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"Putin and Zircons Mach 9"
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
Putin and Biden
In recent days, Vladimir Putin, with malice and evil joy to the whole world, has declared the existence of hyper-sonic Zircon missiles flying at a speed of Mach 9 and in five minutes will fly to any point, even to New York, even to Los Angeles.

This means that Russian submarines already have missiles, or maybe these Zircons are in Putin's head for another intimidation of the United States to stir Joseph Biden to the next meeting.

The head of the White House perfectly understands Putin's intentions — let him just stick a finger in his mouth and bite off a whole hand, especially since all NATO countries trust Biden, that's why, after he became president of the United States, they began to feel more secure and so that Putin's boot would not step on The territory of Europe began without any hesitation to call Putin an aggressor and openly declare support for Ukraine, now not only their fate but also the United States actually depends on it, and they are trying to prevent a military adventure in Ukraine so that the world does not end up under nuclear bombardment and all living things cease to exist.

In general, to say frankly, Putin does not have too great a desire to start a bloody massacre in Ukraine, one journalist asked Putin whether he would go to the elections in 2024, to which the usurper slyly noticed why should he talk about it if at this time the people are not happy with him, but once everyone is happy with him, then he himself will ask the leader to run for president not only in 2024 but also in 2036, in 2048, and one eccentric even named 2085.

So fuck ... I’m Putin a war in Ukraine when you can rule for 100 years, why fight when you can keep the United States in an agitated state and let the owners of the White House puzzle over what to do so as not to anger the Kremlin adventurer and from time to time he did not threaten to use Zircons with nine swings with nuclear warheads that in five minutes can hit anywhere on the planet including New York and Los Angeles.

Anatoliy Sibilov
New York, Dec. 6, 2021

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