
    Obesity in Arab World Is on Rise
Window on Japan
The 47 Samurai That Never Were
Tokyo, Nov. 27, 2003 ? In the winter of 1703, following the revenge killing of a court official who had disgraced and caused the self inflicted death of the local lord to whom they owed allegiance, over 40 samurai willingly, happily even, slit open their own ... more
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    Korean Girls Shine at Tokyo’s ...
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    Why Is Seoul Afraid of the ICJ?
    Korean Dokdo Actions Smack of ...
Tragedy in Sudan
Is Appalling Atrocity Genocide?
As he began speaking, Majok lowered his small cocoa-colored eyes and stared intensely at the ground. It was the summer of 2002 and I had just flown thousands of miles deep into the war zone of Sudan, the largest country in Africa, to interview former slaves. ... more
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    374 Freed Slaves Arrive in Southern Sudan

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