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Historic Religious Event in the USA
Special Contribution
By Askin Ozcan
Historic Religious Event in the USA

On Sunday, June 26. 2011 , in over seventy churches in thirty two states, accross the U.S.A., a historic event took place. As a result of the co-operative organisation initiated by Interfaith Alliance chaired by Dr. C. Welton Gaddy and by Human Rights First, clergymen of the three religions of God, namely Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, addressed the congregations altogether and read paragraphs from the Holy Books : The New and Old Testaments and The Koran.

This was a clear signal that the people of the U.S.A. were ready to show tolerance and understanding towards all the believers of God, irrespective of their religions. Sharing of beliefs brought the different believers closer, under one God.

In Washington National Cathedral, the second biggest cathedral in the U.S.A., Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III, Rabbi Amy M. Schwartzman and Imam Mohammed Mecid addressed the congregation reading parts from the New and Old Testament and The Koran all of which preach co-operation and unity among the various religions of God, as well as peace, love, justice and sharing and brotherhood among other virtues.

Co-operation among the God's religions is not a new subject. During the Ottoman Empire, before the army took off for wars, always a priest and a rabbi stood on either sides of the Imam, when praying. In Ortakoy, Istanbul, a church, a mosque and a sinagogue stand side by side in the same bloc. In cities like Jerusalem, Istanbul, Singapore, among many, churches, mosques and sinagogues are natural parts of the cities' mosaic.

There are many endeavors to bring closer the different religions of God. In 2000, an organisation , "Abrahams Barn" (Children of Abraham) won the biggest cultural prize of Stockholm for their achievments in this line. Recently, in Fisksatra, Stockholm, a single building will house both a church and a mosque with a common space between them, bringing together members of the both religions.

In 2000, a movement named THE BELIEVERS, headed by Prof (h.c.) Askin Ozcan, with the consultation from Rev. Dr. Salvatore Caiozzo, the Chief Priest of the Swedish Orthodox Church sent out bulletins to many outlining the parallel paragraphs from The Bible and The Koran. Two miracles happened in support of this endeavor which is described in "SMALL MIRACLES" by Askin Ozcan - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press) available at 200 internet bookshops and via 25.000 bookstores globally.

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Askin Ozcan is an author of six books published in the USA. Small Miracles, The Second Venice, Wisdom in Smile, Stockholm Stories, Lightning and a Bouque of Roses, The Mini-Submarine. all are available at 200 internet bookshops globally including,, and via 25.000 bookstores giving the ISBN of the books.






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