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"Donggrami's 50-Year Anniversary Photo Exhibition" Runs at Dongguk University
University Photo Club Produces Many Professionals
By Lim Byung-Keun
Director of The Seoul Times
"50-Year Annniversary Photos Exhibition: Donggrami Photo Club of Dongguk University" runs May 5-May 11, 2019 on Seoul campus.

A total of 160 works of photography by 108 photographers are currently on the show on the campus of Seoul's Dongguk University in a special photo exhibition hosted by one of the oldest students photo clubs, "Donggrami Photo Club" of Dongguk University, also one of the oldest universities in South Korea.

On May 5, 2019, the opening of the photo exhibition, "50-Year Annniversary Photos Exhibition: Donggrami Photo Club of Dongguk University" drew a host of viewers, many of them graduates of Dongguk and family members, on the campus of one of nation's the oldest universities. Dongguk was set up over a century ago by Chogyejong Order, the largest and most influential sect of the Korean Buddhism.

Most photo works of art on the exhibition are landscapes of domestic Korean or international sceneries although some are portraits.

The venue of the photo exhibit is Dongguk Gallery of the newly built Lee Hae-Rang Arts Center on Dongguk University campus in Phil-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, right by Shilla Hotel on the slope of Namsan Mountain.

Donggrami Photo Exhibition — "50-Year Annniversary Photos Exhibition: Special Photo Show of Donggrami Photo Club of Dongguk University" goes on from May 5 through May 11, 2019 on the campus of Dongguk University in Seoul.' The special photo show is to commemorate 50 years of foundation of the photo club. Donggrami Photo Club has produced a number of photo journalists artiests in South Korea.

The photo exhibition, opened on May 5, 2019, runs through May 11, 2019 on the campus.

After its campus show, the photo exhibition will also run at the Daehakro Art Center of Hongik University on College Road in Seoul.

There the exhibition runs from May 15 through May 20, 2019, according to Donggrami Photo Club.

The 160 photos being exihibited include works of art from such noted photographers as Noh Jae-Deok, Kim Sang-Il, Chung Da-In, Lee Yu-Mi, Chung Il-Hwan, and Lim Byung-Keun.

"This photo exhibition is crucially meaningful because it commemorates 50 years of the foundation of our students photo club," said Chung Kyung-Ryul, executive of EGA Group. "Our student club is one of the oldest and most active students photo clubs in our country"

Chung serves as one of the senior members of the students photo club. He is a class of 1978. Currently, Lee So-Yeon serves as chairwoman of the Donggrami Photo Club. The whole members, both curent student members and the graduate senior members, of the Donggrami Photo Club are headed by Chung Il-Hwan.

The photo exhibition was organized by CEO Kim Sang-Il of Book Club Kidari in Seoul.

According to Chung Kyung-Ryul, the university students photo club has long produced more than 2,000 both professional and amateur photographers in the past 50 years or so.

Chung Kyung-Ryul — Chung Kyung-Ryul is one of senior members of Donggrami Photo Club of Dongguk University in Seoul. It was due to Donggrami's seniors members that the students photo clube has developed as it is now. He currently serves as the executive of EGA Group
in South Korea.

Among the well-known photo journalists and photo artists produced by the club are professional photographers. They include Noh Jae-Deuk of Kyunghyang Shinmun, Shin Sang-Sun of Hankuk Ilbo, Kang Sung-Nam of Seoul Shinmun, and Seo Kyung-Ho of SBS.

One of its members, Cho Jae-Man, is one of the noted photo artists the club has produced.

"Arguably, our Donggrami Photos Club has been the most well-known and most powerful students photo club in the nation," Chung stressed. "We are really proud of our Donggrami club"

Chung said that Donggrai started in 1969 as a students' gathering with a goal of learning and studying the photography in the conner of the students newspaper building on Dongguk campus.

"Ever since 1976 Donggrami has hosted the annual photo exhibitions without stopping," Chung went on. "In the meantime a lot of our graduates advanced into the professional and important photo jobs in the society"

Except for the planned annual exhibits, a number of other exhibitions have been held, attracting attentions from other university's photo clubs and professional photographers.

One of the nation's oldest universities, Dongguk University was founded in 1906. The time-honored university is famous for its Buddhism-related departments.

For details or inquiries
call CEO Kim Sang-Il of Book Club Kidari
at 010-8178-3132

"Donggrami 50-Year Anniversary Photo Exhibition"

Members of Donggrami Photo Club of Dongguk University

Chung Kyung-Ryul (right in lower row) poses with other members of Donggarmi Photo Club of Dongguk University in Seoul. At right in the second row is CEO Kim Sang-Il of Book Club Kidari in Seoul. Kim has organized the exhibition.

"Living in Blue Mountain" by Noh Jae-Deok

"Heavenly Lake" by Shin Sang-Sun

"Starry Night" by Suh Gyeong-Ho

"Division" by Chung Da-In

"Sunset: Moses Miracle" by Lim Byung-Keun

"Bursting" By Kim Sang-Il

"Lost Part" by Lee Yu-Mi

"Donggrami's 50-Year Anniversary Photo Exhibition"

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Lim Byung-Keun serves as director for The Seoul Times. He is one of the founding members of The Seoul Times. A native of Seoul Lim served in many cities around the world including Israel, Taiwan, and Vietnam, working for LS Cable & System Ltd. He graduated from Kyungbock High School and Dongguk University in Seoul. Now he works as director of Dawid Corporation.






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