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Cowardly West.
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
A total of 118 sailors all died when the Russian submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea on August 12, 2000.
How long will the United States give in to Putin in the hope that this will deter his intention to use nuclear weapons?

On August 12, 2,000, there was a disaster during a naval exercise in the Barents Sea when the Russian submarine Kursk sank and killed 118 sailors. From the first hours in the Kremlin, the version was put into service — the American submarine "Memphis", which followed the exercises, went to a ram and, through its fault, a catastrophe occurred, which resulted in the death of the submarine "Kursk" and the death of Russian sailors. In short, the Kremlin took the United States to show-off and they were led.

And in fact, in the White House, US President Bill Clinton considered that the American submarine was to blame for the death of a Russian submarine even before the investigation took place, and in order to hush up the incident, he suddenly contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin and decided to write off debts from Russia by 10 billions of dollars to keep the secret of the sinking of the Kursk submarine. Putin was delighted, just for nothing he fell from the sky, more precisely from the United States, 10 billion dollars. For that kind of money, if this happened to two sunken boats and 240 sailors were killed, he would not even take an eye.

The most eloquent fact of his attitude to the drowned sailors was manifested in his answer to the correspondent's question what happened to the boat, he answered without batting an eye without any emotion, "She drowned." He understood that if you blackmail the United States, threaten, bluff, take on a show-off, then you can get not only financial but also political benefits.

After a few months later, Norwegian specialists raised the boat from the bottom and took it to dry dock, it became clear to the whole world that the death of the Kursk was caused by a defective missile and there was no fault of the American submarine Memphis, which was several tens of miles from the place where the Kursk was killed.

I can imagine the face not only of US President Bill Clinton, but also of those senators and congressmen who so willingly allocated 10 billion dollars to Putin, but this was only the beginning, in the future, due to his indecision to suppress Putin's actions, financial costs will amount to hundreds of billions of dollars. loss of prestige, Putin's conquests of individual small territories of neighboring countries, unleashing wars anywhere in the world at the request of the Kremlin leader with an attempt to take on the resolution of the problem he unleashed, for which he received the nickname "the greatest globalist" but in fact the greatest adventurer with thousands of nuclear warheads ...

But nevertheless, the Kremlin is not satisfied with the fact that the Kursk was killed by a missile explosion in a submarine, and even 20 years later, the Russian Admiral Popov shifts the blame to the United States — it was, is and will be. Putin took into account that America can be bent and if blackmailing, then gaining benefit, the United States will give in so as not to incur anger, the insult of the Kremlin leader in whose hands several thousand nuclear charges and the insane leader can go from blackmail and threats to a nuclear attack.

In the concept of the United States, the opinion began to dominate — it is better not to mess with it and try to make concessions from which America is in an agitated state every second - so great is the fear of insane Putin who may at any moment succumb to the temptation to unleash a nuclear war. Without stopping from the first days, Putin, without a shadow of embarrassment, presents the United States as an enemy that must be done away with, and the media are trying to throw mud at Niagara Falls, and the United States, the EU, and NATO are present in all matters. But these were just words and then things started to work - in 2008 on August 8, the day when the Summer Olympics began in Beijing, Russian troops began open hostilities in Georgia, which ended with Putin seizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia.

The United States swallowed a bitter pill — in fact, this was the first defeat for the United States, which were unable to return the Georgian territories seized by Russia. There were no serious consequences for the Kremlin leader and he was triumphant - you can do whatever you want with America and it will avoid confrontation in any way.

If the United States had shown perseverance and for ever and ever repulsed Putin's desire to humiliate America, they could have acted very simply and with dignity. Since the Olympic Games were held in order for peace to prevail among nations, no military action should be waged during their holding. US President George W. Bush could appeal to the Olimi Committee and urge him to exclude Russia and Georgia from the games until the war is stopped and the conflict is resolved peacefully, even though this will take a year or 100 years. If only Russia and Georgia were immediately expelled from the games, then Putin, realizing that to be expelled to many games and lose prestige, would hardly have continued the attack on Georgia and the conflict was resolved.

But the US leaders blinked their eyes and ears, they waved their hand and gave the cards into Putin's hands so that he would continue to pursue an aggressive policy around the world and hundreds of billions of dollars and a hedgehog would be spent annually for his safety to restrain aggressive Putin

The New York-based writer, Anatoliy Sibilov, can be contacted by






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