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Korea's Zen Master Ven. Jinje to Save Souls of Corona, War Victims in Largest Buddhist Event
Deck: Proceeds to Be Donated to Ukraine War Victims
By Park Soung-Jin
Staff Reporter & Editor
Seon (: Zen) master Ven. Jinje () hosting a Buddhist ceremony in Busan.

South Korea's most respected Seon (: Zen) master Ven. Jinje () will host the largest ever Buddhist event on June 12 (Sunday), 2022 to comfort millions of souls, victims of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war dead in Ukraine, Ven. Jinje's chief advisor Ven. Hobeop announced recently. The event will also be dedicated to the victims of domestic wildfire and to the needy.

A total of 10,000 important personalities including scores of top foreign envoys from all walks of life will participate in the "International Dharma Assembly for Lost Souls."

In particular the current Ukrainian Ambassador to South Korea Dmytro Ponomarenko will be invited to the event.

Ven. Hobeop said that the proceeds from the ceremony will be donated to the victims of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Seon (: Zen) master Ven. Jinje () delivers Seon message at Donghwasa Temple in Daegu, South Korea.

The world's largest soul saving Buddhist event will be held at 1 pm at Amir Park by the side of the Korea National Marine Museum in the Yeongdo-gu area of Busan, the nation's second largest city and largest port city.

Some 100 Buddhist monks from Southeast Asian countries will also be invited for the common chanting with the local monks.

Also an estimated 1,000-member Buddhist choir will take part in the largest Buddhist's ceremony in the world. Thousands of memorial tablets will be made and donated to the coronavirus victims and Ukraine-Russia war dead, according to Ven. Hobeop.

"Globally more than 15 million people fell victim to the coronavirus and a growing number of people are being killed by the war between Ukraine and Russia," Ven. Jinje was quoted as saying. "I want to lead the souls of these victims in the right way"

The Buddhist ceremony will be interpreted simultaneously for the international participants. The nation's major Buddhist leaders from other sectors of Korean Buddhism will also be invited to the event.

Meanwhile Ven. Jinje urges all the leaders of the world for ways of compromise and peace by overcoming all global conflicts.

For this event the metropolitan city of Busan donated 70 million won, its municipal Yeongdo City also supported the event with 20 million won. Ven. Jinje alone donated 100 million won to the event.

Who Is Ven. Jinje ()? South Korean Seon (Zen) Grand Master

S. Korean Seon (: Zen) master Ven. Jinje ()
Jinje served the 13th and 14th Jongjeong (), the highest spritual leader of South Korea's Chogye Order, predominantly the largest order in the nation.

Each term was five years. He was elected jeongjeong in 2012 by a senior council officer 26 leaders of Joegye Order back then.

The 88-year-old leader of the Korean Buddhism lives at Haewoonjeongsa () Temple in Busan. He has been promoting Korean Buddhism throughout the world.

He was born at Samdong-myeon, Namhae -gun, South Gyeongsang Province, the beautiful beach area of the nation's southernmost coast on Jan 12, 1935, when the whole Korean Peninsula was under Japanese colonial rule.

It was at age 20 when he left his house to become a Buddhist monk. At 34 he enlightened himself, becoming Korea's most representative Seon master.

In the past he led massive Buddhist events in such major US cities as New York City and Washington DC.

For details or questions call Ven. Hobeop at 82-10-3873-6128 or leave Email at

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Park Soung-Jin serves as a staff reporter & editor of The Seoul Times. Park studied Chinese language at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. He was a graduate of 43rd class ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps). He finished his military service as the 1st lieutenant in the ROK Army.






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