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Why Indian Olympic Association’s Players Are So Poor in Olympics?
India's Olympic Team Revewed by Jimmy R Jagtiani
Special Contribution
By Jimmy R. Jagtiani
Singhu and Sakshi win medal in Olympics

The Indian Olympic Association sent to 2016 Rio Olympics the nation's largest ever delegation (a total of 120 athletes; 37 larger than their previous record of 83 athletes in 2012) in the history of Indian Olympics.

The country was expected to bring home more than 15 gold medals etc. this time, according to the officials of Indian Olympic Association.

But ironically, out of 120 athletes, only two athletes were successful. Sakshi Malik take bronze at the 58kg women's wrestling category and P.V. Sindhu has won the silver medal at the women's Singles Badminton competition, respectively. Overall India have managed 67 rank to win 1 bronze and 1 silver, 2 medals only.

Olympic medallist P.V. Sindhu and Sakshi Malik made the country proud.

Grand Master Jimmy R. Jagtiani, founder and fathr of Taekwondo in India

Most of other athletes have either failed to qualify in early rounds, others have come close to winning medal, but still fell short.

India's dismal performance comes as a surprise for some since the country has more than 1.3 billion people and tens of millions of sports fans, NBC Washington reported.

However, India's citizens don't understand the rules and can't relate to most Olympic sports, an Indian newspaper sportswriter told NBC Washington.

South Korea, a country smaller than Uttar Pradesh, of only 50 million people, consistently ranks ahead of India because almost every Korean knows what the Olympic Games are and has a chance to attend a high school, according to Grand Master Jimmy R. Jagtiani, father of Taekwondo in India.

High poverty levels aren't a sufficient reason either, seeing as other countries with low levels of per-capita income, such as Kenya and Jamaica, consistently fare better, Jagtiani added.

It is extremely embarrassing for the athletes and the nation’s pride. With a country of second largest populations, it is really sad that India underachieves every time in the Olympics.

Sporting associations itself are no strangers to scandals.

Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, the then president of IOA, was sacked from the IOA on account of Multi crore scandals in Common Wealth Games, 2010. This practice is still not far behind till date.

In 2012, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) was suspended from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for electing leaders with pending criminal charges, forcing Indian athletes to compete at the Sochi Winter Games under the IOC flag instead of the Indian banner. CNBC's calls and emails to the IOA went unanswered.

Early this year, a National Sports Ethics Commission Bill was introduced in the parliament in an attempt to order to improve the overall integrity of sporting culture.

So far, it’s disgraced to see what Indian Olympic Association achieves in the last three Olympic Games are falling:

Rank Olympics Gold Silver Bronze Total
50 Beijing (2008) 1 x 2 3
55 London (2012) x 2 4 6
67 Rio (2016) x 1 1 2

India ranked worst performing medal winning Country at Rio Olympics 2016. Check the site bellowed by Deepshikha Chatterjee dated August 27, 2016 in Sportskeeda.

India finished 67th on the medal tally, winning a silver and a bronze medal. A handful of athletes fought till the very end for a podium finish. But, except for a few individuals, the rest of the Indian contingent just made up the numbers. One medal for every 60 athletes and just two for a country with around 1.3 billion people is a huge shame. Check the site bellowed by Sandipan Sharma dated Aug 22, 2016 in First Sports.

One must not blame the athletes for their disappointing display. There were many athletes who performed their best this year. I think the main reason for this poor performance is because of the Indian Olympic Association “IOA.” These are the following reasons:

The IOA praised yes-man from the National Sport Federations “NSF” and State Olympic Associations “SOA” for keeping their voting strength intact, any one of these Associations raised voices against the IOA, they will be declared defunct or dispute Societies.


Majority of NSFs and SOAs are declaring disputed or defunct by IOA, and only the IOA can decided the matter of disputed or defunct, most of the members of the Dispute Commission are from IOA, the decision declared by IOA is final, cannot be challenged in any Court of Law.


As per Law the NSF and SOA and its Office Bearers are to be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Election and the list of Management Committee “Office Bearers” of the Societies is to be registered and approved by the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Here it is otherwise, the IOA called the Election of NSF and SOA, deputed the Election Office to conduct the Election of NSF or SOA. Superceed the Rules and Regulation of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

It is very strange that getting the Election of an NSF or SOA, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, conducted cannot be the business of Office Bearers of Indian Olympic Association as IOA is not authorized or vested with any such statutory power to get the Election of any NSF or SOA, except the Societies Registration Act, 1860.


If the IOA could not succeed to conduct the Election of NSF or SOA as mentioned under paragraph-3 above, they choose to elected another fake and parallel body against the genuine NSF or SOA, granted affiliation/recognition to the parallel body, knowing it that they are the non-east persons.

This is what the National Olympic Committee “IOA” is doing to promote the Games in India.


The IOA can go to the extent that they can recognized and given affiliation to the fake and parallel body which is formed and promoted by the IOA, even though, the NSF of SOA may not be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Meaning wise, the IOA can recognize and given affiliation to the societies which is not approved and registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The Indian Olympic Association continuously patronizing the fake and parallel NSF’s or SOA’s groups for their vested interests is bad in the eyes of Law. The Hell consequence of this unlawful patronage and misused of IOA’s power is that the Athletes of the Fake & Parallel are being called upon Olympic and Asiad and the Athletes of the Law fully deserving Original NSF’s or SOA’s are deprived of against the doctrine of legitimate expectation continuously.


IOA interfering in the autonomous body of “NSF” and “SOA” by sending observer (made compulsory) to attend the Election of the NSF or SOA. Whatever the report of the Observer is, whether he is right or wrong, the NSF or SOA must followed. Any grievance or appeal made before the IOA, they have to followed the Article XXI and Article XXVII of IOA which read as follows:

7. APPEAL: ARTICLE XXI (of IOA Constitution)

All National Sports Federations / State Olympic Association affiliated to the IOA, shall commit themselves to appeal only to the President of the IOA, in the event of any differences which may arise with regards to the functioning of the National Sports Federations / Associations / State Olympic Associates within its laid down Statutes and Regulation. National Sports Federation / Associations are not allowed to appeal to any other Jurisdiction.


Any appeal by a member of a National Sports Federation / Association / State Olympic Association complaining against the procedure adopted by the concerned National Sports Federation / Association / State Olympic Association for holding “Election”, or any other issue connected with the subject must be made in writing, to the IOA, within 30 days of the occurrence of the incident. No complaint will be considered valid or entertained by the IOA if it is made after the expiry of the 30 days period. The complaint must be specific and contain documentary evidence to prove the issue that is disputed.

If the President of IOA wishes to decline to entertain the application of grievance or any appeal of the NSF or SOA after 30 days, the said application / appeal is just a waist of paper. Ultimately the NSF and SOA is the victim of IOA.

UNFAVOURABLE (Selection of players and Officials):

Players are selected not on the basis of their talent and output, but on the basis of their religion, caste, background. Corruption is everywhere. Such bigotry and partiality persists while selecting players to represent India at the Olympics.

Officials are sending to attend the Olympic, majority are having no knowledge of the Games. A large of NSF & SOA persons have gone to RIO on IOA expenses. All those are the group of Yes-man to be obliged for future Elections.


The Indian Olympic Association “IOA” being the Apex Body for Administration and representation of the all recognized National Sports Federation NSF’s of India, has not acted as desired and on the contrary supported the Nonest persons, the fake, unauthorized and parallel NSFs..


FEDERATIONS NSFs IS ILLEGAL. (for personnel gain):

The Indian Olympic Association, blindly supported the Nonest persons (whom they preferred) running parallel to the Original NSF, as mentioned under paragraph-4 and paragraph-10, and if the disputed, litigation persist, and the cases is pending in the Courts.

The IOA will deliberately, intentionally and manipulated to change the name of the original NSF in collusion with the fake NSF, which was fraudulently and illegally granted recognition /affiliation by them. The said NSF (name changed) and the Office Bearers will be automatically registered and recognized by the IOA for personnel gain for themselves and lost to the original NSF which are registered and recognized by the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

If one go through the Constitution of Indian Olympic Association. May it be the Government of India through Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi, and also the followings departments and the Media’s persons:-
1. The Hon’ble Minister of Sports, Sri Vijay Goel.
2. The Media “ Electronic and Printed Media”
3. The CBI
4. The Chief Vigilance Commissioner.
5. The Auditors in General.

The truth will come out from the Paragraph No. 1 to No. 11, that how the Officials from IOA have been played and victimized the National Sport Federation and the State Olympic Associations, by misusing the power of Indian Olympic Association.


Corruption is a cancer to any nation’s image. Sadly, this corruption persists in India. A Person, like Mr. Suresh Kalmadi and others are so corrupted and greedy that, I can’t explain their atrociousness in just an article. Making a country shine with pride is not important, but living in a lavish house is! All the money they gather with dishonesty, if seized and used properly will give you lots and lots of Olympic Medalists.


Why do the first-world countries win so many medals even if they have less people as compared to India? Because, of Lack of proper sports infrastructure. Their government invests in sports development with full integrity because they believe sports is essential for their national pride. As far as India is concerned, the IOA never bats an eye towards effective Olympics development (i.e. better training facilities, better scouting of athletes from all over the country, sports awareness, etc…) which is bad for the Athletes in this scenario.


Majority of the National Sport Federations and State Olympic Associations have been victimized by the IOA and they have no any others alternative is to filed COURT cases against IOA. All the NSF’s & SOA’s initiation of the cases is the violation of the Constitution of IOA against their own rights.

The Indian Olympic Association “IOA” being the Apex Body for Administration and representation of the all recognized National Sports Federation NSF’s of India for Olympic. The duty of the IOA is to understand/and find out why the cases of such grievances are being filed against the IOA?

Here it is different; the IOA instead of humankind, they defend their own right, to support the fake and parallel society, being promoted by the IOA, ignoring the Order of any Court of Law.


Legendary Athlete Milkha Singh recently lashed out at the Indian Olympics Association, holding it responsible for the poor performance of the Indian sportspersons at the Rio Olympics. Quoted by: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 10, 2016.

Also as quoted by the Indian Express, the legendary athlete Milkha Singh said, “True, we have not being doing well (in Rio) Olympic. The IOA will have to take responsibility for this.”

15. MEDIA (Print & Electronic)

The Print and the Electronic Media can play a very big role by promoting all the Sports for the forth coming 2020 Olympic at Tokyo by highlighting to the middle and high class athletes in the following described.

1. Parents believe that their children must grow up to become doctors, engineers, accountants, pilots or government personnel.

2. Parents even wish to be a part of their children’s success after retirement.

3. Parents discourage sports and say that there is no scope for it but spends lots of money for tuition so that their children can go to a high-profile university (IITs, IIMs, NITs)

4. There are Athletes, with dreams of becoming OLYMPIANS, but their dreams are crushed! Even schools and colleges do little in popularizing sports.

5. There are original National Sport Federations being victimized by the IOA.

In a nutshell: Unpopularity and disregard towards Olympic-based games, recognized the fake Society and formed the parallel Society are the root cause why India is not able to pull off medals in this Games. The more we make people aware of it, the more we can prosper.

Look at the amount of raining rewards for P.V. Sindhu and Sakshi Malik after they won India’s Silver Medal and Bronze at Rio Olympic 2016 respectively. A total cash reward of 13 Crore has so far been announced for Sindhu besides BMW car, housing etc. Sakshi Malik also received more than 5 Crore and housing etc.

It is all because of their families for supported them, their parents must be on top of the World. Why not others?

We are proud to have persons like P.V.Singhu and Sakshi Malik for their dedicated in the Sport.



For Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there are several economic incentives for improving the nation's Olympic record.

While Modi's administration may be constrained on the expenditure front, it could certainly do more to define a scheme and partially fund public-private partnerships for sports infrastructure and services, such as coaching or event management.

Administering fiscal incentives would also help, such as tax exemptions for earnings from sports or reduction in import duties on expensive sports equipment.

For Honorable Minister of Sports, the Nation’s believe you’re constantly endeavor to work for the empowerment of the youths “TRUTHFULLY” Your intervention in the affairs of IOA is necessary now for the future of Olympics in 2020, 2024. The paragraph 1 to 15 mentioned above needs investigation.

As a responsible citizen, I would like to raise a concern regarding increase of Olympics medals tally for the forthcoming Olympics 2020 and further. We must aim to improve our performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and start preparing for the gold medals now. For that it is necessary to reform the IOA for betterment of the Sports in India. ‘ WE WANT CLEAN SPORTS INDIA” The important points are to be noted:-

1. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports must perceive which are the right and genuine National Sport Federations ‘NSF’s recognized and affiliated by IOA.

2. Induction of accomplished sportsmen in genuine NSF’s will significantly improve selection and training of players.

3. Sports Authority of India is expected to identify the right talent, at the right age, support and train them to Olympic level.

4. Sports bodies should be headed and controlled by sports persons.

5. Corruption was another issue, Grant-in-aid received is not spend for the Sports persons for that most people do not see sports as a worthwhile option for their children.

6. Good media coverage should be done around other sports except cricket to make them popular.

7. Government should invest in opening quality sports academies with the vision of producing national/international level sports persons.

8. National Sport Federations should be closely monitored by the Government.

9. Special schemes should be announced by the Government for girls who want to pursue sports as a career option.

10. Government should give scholarships to the achievers and support them with training, scholarship and medical assistance.

11. Government must consider establishing a National Academy of Sports & Games for the NSF’s.

12. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Ministry should financially support holding of more and more international events in India in as many disciplines of sports as possible.

By: Gm. Jimmy R. Jagtiani
Former Executive Council Member:
Indian Olympic Association
Founder and Father of Taekwondo in India

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Grand Master Jimmy R. Jagtiani, 8th Dan of Taekwondo, is serving as the special contributor for The Seoul Times. He is the founder of Taekwondo in India and technical advisor of Taekwondo Hall of Fame, USA. He sits on International Advisory Committee at South Korea's Kukkiwon. He can be reached at






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