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World Started Talking about War between Russia and Ukraine — Will It Take Place?
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
Female soldiers march in Ukraine.
With the coming of US President Joe Biden to power after winning the presidential election, tensions between Russia and the United States intensified even more, and Ukraine became the main factor. Putin demonstratively began to gather his troops on the border of Ukraine from Belarus to Crimea, the White House felt the fire of war, and in order to relieve tension, Joe Biden decided to meet face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting took place in June 2021, especially for Putin — he showed his people and not only his greatness - see Biden himself meets with me to solve the problems facing the world (he himself created insoluble problems and is trying to solve them).

But since what Putin wanted to achieve in Ukraine, he did not get - to force the Ukrainian leadership to refuse to join NATO, the EU and start negotiations with the Russian Gauleiters of the LDNR about peace and joining Ukraine on Russian terms, this further aroused Putin and he decided for the second time to force the United States and Ukraine to think about how to solve the problem and make concessions to him - again, Russian troops began to gather on the border with Ukraine, the activities of propaganda troops intensified and they started talking about the impending war.

For Ukraine, this is a knife in the throat - given the military equipment and its quantity, a complete defeat, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, without hiding his alarm, appealed to President Joe Biden and other leaders of NATO countries for military assistance, urging Ukraine to join NATO as soon as possible.

But it was not there, the same NATO countries, with the exception of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland, waved their arms and legs, it’s not time to accept Kiev into NATO, let them solve the problem of relations with Russia. Joe Biden took his word and assured the leadership of Kiev, if Putin moves troops to Ukraine, he will receive hellish sanctions from which, frankly, Putin is neither cold nor hot, he has been living under them for 7 years now, which are bypassed by those countries that accept them - Europe needs gas, oil and Russia with its market and business.

Putin himself stamped his feet that he was not preparing any war with Ukraine, but he wants to talk with Biden on the problems that have arisen at the moment - the United States must give written legal guarantees of the security of Russia that will create security from Ukraine that is constantly threatening and requires immediate entry into NATO, which means troops and rocket launchers will enter the territory of Ukraine, capable of flying in 7-10 minutes (from the territory of Estonia in 5-6 minutes but Putin is silent) to Moscow, its unwillingness to implement the Minsk Agreements of 2015, according to which the fate of the LPR should be decided as it is fear that Kiev is amassing its troops and wants to return them to Ukraine by force, and since there is such a fear, Russian troops are present at the border and in the event of hostilities in Kiev, we will protect Russian people (there are more than 500 thousand of them with Russian passports) and will not allow they found themselves under the yoke of the fascist Kiev government, Bandera and Nazis.

In short, Putin did not get what he wanted from Biden, but he understood that a military adventure would not bring anything good and, in all likelihood, the war he invented would not take place either in the winter of 2022, or in the summer of 2023, and even more so in the spring of 2024, when Putin, who was reset to zero, was 77 times already before 2036. then until 2048 he will be re-elected as president of the Russian Federation and rule to the grave.

Power has been seized by a gang that has firmly entrenched itself in the Kremlin and will not voluntarily surrender it to outside hands. All talk about the war between Russia and Ukraine is just speculation. Putin's main goal is to keep the US, EU and Ukraine in a tense state and not give Kiev the opportunity for normal economic development, which is successfully carried out in the absence of coal, oil, gas and peace.

Anatoliy Sibilov
Dec. 17, 2021

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