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Putin Caught US with NATO Unable to Properly Defend Themselves and Started War in Ukraine
America Rushing between Scylla and Charybdis
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
Vladimir Putin
Putin caught America with NATO unable to properly defend themselves and started a war in Ukraine. USA rushing between Scylla and Charybdis

Sooner or later, historians will write - the United States, frightened by Putin's nuclear club, threw Ukraine to be torn to pieces in the mouth of a non-exhausted Kremlin boa constrictor, but it stuck like a bone in his throat

Taking advantage of the weakness of NATO in Europe, its inability to provide worthy resistance to the Russian army due to the lack of a huge number of all types of weapons - thousands of aircraft, tanks, mobile rocket launchers firing up to 100 kilometers, stationary rocket launchers capable of launching missiles up to 5000 kilometers and the number of shells and bombs At least 1 million tons, Russian President Vladimir Putin is an adventurer and blackmailer by nature.

On Feb. 24, 2022, he brought down all his military power on Ukraine in order to conquer it. Without any doubt, US President Joe Biden, senators, congressmen and generals grabbed their heads what measures to take in order to stop the Russian horde, all the more so the Kremlin Fuhrer waved a nuclear club than caught fear in everyone, warning that in no case, in order to avoid big trouble, not a single NATO soldier did not fight on the side of Ukraine and not a single bomb or projectile fell on Russian territory.

But long before the start of the war, US President Joe Biden assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that not a single NATO soldier would fight on the side of Ukraine, but the collective West, led by the United States, would impose the most severe sanctions that, like a boomerang, would hit not only the Russian economy, but the entire collective West. high inflation and rising prices for everything without exception. Finally, it reached everyone in the United States, but too late - the defensive NATO Alliance turned out to be a paper tiger and now, on the 115th day of the war, 20% of the territory of Ukraine was captured by Russia, cities, towns, infrastructure were turned into ruins, more than 6 million left the country and 10 million people lost their homes.

But for the leaders of the US and the EU, this is not too big a problem, everything can be restored, but how to prevent the catastrophe that looms not only over Ukraine but over the EU and the US has risen in the heads of US leaders. Many believe that there are two ways out, but each of them is worse than the worst, and in any case, the first way out - a truce - does not guarantee a lasting peace and confrontation, and the second way out to bring the war to the defeat of the Russian army and return the territory of Ukraine to the borders of 2014 requires a lot of weapons, time and trillions of dollars.

The first way out is peace, a truce, or, more simply, capitulation. As the leaders of France, Germany, Italy demand to create two countries on the territory of Ukraine - Western and Eastern Ukraine, but the Ukrainians will consider this a betrayal.

The second way out is more difficult, expensive and long-term - to defeat the Russian army.

But it’s not so easy, especially since Putin has been preparing for war for 22 years, a lot of weapons are left from the USSR, and even now, when the war is going on, hundreds of factories are producing all types of weapons around the clock.

In addition, there are 140 million people in Russia, and as soon as Putin declares the enemy on TV, how can he gather at least 3 million people here, and if 5 million people are needed, they will be dressed, shod and distributed by profession and into those branches of the military in which they served. They will not grumble, everyone knows what threatens in the event of desertion.

Since the US President has repeatedly stated that not a single NATO soldier, especially the United States, will take part in the battles on the side of Ukraine, at least a million people will need to be mobilized into the ranks of the Ukrainian army itself, provide them with all types of weapons, food, fuel and other types of assistance .

Since, in fact, warehouses and bases in Europe and the United States itself have a limited supply (did the US and NATO generals not recalculate the number of weapons that would be required to defend Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia if Putin decided to capture them under any pretext, why didn’t intelligence report to the ministry what number of all types of weapons in the Russian army and, accordingly, apply measures.But this did not happen and Putin decided that the auspicious moment had come when it was possible to start a war and the weak cowardly NATO would refuse to defend Ukraine for its own sake, waving its hand at it, which happened) then all types of weapons must be produced anew on a huge scale - thousands of tanks, howitzers, cannons, hundreds of thousands of hand weapons, tens of millions of bullets, a thousand mobile rocket launchers firing up to 100 kilometers, stationary rocket launchers capable of launching rockets up to 5000 kilometers and the number of shells and bombs not less than 1 million tons.

As for aircraft of all kinds, the United States has no problem with this, but whether the US leadership will use them will depend on the course of hostilities.

Here it should be noted what was Putin's other goal, in contrast to the conquest of Ukraine, to involve the United States and NATO, which were in complete non-combat readiness to wage a long war due to the lack of military equipment, and now it is necessary to produce mountains of weapons.

Since the United States cannot take on its shoulders the production of a huge amount of weapons, then part of this good should be produced by factories in Europe, and since the leaders of countries, like the population itself, have no desire to fight for the sake of some country and spend money on the production of weapons, then there will be fighters right there for peace, fighters against war, fighters against the revival of the military-industrial complex, then mass protests of the dissatisfied will begin and everything can go wrong.

Putin's main task is to excite the population of the NATO countries both against his government and against the United States, which are dragging them into the war for the sake of some kind of Ukraine, and then most of the costs will be shifted onto the shoulders of the Americans, and if this affects the decline in living standards, then do not expect good here either.

In general, the war, the confrontation between the Russian Federation and the United States can drag on for a long period, in any case, even to surrender Ukraine to Russia, even to lead to victory, and here again it is necessary to take into account Putin's demand that he emerge from the war as a winner and with a human face, otherwise I can use a nuclear club It does not fit in the brains of how it seemed to everyone that such a powerful in all respects collective West, led by the United States with a population of 800 million people, showed such impotence and helplessness in relation to aggressive Russia, which was represented to the whole world with an underdeveloped economy in front of the eyes of the whole world, allowed the horde armed to the teeth to invade on the territory of Ukraine, destroy cities, towns, infrastructure into ruins, kill at least hundreds of thousands of people, leave the country for 6 million inhabitants, leave 10 million people homeless and seize 20% of the territory.

Many people ask themselves: “How did Russian President Vladimir Putin decide to go to war with Ukraine, how did it seem to everyone that the collective West led by the United States and the mighty NATO were on its side, capable of protecting almost the entire world from Russian aggression”? And everything is very simple - the Kremlin leader knew very well that the collective West, at the head of the United States, in the extreme case, would indirectly take part on the side of Kyiv for a simple reason - because of the inability to protect themselves in the face of complete unwillingness to protect not only the neighbor but also themselves.

Who wants to shed their blood because of some Ukraine or another country when cities will be destroyed and, most importantly, be killed.

But not only this, intelligence reported to Putin the presence in this union of a minimum number of tanks, artillery, mobile rocket launchers, missile systems with a missile range of up to 5,000 kilometers and at least a million tons of shells and bombs necessary in a long war.

That's why the Kremlin leader started a war with Ukraine that back in 2008, when Russia decided to seize Georgia, even if the Russian horde did not reach Tbilisi, but seized 2 territories - Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and strong NATO, like the strong USA, actually waved their hand and swallowed the bitter pill continued to provide Russia with advanced technologies, did business and, most importantly, oil and gas flowed from it. Since the demand for gas in Europe grew, Nord Stream 1 was built with the money of Western companies for 50 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Strangely enough, Russia's attack on Georgia did not alert the US leaders in the first place that a new Hitler appeared on the world stage who is a thousand times stronger and more terrible than the previous one, and that sooner or later, having prepared a modernized modern army, he will fall on one of the European countries under any pretext and in order to provide worthy resistance and win, it is necessary to provide the NATO army with a huge number of thousands of aircraft, tanks, mobile rocket launchers firing up to 100 kilometers, stationary rocket launchers capable of launching missiles up to 5000 kilometers and the number of shells and bombs of at least 1 million tons, because if Putin decides to go to war, then he will have no less or even more such good.

But this did not excite the US leaders, because they thought that since there was a nuclear shield, then a conventional war was excluded, but they themselves forgot that in 2008 Putin spat on the nuclear shield and waged a conventional war with guns, planes, tanks and people. In 2014, Putin seized Crimea on a clear day, then he started a war in the Donbass, which, because of embarrassment, was called a hybrid war, and in 2015, after the Ilovaisk cauldron, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was forced to sign the shameful Minsk agreements together with French President Allande, German Chancellor Merkel and Russian President Federation Putin.

The text of the agreement was written in the Kremlin and it was clear that not a single Ukrainian president would fulfill it, since it all boiled down to the fact that Ukraine was losing certain territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions captured by the Russian army. What is most interesting, sanctions were imposed on Russia in 2014, but no one fulfilled them, Europe, like the United States, traded with Russia for the sake of personal interests, providing modern technology that Putin used to produce modern types of weapons, as the need for oil and gas grew then Western companies invested at least 10 billion dollars in the construction of Nord Stream 1 for 50 billion cubic meters of gas along the bottom of the Baltic Sea and in every possible way ignored the request of Ukraine to protect it from the Russian aggressor.

But for the sake of friendship with Putin and appeasement, an enemy who openly threatened the United States that he would smash America with his fantastic missiles with nuclear heads, negotiations were underway to reduce short and medium-range missiles in Carthage, the Kremlin leader openly deceived the United States, and they shyly not noticing this were doing business violating sanctions which they themselves introduced. In fact, the governments of all US presidents - Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden ignored not only Ukraine's request to arm it, but most importantly, they did not even think about making thousands of tanks, planes, mobile rocket launchers firing up to 100 kilometers, stationary missile launchers capable of launch missiles up to 5000 kilometers and the number of shells and bombs is at least 1 million tons, since if Putin decides to go to war, then NATO will have no less or even more such good than the Russian army.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, then President Vladimir Zelensky asked to arm Ukraine and even to join NATO, but among NATO countries, including the United States, they stamped their feet and shouted hysterically that in the next 10 years Ukraine does not even need to dream of getting into NATO, since Putin threatened that he would turn off the oil taps and gas.

It turned out that self-defense and military assistance to Ukraine are nothing compared to oil and gas. With the coming to power in the United States of President Joe Biden, relations escalated to the limit, a horde of 180 thousand people armed with the most modern weapons accumulated near the borders with Ukraine, it became clear even to the brainless that the war between Russia and Ukraine was just around the corner.

Without any doubt, the entire US leadership stirred, it became clear to everyone that Putin would fight not only with Ukraine but also with the United States, the Kremlin leader treated all NATO countries with contempt, knowing full well that only the Poles, the British could offer worthy resistance, the rest did not even have much desire protect yourself and the US overseas.

And here it became clear that the United States had nothing to resist Russia-NATO as a naked king with a population of 800 million people, it would take several months to organize protection from the enemy, put them on alert, and most importantly, bring tanks, mobile rocket launchers, artillery to the front line and prepare aviation.

US President Joe Biden decided to scare Russian President Vladimir Putin with the most terrible sanctions that will follow immediately if the Russian horde rushes to conquer Ukraine and not a single NATO soldier takes part in the battles for Kyiv. Putin was delighted and convinced that NATO was not ready to fight for Ukraine because of the weakness of the armed forces, the unwillingness to shed blood for the sake of some kind of Ukraine and the fear that Putin would turn off the gas valve and thousands of enterprises would stand up. Could it really be that US senators, congressmen, President Biden himself and the generals could not calculate that if the war is not prevented, then the losses for both the US and the EU countries can amount to trillions of dollars, no sanctions will frighten Putin, and only decisive actions can prevent the war.

To do this, you just had to bring several NATO battalions, hundreds of tanks, several hundred mobile rocket launchers into Ukraine and seriously warn the Fuhrer - if you start a war, you will receive an answer. But this did not happen, Biden decided to take the easy way and, in my opinion, he did not even believe that the sanctions would scare the Kremlin Fuhrer, but he had no other choice - he knew very well the state of NATO defense, which by the time Putin gathered 180 thousand fighters and realized that in a long-term war, NATO will lose because it is not combat-ready, which Putin knew about, therefore he behaved arrogantly, assertively and realized that neither the United States individually nor NATO in general would offer any resistance, since it is simply impossible to create a powerful defense in a few months.

On Feb. 24, 2022, Putin ordered his troops to cross the border and from 3 sides, from Crimea, Donbass and Belarus, they went on the offensive. After 3 days, Putin threatened Biden with nuclear blackmail so that not a single NATO soldier would think of defending Ukraine and not a single NATO plane would think of attacking Russian aircraft. Biden fulfilled all Putin’s demands, and before the eyes of the whole world and Joe Biden personally, the Russian horde turned cities, towns, infrastructure into ruins with the help of aviation, missiles of all calibers, shells, and in 114 days of fighting, Russia captured 20% of the territory of Ukraine. Let's be honest, military assistance flowed in streams from the United States and individual NATO countries, but it was so modest that the Ukrainian army was losing its positions and people. 3 months ago, Biden delighted the Ukrainians that Lend Lease would work, but even in the United States, hardly anyone believes that within a few months military assistance will flow in a powerful stream so that the Ukrainian army goes on the offensive.

But for now, Lend Lease is far away and the cost of it will require hundreds of billions of dollars, which senators and congressmen are well aware of and are thinking about how to do without such costs, and maybe even force the President of Ukraine Zelensky to negotiate up to capitulation on Putin’s terms, then for this they attracted French President Macron, German Chancellor Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Draghi, but Ukrainian President Zelensky categorically declared victory or death and under no circumstances will the Ukrainian people agree to peace on Putin’s terms, No. 2 Ukraine-Western and Eastern.

Once again, he turns to Biden with the question of why military assistance is being delayed, people are dying every day and destroyed to the foundation of cities, towns, and infrastructure. How is it that such a powerful NATO and the United States were unable to provide quick powerful assistance to defeat Putin's troops and go on the offensive, since at present the population of Ukraine, shedding blood, is defending not only itself, but the United States and all of Europe. Biden puts forward all sorts of arguments and willingness to provide military assistance, it is impossible to even imagine that Germany promises 80 tanks within three months when in fact they need at least 1000.

Meanwhile, Biden in his speeches tells the world what benefits the sanctions imposed on Russia bring, but in fact In fact, they primarily hit the United States and the whole world - inflation is going through the roof, prices for gas, gasoline and everything have jumped, people begin to resent and big troubles can arise. Military spending on defense by the United States and NATO cost hundreds of billions of dollars a year, but it is not clear why the generals forgot about the release of thousands for self-defense, thousands of tanks, aircraft, mobile rocket launchers firing up to 100 kilometers, stationary rocket launchers capable of launching missiles up to 5000 kilometers and the number of shells and bombs at least 1 million tons.

And now the United States is faced with the task of either Ukraine defeating Putin's horde, which will require the release of a huge amount of military and civilian products worth hundreds of billions of dollars, or to allow the defeat of the Ukrainian army and the surrender of Ukraine to Putin, which will subsequently cost even more for the United States and for the whole world-Putin will finally be proud of his victory over the United States and Ukraine and demand that Biden surrender Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and bring NATO to the 1997 borders. I wonder how senators, congressmen, generals and the US president will react to Putin's demands if he once again waves a nuclear club. Once, on the 3rd day of the war in Ukraine, Biden went to all the demands of Putin and threw Ukraine to be torn apart in his mouth. Will Biden leave the countries of Eastern Europe, NATO members for the sake of concessions to Putin

Anatoliy Sibilov
June 22, 2022 New York

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