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SARS-CoV-2 Treatment and mRNA Vaccine Issues Demystified
COVID-19 mRNA vaccines

The week of June 20, 2021 I was watching an independent news broadcasting that talked about the difference between traditional vaccines and the new mRNA vaccines and was immediately intrigued. I had no idea that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that everyone was shouting about was an entirely new approach to administering vaccines.

I’m pro hippocrates, ‘let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food;’ therefore vaccines are an immediate no for me. I’m not against vaccines, I’m simply pro my way. If anyone attempts to give their unsolicited opinion about what I should do with my body they will get dismissed in whatever manner they choose. The body has astronomical defense mechanisms in place that neutralizes any intruder, therefore rendering people non contagious; if one takes care of it.

Therefore, I never really paid attention to vaccines all that much. However, my family and friends believe in vaccines and I sincerely wish for them to continue on with their version of healthy, wealthy, and wise. Since I had the time, I took a deep dive into all things SARS-CoV-2 and their corresponding vaccines.

What I discovered was that the immune system is running on empty and the bloodstream highway is thick with toxin traffic. Thus, when low oxygen levels enter the equation hyperinflammation occurs in order to open the veins as wide as possible. The cytokine storm controlling the hyperinflammation then begins attacking the so-called healthy cells because those cells have been infiltrated in a different manner than via the ACE2 receptor.

When tissue is not exposed to oxygen it begins to die, and when it begins to die the cell walls become more permeable. Therefore, whatever was blocked from entering before can slip in. The cell doesn’t have enough energy to process the intruder, but it can downregulate it’s MHC 1 receptor, which will notify the Natural Killer cells to take it out.

Depending on the extent of oxygen deprivation determines the extent of the tissue damage.

The antibodies that are created by the immune system after coming into contact with the vaccine cocktail are different from the antibodies that are created after the immune system comes into contact with the original pathogen. They are similar, albeit still different. The immune system’s antigen making factory is hypersensitive to the entire composition of the invading pathogen down to it’s molecular composition.

Therefore, using synthetic anything and or adding other ingredients will present the antigen factory with different characteristics, in which the immune system will create a different antigen shape in relation to laboratory creation. mRNA vaccine is far worse than the traditional vaccine because, hopefully unknowingly, the synthetic mRNA is transported to the DNA within the nucleus and not to the protein antigen factory. The consequences of this action are non-reversible. All mRNA vaccines need to be recalled until the errors are corrected.

In the meantime, the treatment that will work best for patients who fall ill is an intravenous essential mineral cocktail that includes vitamin D, oxygen, and blood thinners. While I’m not a medical professional, I do hold a bachelor’s degree in clinical exercise science. Therefore, I have taken biochemistry, pathophysiology, and anatomy classes. This is the best option for everyone until vaccines can be synthesized and combined in with the appropriate ingredients that do the least amount of harm.

The human body is a combination of minerals arranged in different compositions that create everything that we know. Compiled minerals are the framework that make cells.

Cells arrange in certain ways that create tissues, these tissues then intertwine in specific manners and manifest organs; then these organs connect and we get organ systems.

Thus, the human body is composed of minerals. However it cannot produce minerals itself; therefore in order for it to resupply, the human body must receive the minerals from the environment. These are daily essential minerals and trace minerals that the body requires in order to be fully functional. The vitamins are essential to the chemical reaction systems in our body. The carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are vital for energy, equilibrium, and tissue durability; among other things.

However, it is the essential and trace minerals that are the most critical aspect of the human body, they are the cellular fuel that allows replication to occur. Without the resupply of essential and trace minerals the cells do not have the substance it needs to create the physical structure and or total design of another version of itself. If there is no material then a house cannot be built.

Thus, if a cell requires to replicate 100 times in order to replace dead cells and it takes 20 minerals to execute that directive, but one only ingest 10 minerals; then that cell can only replicate 50 times. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

Thus, what one puts in, is what they get out. Cells cannot create copies of themselves out of thin air. They require the intake of something so they can transform it into whatever is needed.

Thus, if one does not feed their immune system it cannot create and or secret the necessary immune cells to respond and thwart an attack. This means if one needs 1000 immune cells to stop an enemy, but one only has enough fuel to create 500 immune cells; then the immune system is at a disadvantage.

In an effort to level the playing field and take out the foreign invaders the immune system will leach the mineral energy from other cells in an equal manner. Thus, one gets sick and or immobile because the DNA command center of the immune cells areextracting mineral energy from other cells throughout the body. Thus, temporarily reducing the power levels in other areas of the body.

It must be noted that the cells in the human body are socialist by design. There is no hierarchical capitalist existence when it comes to vital life. Meaning, all cells receive the same amount of nutrients as all other cells. No cell receives more than or less than another. Thus, if one is feeding their vessel with 80% nutrients then all cells receive the same portion of that 80%.

The one exception to this socialist rule is when the physical vessel is sick. While all the cells still receive the same portion of nutrients upon ingestion and processing, the immune system equally extracts the mineral energy from those cells so that it can fight the intruders. The extent of this energy extraction determines how sick people get. The more energy the immune system extracts from other cells the sicker and more immobile people get.

In furtherance, when an individual is mineral deficient from child on up, their organs never grow to optimal level. Therefore, the functioning of those organs are at a reduced capacity. This means they can not process and or eliminate the negative substances and or toxins that they consume at the required pace that is necessary for a healthy existence. Therefore, excess pollutants are left in the bloodstream.

Veinual Viscosity

Veinual Viscosity is the thickness of the blood within the veins. The thicker the blood the slower it flows, the thinner the blood, the quicker it flows. The thickness of one’s blood is in direct relation to one’s dietary, pharmaceutical, and narcotic intakes. Whatever they ingest determines the viscous status of their blood.

The things that people ingest are supposed to be broken down and discarded via the various organ systems, however this can only occur if those organ systems are functioning properly. If they are at a reduced capacity then the blood is cleaned in a reduced manner, leaving pollutant particles just wading and attaching away. These pollutant molecules form into mucus. It’s not phlegm mucus, but similar; it’s sticky and gross all the same and has the ability to stack up on top of one another causing roadblocks.

This mucus creates traffic that impedes the immune cells movements. In furtherance, the immune cells are in charge of taking out toxins as well. Thus, the more toxins in the blood, the more work an individual creates for the immune system. When the C19VA begins it’s devastation the immune system creates inflammation that is a form of vasodilation, which increases the blood flow. This also means more mucus pollutants can flow in as well. Therefore, they begin to stack up and form blood clots. This leads to heart attacks, among other things.

Thus, the immune cells are operating on empty, existing in a crowded polluted environment, and overworked. All of this results in low energy levels, but also slows down the blood flow rate.

Low Oxygen Levels in the Blood

Low oxygen levels in the blood can stem from various things like the atmosphere, dietary intake, alcohol, drugs, genetics, age, etc. However, when less oxygen is in the system the circulation of the blood flow rate slows down and more CO2 remains. CO2 creates an acidic environment which ultimately leads to complete organ failure.

When the cells in organs do not receive oxygen they begin to suffocate and die. The DNA’s job is to maintain and evolve the body’s ability to function through anything.

Therefore, it continuously has to adapt and issue new commands to the cells in the body in response to whatever is going on outside the body as well as inside of it.

Therefore, when less oxygen is in the blood to properly oxygenate the entire system, it decides to cut power to small sections of organs a little at a time. It still needs the organs to maintain existence, so it works with what it has.

These dead sections only remain in tack on the organs until new cells can be made to replace them and the oxygen levels in the blood are increased. Then the dead sections are dumped into the bloodstream, gobbled up by lymphocytes, and disposed of by the spleen.

Those decaying sections attract decomposing bacteria. Decomposing bacteria require a lot of oxygen to do their work and since they are in an environment that is not rich with it, the process is extremely slow. When the C19VA starts clogging up the airways more of the organ’s cells begin to die.

When cells begin to die they become more permeable. Therefore, those heat seeking and oxygen loving bacteria start to migrate towards the area that is most concentrated with what it desires. Also, the C19VA pathogen can now enter the cell as well without binding to the ACE2 receptor. In other words, any pathogen that was prevented from getting in, in the first place can now enter the cell.

The cell doesn’t have enough energy to process the intruder, thus once the intruder touches the cytoplasm it sends out a signal to the surface of the cell that downregulates the MHC 1 protein receptor. This impedes the T-Cells ability to take out the cell, but the natural killer cells can still take it out. Thus, after the inflammation widens the airways and veins, oxygen rich blood floods into the system and slowly revitalizes the cells before the lights have completely gone out; all the cell’s energy goes to broadcasting to the immune system that the cell has been invaded.

The bacteria is still in there as the cell walls return to their natural permeable state.

Depending on how much of the organ is decayed and how long the C19VA was able to block the airway determines how much tissue damage there is. This is why the immune system appears like it is attacking healthy cells. An organ is an organ because of thequantity and arrangement of tissues there are. Those tissues are composed of groups of cells, therefore if the immune system is just taking out cells without having new ones to replace them, then tissue damage occurs.

Doctors can check the electrical status of the organs to see what areas are alive or dead. As for the cytokine storm, it’s just the immune system’s way of leveling the playing field in relation to the quantity of invaders, thereby unleashing an army of natural killer cells to match the amount of C19VA in the infected area.

The Treatment

In review, we have a physical body that is mineral deficient, resulting in cells that are unable to replicate in the proper manner and in the right amount of time that creates organs and organ systems that are in the bloodstream overflowing with toxins and pollutants that thicken the blood and slows it down. In turn, reduces the amount of oxygen rich blood that is available for the whole system; in which, the DNA begins powering down sections of organs little by little, until the CO2 acidic nature entirely takes over and poisons the body.

Symptom Severity

In the case of the C19 Viral Antigen, the discrepancies in who the virus renders immobile is in direct relation, to one’s age, mineral content, and lung capacity; on both ends of the spectrum.

The older one is the slower the immune system takes to respond, the longer one has had the ability to exist in a mineral deficient manner, and the thinner their airways become due to the reduction of elasticity.

On the other end of the spectrum, children have the quickest immune system response, have had the least amount of time to become mineral deficient; but their lungs are small and more narrow until around the age of 8. Even so, lungs do not fully develop until the age of 20-25, and are said to start declining by the age of 35.

Electrical Barrier Immunity

Electrical Barrier Immunity (EBI), is when an individual is exempt from getting infected at all. They are protected in such a manner that the viral antigen and or pathogen never has the opportunity to infiltrate the body at all. This can be the skin, the fluid in the eyes, ear wax, etc. There is also an electrical barrier as well. Some call it the vibrational frequency of the cells. However, what it really is the UV rays that are absorbed by the skin being refracted outward.

The intensity and or resonance of this electrical shield is dependent on one’s mineral content. The UV rays are the batteries of the cell that keep everything functioning, without the sun the body would cease to exist. Minerals in combination with vitamins tend to all the chemical processes within the body that are vital for life to continue. Thus, if one is mineral deficient the UV rays have to divide its energy between maintaining battery life and assisting the chemical reactions functions.

This reduces the electrical barrier shield surrounding the body and allows critters to infiltrate. The more UV rays are required to keep the body’s processes churning the more susceptible they are to pathogens. The electrical barrier shield is like a bug zapper and should be everyone’s goal.

Innate Antibody Immunity

Innate Antibody Immunity (IAI), is when the viral antigen and or pathogen can enter the body, but not infiltrate any cells. The host's immune system is so alert it quickly dismantles the viral antigen before it harms the cell and or body in any way. This means the CD8 T-Killer Cells are activated but never actually have to kill any cells. They’re just on high alert should a C19 Viral Pathogen infiltrate a cell. The antibodies that are created from this attack can handle any new intruders.

Adaptive Antibody Immunity

Adaptive Antibody Immunity (AAI) occurs after the virus enters the body and infects the actual cell. The immune system fights, it wins, and the viral specific antigen antibodies and T-cells are created and activated.

Contagious Signifiers

The window between cellular infection, creation of antibodies, and the successful destruction of all the C19 Viral Antigens is basically the true contagious period of an infection. The innate immune system is pretty good at dismantling pathogens in the manner that doesn’t allow them to spread. Therefore, even if the virus enters the body, people are not contagious until the virus infects the cell, because the innate immune system kicks in and gobbles up the intruders; thus one cannot spread them.

Even more, if the adaptive immune system kicks in and the pathogen was only able to infect one cell, but wasn't able to replicate; that person too is not contagious. The CD8 killer EffectorT-Cells have also neutralized the whole infected cell and the macrophages came along and gobbled them up.

If the virus infects the cell, replicates, and leaves the cell before it can be taken out; then that individual is hella contagious and needs to be quarantined. How can one tell if someone is contagious or not? They will have symptoms, right away. They will be sick and or in pain. There is no such thing as asymptomatic. There’s barely a
pre-symptomatic. Whenever the immune system is triggered there is always a modicum of inflammation.

Inflammation is the way that the immune cells talk to one another and increase the speed at which more can arrive at the scene. The five major symptoms of acute inflammation are, redness (coughing), heat, swelling, pain, and loss of function (fatigue).

Depending on the severity of the infection and one’s mineral content determines how quickly one starts showing symptoms and to what extent.

In the case of the C19 Viral Agent, people who are said to have shown symptoms after an incubation period had indeed shown symptoms as soon as the immune system responded to the infected cell, however, they were minor. The intensity of the immune system’s inflammation capabilities are directly related to the quantity of immune cells and their level of functionality that are present at the scene of the crime. If the vessel is too polluted and minerally deficient then the quantity of immune cells and their corresponding cytokines would only be able to create the level of inflammation that causes mild symptoms that are more uncomfortable instead of painful and alarming.

People who feel mild symptoms often shrug them off as nothing, what they are feeling is only temporary, and or, it’s just the beginning of the common cold. Therefore, they continue about their day as usual until they get too sick to move and or breathe. When they get to this phase that is when the inflammation has intensified.

Mineral Treatment

Patients in the Hospital:

● Intravenous essential mineral infused cocktail that includes vitamin D

● Oxygen

● Blood thinners (The minerals will bind to the pollutants in the blood so no need to worry about blood clots.)

How long will it take for someone to heal? This one, I’m going to refer to physics for.

Newton’s third law of motion states, ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ The action we are referring to is mineral energy. The mineral energy that is extracted from the rest of the body and diverted to the immune system. It has clumped to one area and or network rendering the individual immobile.

There are three laws of thermodynamics that govern the movement of energy. This means every time energy is moved, three things happen. Together, Newton's third law of motion and the three laws of thermodynamics states, for every action there are three reactions that will occur that are directly related to the action; and vice versa. Everything is basically a transfer of energy.

This means, for every one day that an individual’s physical body is diverting most of the mineral energy to the immune cells, it will take three days to re-disperse that energy back to the area it needs to go to; thereby reestablishing equilibrium. Thus, from the first day the individual starts experiencing symptoms, it should take them 3 times each day for the mineral energy levels to get back to normal in each cell throughout the entire body. Factors like body weight, height, age, and sex most likely need to be considered as well. This will help in creating different sections for the various hospital stay lengths.

This should help hospitals know how long beds will be occupied for.

The Sun is everyone’s friend thus UV lights around the hospital can help kill the virus and protect the staff as they work to help others.

People at Home:

● ‘Eat some vegetables'

● Implement drinking a compressed green juice a day

● Eat an apple

● Ginger is your best digestive friend

● Reduce meat consumption to no more than three days a week

● Read the Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating

Your Way to Health. (This is a bit too advanced for most people, however it’s like the end result goal. Meaning one can create a diet transitional program that would allow one to adopt that dietary lifestyle without all the uncomfortable detox side effects)

● Reduce alcohol intake significantly.

● Eat foods high in oxygen

● Significantly limit dairy

● Exercise


Antibodies are single antigen specific; meaning an antibody can successfully take out only the pathogen that fits its lock. This means that the antibody that the immune system creates when it comes into direct contact with an invading pathogen processes every minute detail about that foreign pathogen. Everything, including its molecular composition. Even more, once the antigen presenting immune cell has scanned, processed the invading pathogen, and transcribed it’s code; it then takes the code of the
human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and mixes it with it.

All cells in the body come equipped with a Human Leukocyte Antigen, which is a protein code on the cell's surface that regulates immune cells. This human leukocyte antigen is a genetic code that allows immune cells to identify native (self) cells from foreign (non-self) cells. This specific protein antigen structure is how immune cells are able to distinguish friend from foe. The HLA antigen sits on a stack of proteins called the Major HistoCompatibility Complex 1 (MHC 1).

The HLA is polymorphic, meaning there can be multiple variations of it and it's basically everyone’s unique social security number. This is the antigen that makes transplants difficult. The reason the antigen presenting immune cells mix this in with the code for the viral pathogen is to create a fusion activating mechanism when the antibody or T-Cell lock connects with the viral pathogen key. The fusion is like turning the key to start the car; without that fusion the immune system processes and or cycles do not activate.

The Process:

When pathogens or antigens encounter the human body they first encounter the barrier immune system, upon entrance, they come across the innate immune system which is the second line of defense. Dendritic cells, antigen presenting cells, engulf the pathogen, break it down into fragments, process it, mix it with the HLA compound, form the specific antigen shape, and then push it to the surface of the cell.

The adaptive immune system then mobilizes. Naive CD4 T-Helper cells and CD8 T-Killer cells then bind to the antigen presenting dendritic cell, download the specific viral antigen structure, creates the antigen specific receptor lock, is activated, makes copies of itself, and differentiates into effector and memory mature versions. The mature CD4 T-Helper Effector cells and CD8 T-Killer Effectors cells are then sent out into the bloodstream to go about handling the intruder.

B cells, which are a part of the adaptive immune system, have also come across the pathogen and have engulfed it. It has broken it down and taken a piece of the pathogen and put it on it’s MHC 2 receptor that is on its surface to sound the alarm. CD4 T-Helper Effector cells come along with its coded pathogenic antigen receptor lock, and then connects with the antigen that the B cell is presenting. This fusion activates the B cell and it starts making plasma cells that then make antigen specific antibodies.

At this time the CD4 T- Helper effector cells also call CD8 T-killer cells to the area so that they can neutralize any affected cell that is presenting the coded pathogenic antigen key that is specific to its lock. Affected cells will present the coded pathogenic antigen key on the cell’s MHC 1 receptor. This CD8 T-killer cell then goes about taking it out, by creating a perforin pore into the cell and then injecting cytotoxins into the affected cell which kills it. Macrophages then come through to clean up the mess.

The pathogenic specific antibodies then set up camp at various locations throughout the body ready to pounce should another pathogen of the same design decide to enter the body. The antibodies are then able to immediately bind to the antigens on the pathogen, neutralize it, stop it from binding to any cells in the human body, thereby tagging it.

Phagocytes then bind to the FC region of the antibody and ingest the antibodies and the viral pathogen. Thus, the available antibody supply begins to diminish.

Therefore, everytime the innate immune system and B cells come across the pathogen that has the same coded antigen birthmark the antibody creation process functions in a cycle. This as long as that viral pathogen continues to bombard the system the immune system will continue to resupply the body with more antibodies, B, and T cells via self replication. Once the body stops being bombarded the extra insurgencents will be instructed to either self-destruct or be taken out by other immune cells. However, the coded pathogenic antigen sequence is locked away in the bone marrow vault for long-term storage and easy retrieval should the viral pathogen decide to go dormant and then attack later.

Thus, if the viral pathogen is still active the immune system remains on high alert. If it is not active the immune system clears it’s soldiers from the bloodstream highway and redirects it’s attention to other things, but still remains ready.

Traditional Vaccine

Traditional vaccines attempt to mimic the innate and adaptive immunity processes by taking a portion of the viral pathogenic antigen that is in a reduced state and mixing it with other ingredients; thereby creating a vaccine cocktail. This vaccine cocktail is injected into individuals with the intention of creating an antibody response. However, the antibody lock that was created from the vaccine cocktail can only be activated when it encounters any vaccine cocktail antigen intruders that hold the key.

When the viral pathogen is mixed with the ingredients in the vaccine cocktail it’s molecular composition and functioning capabilities become a part of it’s antigen design.

Therefore, the antigen shapes created from the vaccine cocktail are similar to the antigen created from the original viral pathogen; but still different. So too are the antibodies.

Thus, if lemons were the viral antigen then an antibody would be created to thwart the lemon antigen. When the lemon antigen is mixed with sugar and water it becomes lemonade. Thus, the fusion of the three creates a different molecular compound.

Therefore, the antibodies that are created for the lemonade antigen are different from the lemon antigen. Since the lemon is a part of lemonade the two have similar antigen shapes.

This means that the antibodies that are created by the immune system for any viral pathogen are different from the antibodies that are created for the viral pathogen that is combined with other ingredients in a vaccine cocktail. It’s like a lock and key mechanism. The key can fit in the lock, but without the right grooves it cannot open the door and or activate any processes.

Therefore, when a C19VA encounters a vaccine cocktail antibody it can only connect to it, but it can’t fuse to it. This fusion of the antibody with the pathogen is the polarizing activating mechanism that gravitates more antibodies to it forming a swarm which covers the pathogen from all sides and neutralizes it. Thus, when the macrophages come through to gobble it up it’s taking everything with it.

If there are a lot of vaccine cocktail antibodies in the bloodstream then they have the ability to connect to all sides of the C19VA. The macrophages can still come by and gobble them up. However, as more and more vaccine cocktail antibodies are taken out the less of them there are to surround the whole viral pathogen. This means that even though there are some antibodies that are connected to it, it still has the ability to link to the ACE2 receptor and infect the cell. They can remain connected to that receptor until the macrophages come along and bind to the FC receptors of the antibody.

In other words, the innate and adaptive immunity processes have to kick in to create the proper antibodies. Even more, they most likely already encountered the C19 Viral Antigen and created the proper antibodies way before the vaccine cocktail arrived on the scene. However, since the vaccine cocktail is there taking out the C19 Viral Antigen as they enter the system then that means the B cells are not coming into contact with any other antigens. Thus, there’s no reason to copy themselves and resupply the bloodstream.

This means once the supply of the original antibodies runs out or just wanes away for lack of use and the vaccine cocktail antibodies are all used up then the body is exposed again and has to wait for the bone marrow to send reinforcements. And if the bloodstream highway is stuck on lethargic well sickness follows. The B cells that made the vaccine cocktail antibodies cannot make new antibodies until it comes into contact with the vaccine cocktail again.

This is why the Delta Variant has chosen to mutate into a version of itself that can fuse tighter to the ACE 2 receptor, so when the macrophages come through they can only suck up the antibodies. One can always take the key out of the lock if it doesn’t fit. In ㅅhis case, the macrophages are pulling the antibody lock away leaving the C19VA fully attached to the receptor.

The New mRNA Vaccines

The mRNA vaccine cocktail antibodies function in the same manner as the traditional vaccine antibodies, due to the hypersensitivity nature of the antigen processing machine. The highly purified lab grown mRNA strand codes only for the creation of the spiked protein portion of the C19VA that contains the receptor binding domain. This is the portion that binds to the ACE 2 receptor on the cells that have this.

The lab grown mRNA is coated with lipid bubbles so that cells can pick it up. Cell membranes are made of lipids, thus anything that is surrounded by lipids can pass through the cell membrane and is said to be lipid soluble. That means the lipid vesicle dissolves into the cell membrane while leaving the contents inside untouched. Then the liquid part of the vaccine is composed of a mixture of salt, sugar, and water. The salt and sugar are for the pH and stabilizing factors that vaccines need. The water is the liquid transport.

The individual is injected with the vaccine that contains the mRNA instruction cocktail in the arm. It enters an antigen-presenting immune cell and is supposed to find its way to the replicating proteins so the antigen can be created and then presented on top of it’s MHC 2 receptor. Another antigen was supposed to leave the cell and find its way to a B-cell so antibodies can be created and activated. It was a good idea, however, that’s not what happened.

First off, oil and water do not mix, even when sugar and salt are mixed in with it.

Whenever oil and water are combined the water sinks to the bottom and the oil rises to the top. So now there are three layers to the mRNA vaccine cocktail. The lipid vesicle forms the outer layer, the saline sugar water vacuole is the other layer, and then the lab grown highly purified mRNA strand is inside.

Thus, upon entry the lipid and salt vesicle dissolves into the membrane leaving the sugar water vacuole and the mRNA. Where do water molecules go when they enter the cell? Into the nucleus and straight to the DNA strand. Why? Because DNA’s building blocks are basically protein water molecules that require constant hydration. Therefore, all water molecules that enter the cell go to the DNA command center inside the nucleus. Thus, binding anything that can pass through the cell membrane with H2O will ferry it to the DNA command center.

The lipid vesicle and salt, ferries the mRNA strand through the lipid cell membrane bilayer. The sugar and water vacuole ferry the mRNA strand through the cytoplasm where the sugar dissolves and then the DNA command center absorbs both the water and the instructions.

The water molecules are absorbed into the double helix as well as the synthetic mRNA code. This code situates itself within the DNA strand in such a manner that it disrupts the natural nucleic acid sequence; thereby altering it and or creating a mutation. In other words, the incorporated instructions are for the design of spiked protein human cells.

Once the synthetic mRNA is embedded into the DNA mainframe it goes about the transcription and translation aspect that it was newly instructed to make. Thus, the mRNA strand is created based upon the molecular structuring it was given and sent to the ribosomes to create the spiked protein portion of the C19VA. Like it was designed to do, it sent the spikes to the surface of the cell and ejected the rest of the created spikes out of the cell.

Since the synthetic mRNA strand went to the DNA and corrupted it, the proteins continued to make spikes until the immune system was able to take it out. Depending on the virility of one’s immune system and their genetic disposition determined the extent of their side effects.

Again, the antibodies are different because the structural molecular composition of the lab grown mRNA strand in the vaccine is different from the mRNA of the C19VA.

Therefore, the antibodies created from the mRNA can only connect, but not fuse, to any new C19VA intruders.

mRNA Vaccine Side Effects


Myocarditis in young boys and men is linked to puberty and or testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone can cause vasoconstriction which slows the blood flow, in turn reduces the speed of the patrolling immune cell warriors. This is amplified in young teens as they are newly flooded with them.

Thus, after they are injected with the vaccine the cell starts ejecting massive amounts of spikes into the slow moving blood stream and come across other immune cells, get stuck on pollutants, lodge themselves into tissue. Therefore, if a large amount of spikes find their way to the heart muscle and further slow the blood stream down then inflammation occurs. Those inflammatory chemical responses have a way of swelling and or damaging the cells in the tissue that leaves scars. Therefore, they get scar tissue.

Menstrual Irregularities/Miscarriages/Low Sperm Count:

There is one strand of DNA that is the same in all cells. Therefore, when one cell is given information that downloads into the mainframe all cells that have a nucleus and a DNA command center are encoded in the same manner. This means when the synthetic mRNA strand disrupted the natural nucleic sequence in the muscle cell all cells received the same upgrade. Thus, all cells, upon replication, are now instructed to replicate as a spiked protein human cell.

That is what the mutation is telling them to do anyway. However, this is a present problem because genetic mutation manifests just like viruses mutate, during the procreation process. Meaning once the virus hijacks the ribosomes it can eject the new code in there and variations of it are created.

However, that mutated sequence will not create a physical body that will be able to exist in physical reality. It’s a mutation that won't be a sustainable vessel for the electrical inhabitant within. Therefore, the DNA has issued the command to the reproductive systems of those synthetic mRNA vaccines people, to begin the phasing out process.

Their DNA has been corrupted in a manner that is non reversible and will; therefore they are not a viable option for new life to enter into this world. Thus, they no longer need a functioning reproductive system. Thus, the era of sterility has arrived.

This includes DNA transmission via genital sexual acts. DNA in reproductive fluids mix and combine everytime individuals interact with one another. There is a reason for this, but we’re not going to get into it right now, but every time someone has genital sex with someone, even if no orgasm occurs, those individuals have combined their DNA.

Therefore, if a vaccinated individual has genital sex with an unvaccinated person their DNA strands intertwine and whatever information is on their strand downloads into the other. Explains why you smell the other individual for a longer period of time.

That DNA information never gets deleted. It gets archived. Even if the sexual parties never see each other again, the interaction gets encoded into their servers for all time; and depending on what’s on the other person’s DNA depends how it will affect the receiver and or their future descendants. In other words, sexual interactions contribute to the genetic disposition of future generations.

The Variant Problem

Clearly the C19VA have gotten wind of the limitations of the faux antibodies because their mutations are forming in a way that will allow them to hold on tighter to the ACE2 receptor. That’s the bread and butter of the Delta Variant. The reason it’s more transmissible is so they can attack the system in a more frequent manner. They have discovered that if they bombard the system enough, the antibody supply will run out.

Thus, the C19VA that are left can then go ACE2 receptor hunting.

All Viral Antigens get their mutation capabilities from the human body's polymorphic human leukocyte antigen. The viral antigen gets this code when they fuse with the antibody specific lock. Before the virus is taken out it leaves coded messages for other viral antigens to pick up. Thus, when they download the new information and start replicating they can create new and improved versions of themselves.

The virus has one goal and nothing but time, however, it will continue to colonize in areas of least resistance. This means while one area is being assaulted in a vast replicating manner another area will be in a process of weakening. Thus, when all the conditions are right the colony will flock to that weakened population and replicate away.

In furtherance, viral pathogens only mutate in a manner to defeat something that it has directly come up against. Right now it’s preoccupied with just bypassing the vaccine antibodies as well as the natural antibodies. If the C19VA is able to mutate it’s antigen shape enough, not even the natural antibodies will be able to stop it. This just means the immune system will have to create a separate set of antibodies for the new shape.

Again, depending on various factors will determine the severity of one’s symptoms.

To Conclude

Basically, the human body is like a car. The electrical existence, spirit, is the battery that powers everything. Our electrical existence is recharged by the UV rays in the sun. A car cannot function properly if we put diesel in it instead of petroleum, neither can the
body operate without the resupply of the right minerals. Also, without consistent and timely oil changes, tune ups, and hygienic maintenance the car will become a sputtering pain in the ass; so too will the physical body. Therefore, we need to get it together.

Do vaccine antibodies work? Yes, temporarily; and absolutely require a booster shot.

However, the side effects are the trade off. Even more, it weakens one’s own immune system. While it has the ability to add an extra layer of protection, this is only for a set period of time before the body removes the natural antibodies from circulation for lack of use, and until the vaccine antibodies run out.

Therefore, it’s really up to everyone on what’s important to them; either way, vaccinators and non vaccinators, still will have to clean up their internal systems. If people want to use vaccines, that is entirely their choice and their right. Free will is free will; the moment anyone starts to step on this universe directive is the moment their world begins to fall apart.

What’s keeping the Delta Variant back right now, in the Northern Hemisphere or the northern part of the equator, is the vaccines and the UV rays coming from the sun. The combination of the two is vastly reducing the quantity of the Delta Variant in circulation.

The sun fries them. The Southern Hemisphere is in winter now, therefore, the UV rays are less intense; even if it is still warm in those regions. Once we get into the fall, then we’re going to start seeing the cases creep up more and more in those individuals who do not start taking care of their engines.

We live in a culture where it is completely fine for the Uppers to fail in order to succeed with other people’s lives. According to them, and the culture we live in, they have the right to sacrifice a few so the many can keep on keeping on. The problem with operating on this foundation is, that notion is only true if they had the power to decide who dies and who lives without facing any negative consequences. They think they do, but they don’t; and that is for them to find out all on their own.

The governments, pharmaceutical companies, medical, and scientific communities pushed out an experimental vaccine without fully comprehending the biological resonating intricacies of the human bodies’ design. In doing so, they have triggered the sterility protocol that thwarts new life from being birthed into physical reality from those individuals who have artificially mutated strands of DNA.

There will not be any repercussions for this, at least not any that the people would really want to see. The reward outweighs the risk. Every complication that arises and or every individual that points out a negative impact about the vaccine is just feedback to them.

While the people are shouting for them to stop the devastation, they see it as an opportunity to improve the virility of their creation in relation to whatever the complaint is.

They are allowed to do this as long as people give their consent. As long as individuals and or entities function within the lines of free will and consent they will face no consequences and or push back other than the karmic action that is transcribed into their soul the moment they act. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so when they get to the point in time that they are in a similar situation, but this time facing the tip of the sword; then they will be penetrated. Thus, no one has ever, ever gotten away with anything, and they never will. However, if one gives their consent, regardless of what lies they were fed; then it is what it is. In other words, stop seeking to be the first in line.

Alright people, I won’t have the time to spend two weeks researching and investigating occurrences that are unrelated to my field of work anymore; so please do your due diligence and start taking into consideration how the conditions in the environment actually affect the human body. Much love and light!






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