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Letters to the Editor
War between Russia and Ukraine Still Going on
Will US Leadership Find Courage to Stop the War?
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
Russian rockets launch

The picture is scary but real! The last war of the Kremlin Fuhrer Putin in Europe. Will the US leadership find the courage to stop it and not give it to this cannibal? How many hundreds of billions of dollars will it cost the US to appease Putin?

After 100 days of bloody war in Ukraine, organized by Russian President Vladimir Putin, nobody knows the goal of the US leaders is the victory or defeat of Ukraine. If the goal of the United States is to inflict a complete defeat on the Kremlin cannibal so that he never again threatens the world, then there is no need to feed Ukraine with a fantastic Land Lease which, when and how it unfolds, not 21% of the Ukrainian territory turned into ruins will be captured by the Russian horde, but 30% with subsequent capture Kyiv and access to the border with Poland.

Further, Putin's goal is clear as day, which he does not hide the exit of the Russian army to the borders of NATO in 1997 and even further to Lisbon. I think even the leaders of the United States clearly imagine the leaders of European states will immediately openly declare that they will agree to fall under the boot of the Kremlin executioner than to turn their historical cities into a kind of Mariupol, especially since the population itself has nowhere to run - America beyond the Atlantic Ocean more than 5000 kilometers wide. Putin is well aware of this - one has only to tell him in case of resistance, I will use nuclear weapons for example over Kyiv or Warsaw, and white flags of surrender will immediately rise in all cities on high buildings and towers.

If anyone doubts this, then they are deeply mistaken - Putin decided to go down in history as a leader who, in order to save Russia from enemies who want to seize the taiga and tundra with a population and bears, is ready to throw nuclear bombs at the world, even if billions of people die, if only he saves his life in a bunker under Ural mountains.

So is it not worth sacrificing hundreds of millions or even billions of people around the world for such a noble goal to save Russia from enslavement and destruction. It is better to go with a choir, songs and dances to a nuclear paradise, which, according to the leader and propagandists, according to 99% of the Russian population. That's just the population of Ukraine does not want to get into this radioactive paradise that this subhuman in the Kremlin offers them, fights to the last drop of blood protecting not only themselves but actually the whole world from this brown-red bloody plague, it's just a pity that the cowardly West led by the United States under the pretext that Putin can throw a nuclear bomb will disrupt a quiet life for himself.

There is no need to look for an excuse to help Ukraine - the more you indulge this cannibal, the more he gets the impression that the United States is afraid of him and you need to beat Ukraine at full power in order to flood it with blood and instill fear in everyone. While he gets away with everything, he becomes impudent, goes berserk and destroys everything around.

The only thing that can save Ukraine and all of Europe from the Russian horde is immediate massive military assistance with the most modern types of weapons, not only from the United States but also from all over Europe to block the sky of Ukraine, hit all military bases on Russian territory so that shells do not fly from them, missiles, combat aircraft with bombs on Ukrainian cities, completely destroy warships of all types on the Black Sea and the Caspian flotilla, that is, act on the model of the Kremlin cannibal. Why is he allowed to do as he wants and the Ukrainian army should not respond in kind.

As for the defeat of Ukraine, neither in the United States nor in all of Europe is there even a talk about it, but voices are already heard in America and in the EU how to persuade Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate peace or a truce. Here the task is solved simply - if you give Ukraine metered military assistance and set the condition in no case to shell the Russian territory on which the bases are located from which bombs, shells, rockets fly to Ukrainian territory, killing people, cities, towns, all infrastructure and under the onslaught of the Russian hordes to retreat and thus force Zelensky to sit down at the negotiating table, then through his emissaries, Putin, before negotiating with him, will set conditions of surrender that are impossible for Ukraine - the surrender of Kyiv with the entire territory to the Dnieper.

But since the population of Ukraine will not agree with this now and wish to continue the struggle for their survival and independence, then victory will not shine here either - complete dependence on military aid supplies from the United States.

Apparently, help for Lend Lease will not flow like a river, but only in trickles of such types of weapons with which it will be difficult not only to attack, but also to defend. The fact is that in the United States itself there was a split - some for the victory of Ukraine and others to agree to a truce with Putin so that if Kyiv starts to win, he can hit with an atomic bomb to intimidate any Ukrainian city without any pity to put an end to this war and the Russian the horde ended up near the border with Poland, and then fear and horror were already all over Europe - Putin's goal is defined-Europe to the Atlantic.

So it is unlikely that the Kremlin leader will decide to freeze the conflict as the White House wishes - he decided to act as they say in Russia - strike while the iron is hot. If the entire leadership in the United States does not decide to defeat Ukraine or be defeated, then the time is working for the Kremlin, especially since if the Russian army is not defeated, then the continuation of the conflict between Russia and the United States may drag on for many decades - the power in the Kremlin is seized by a gang and they will try to keep it to the end, constantly feeding their population with invented enemies in which they believe and dream of defeating. This is this —- he finally intimidated the world and everyone is afraid of the atomic threat.

Anatoliy Sibilov

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