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Venezuelans Excited about Korean Culture
Korean Envoy Hosts Week of Korean Culture
By Lim Byung-Keun
South Korean Ambassador Kim Joo-Teck (right) of the Korean Embassy in Caracas attends the Korean Cultural Week event held at University of Margarita in Venezuela on Nov. 4, 2013.

Thanks to the efforts of a South Korean envoy various aspects of Korean culture were introduced to Venezuelans in the remote part of the Venezuelan islet.

South Korean Ambassador Kim Joo-Teck of the Korean Embassy in Caracas hosted a unique event of “Korean Cultural Week” in Venezuela from Nov. 4 to November 8, 2013, announced its embassy spokesman recently.

Four separate programs were held under the title of “Korean Cultural Week” event at University of Margarita (Universidad de Margarita) on Margarita Island, the largest island in the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta during the period: Screening Korean Films, Introduction of the Korean Economic Development, and Demonstration of Taekwondo, and Introduction of Korean Food.

Four South Korean movies were shown in the conference room of the university during the event period. One Korean movie was played each day from Nov. 4 to Nov. 7, 2013, drawing huge interest from the students on the campus.

South Korean Ambassador Kim Joo-Teck (5th from right) of the Korean Embassy in Caracas poses with Venezuelan Taekwondo players during the Korean Cultural Week event held at University of Margarita in Venezuela on Nov. 4-8, 2013. Third from right is Grand Master Kim Hong-Ki, who serves as chairman of the Venezuela Taekwondo Association. At the extreme left is Second Secretary Oh Jin-Kwan of the Korean Embassy in Caracas.

On the morning of November 8, the South Korean envoy, Ambassador Kim Joo-Teck personally delivered a lecture on the South Korea’s development and advance into the world. Margarita President Pedro Augusto Beauperthuy was among the 200 professors, students, and other audience.

The envoy showed and explained how South Korea developed its economy from the ashes of the Korean War (1950-53) by introducing a video clip titled “The Secrets of the South Korean Economic Development (Los Secretos Detras del Exito Economico de Corea). Participants showed a keen interest in his lecture.

There was a Taekwondo demonstration hosted by grand master Kim Hong-Ki, a resident of Puerto la Cruz area. He serves as chairman of the Venezuela Taekwondo Association. He brought a dozen of Venezuelan national Taekwondo players for the show.

Last but not least, the envoy entertained the local Venezuelans with various dishes of Korean cuisine.

Director Noh Kyung-Jin (4th from left) of LS Cable & System poses with Mr. Lim Byung-Keun (right), Mr. Kang Jong-Sick (2nd from left). At third from right is Grand Master Kim Hong-Ki, chairman of the Venezuela Taekwondo Association. At third from left is Ms. Jang Seung, owner of the Korean restaurant "Arirang."

The Korean cultural event was the first of its kind introduced to the island resort area, according to the envoy.

Meanwhile, Margarita President Beauperthuy expressed a deep gratitude to the envoy for his efforts for the event.

Venezuela established diplomatic relations with South Korea in 1965. In 1973 the South Korean Embassy was opened in Caracas. Mr. Kim has been serving as the ambassador at the embassy since March of 2011.

On the world stage Venezuela has been maintaining pro-South Korean policy.

Venezuela has been sending to South Korean scores of its industrial trainees over the past years.

South Korean has been sending experts to Venezuela for cooperation in various fields.

South Korean has also been donating computers, TV sets, and other equipment to Venezuela.

South Korea’s export to Venezuela amounted to 614 million US dollars in the year 2011, and its import stopped short of 137 million US dollars in the same year.

South Korea main export items include cars, wireless communication equipment, and electronic goods. South Korea imports from Venezuela mainly products of iron or copper.

Global South Korean companies operating in Venezuela include Hyundai Construction, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Engineering, and LS Cable & System Ltd.

Currently, some 200 South Koreans are living in Venezuela.

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Lim Byung-Keun serves as director for The Seoul Times. He is one of the founding members of The Seoul Times. A native of Seoul Lim served in many cities around the world including Israel, Taiwan, and Vietnam, working for LS Cable & System Ltd. He graduated from Kyungbock High School and Dongguk University in Seoul. Now he works as director of Dawid Corporation.






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