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Op-Ed Special
President Moon Jae-In's Initiative of "Miracle on the Daedong River," a Cornerstone for Inter-Korea Ties
By Moon Il-Suk
Publisher of The Break News
The "Miracle on the Han River" refers to the period of explosive economic growth in the decades following the fratricidal Korean War (1950-53). The miracle, made in South Korea in the latter half of the 20th century, transformed the poor war-torn nation into an advanced country.

The famous phrase of "Miracle on the Han River," which was coined after the term "Miracle on the Rhine" comes to the fore again as South Korean President Moon Jae-In broached the "Miracle on the Daedong River" at a forum recently held on the Island of Jeju. The Daedong River runs through Pyeongyang, the capital of North Korea.

President Moon's remarks on the "Miracle on the Daedong River" were made while he was delivering a keynote speech at the 12th Jeju Forum on Peace and Prosperity" held on June 1, 2017.

In his speech Moon said that he would do his utmost to form a economic community of North and South Korea for the prosperity of the unified Korean people.

"I would like expand the 'Miracle on the Han River' to the 'Miracle on the Daedong River,' Moon stressed. "I would like to create the "Miracle on the Korean Peninsula" for all the Korean folks, North and South alike"

"I want to change the economic map of the world by my initiative of the "Miracle on the Daedong River," Moon went on.

Moon's keynote speech on the notion of "Miracle on the Korean Peninsula" was telecasted nationwide.

It was at the forum that President Moon's initiative was officially announced on forming an "Economic Community of North and South Korea" to achieve the "Miracle on the Daedong River," a phrase to develop North Korean economy.

Nation's mainstream media including influential mass-circulation dailies seemed to welcome Moon's announcement of his initiative on the development of the North. They all praised his announcement in editorials.

JoongAng Ilbo, the largest media group in South Korea, analyzed that by his "Jeju Initiative" President Moon made sure that he would lead in solving the problems of North Korean nuclear tests.
The vernacular daily went on to say that President Moon will also cooperate with the US and China to persuade or press North Korea into the dialogue table.

President Moon also said that he would persue a policy on improving the ties between North Korea and the US as well as North-South relations.

"While doing so I would lead the whole process to solve problems on the Korean Peninsula," Moon added.
"My new government will play its role in making peace and co-prosperity in Northeast Asia."

"I will make a completely 'New Initiative' for the perpetual peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula," Moon declared in his speech. "I will put the initiative into practice with my strong will"

Moon also said that he would try to seize a ground-breaking chance for the peaceful Korean Peninsula within his presidency.

Local pundits and political analysts predicted that
Moon's initiative of the "Miracle on the Daedong River" would greatly contribute to alleviating the Cold War tension on the Korean Peninsula.

With Moon at the helm of South Korea's new government the inter-Korean relations are expected to be improved by leaps and bounds.

However, in order to achieve his initiative Moon should soon send his special envoy to Pyeongyang for the earlier North and South summit.

Recently appointed Director Suh Hoon of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), or Korean CIA, seems to be the perfect man for the role.

Once the summit is held, three kinds of communication should be assured between South and North Korea; free exchanges of media and letters, free cross-border visits, and free cross-border trade.

The three conditions could be the start of the "Miracle on the Daedong River" and "Miracle on the Korean Peninsula."

Of course, the South-North summit means that President Moon meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un for the highest level of talks.

New York City, where UN is headquartered, can be the venue for the summit in order to get more attention from the international community.

After all, the liberal-minded President Moon's initiative of the "Miracle on the Daedong River" can be the beginning or cornerstone for normalization of inter-Korean ties.

The above writer, Moon Il-Suk, is publisher of The Break News ( and chairman of The Break News Media Group. He is also poet. He can be reached at






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