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Putin Strikes Fear into the Whole World
West Concedes to Putin for Oil & Gas Due to His Nuke
Special Contribution
By Anatoliy Sibilov
Russian nuclear weapons: Russia and US hold over 90 percent of world's total nuclear stockpiles.
Editor's Note: Putin is one man who struck fear into the whole world. The collective West at the head of the United States, intimidated by Putin's use of a nuclear club, makes concessions to him for the sake of oil and gas entering Europe, sacrificing Ukraine.

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a “special operation” to seize and conquer Ukraine without declaring war. On the 3rd day of the war, the Kremlin leader warned the owner of the White House, Joe Biden, in no case, not a single American soldier and NATO soldier participated on the side of Ukraine in order to avoid big troubles — the nuclear club is ready for use.

The intimidated Biden and the entire American government regarded this blackmail as a real threat, and for almost five months they have been watching from the windows of the White House and their apartments how Putin’s horde of rocket launchers, guns, tanks and bombers is turning the cities of Ukraine, infrastructure into ruins, more than 6 million refugees, 10 million were left homeless and hundreds of thousands were killed and maimed.

The Russian army has captured more than 20 percent of the territory of Ukraine, portioned assistance coming from the United States and some European countries is little consolation for the Ukrainian army — as many experts and the military say, it needs hundreds of aircraft, thousands of tanks, thousands of guns, hundreds of multi-barrel rocket launchers and rocket launchers with a range of 50 to 5,000 kilometers, so that for one shell fired from Russian guns there were 10 Ukrainian shells.

That's when such a military mass appears in the Ukrainian army, the Kremlin Fuhrer will understand that he is losing the war and he cannot hold the occupied territories, anticipating the defeat, he himself will scream about peace, but now the conditions for surrender will be set by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

How nice it would be! That's just where to get so many weapons if US leaders from President Barack Obama to Donald Trump considered Russia a strategic partner of NATO and almost a harmless lamb, when in fact it was a Siberian evil bear forever with its mouth open.

The leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Hungary are outraged that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is demanding a lot of weapons instead of starting negotiations with Vladimir Putin for world peace on his terms. The same voices began to be heard from the United States — a limited number of weapons needed to protect the United States remained in warehouses, while in Ukraine itself military assistance is being squandered, especially Russian propagandists repeat this so that the United States pays attention and refuses to give assistance to Ukrainian arms dealers did not sell them to terrorists in the Middle East.

What nonsense!!! As for the Ukrainian authorities, they are concerned that the promised Lend-Lease is stuck and the American authorities, without any hesitation, announced that it will not be available until October, since it is necessary to use the US$ 7 billion allocated for military assistance and only then Lend-Lease will open.

Many experts and the military are wondering what kind of military assistance will come with Lend Lease if it has already been agreed that there will be no aircraft, rocket launchers with only a missile flight radius of no more than 80 kilometers, and most importantly, that not a single rocket or projectile should fall on Russian territory, since in this case, Putin will hit the control centers with missiles wherever they are.

With such agreements with the Kremlin, it is unlikely that US leaders have a great desire to produce mountains of weapons for the victory of Ukraine over Russia.

Even earlier, Putin told everyone that I must emerge from the war as a winner with a human face, and if the Ukrainian army decides to take all the territories that it has captured, that is, a formidable weapon that will cool the hotheads of those who want to humiliate me.

Maybe that's why Land Lease froze, with a small amount of weapons, Zelensky, in order not to lose half of Ukraine, will ask for peace from Putin and we can agree that there will be Western Ukraine and Eastern, for two years or maybe for 10 years there will be peace, and then either the donkey will die or the khan will go to heaven.

You can go back to 2015 — there will be shelling and accusations, but in general, peace for Europe and the USA, and most importantly, Russian gas will flow to Europe so that it does not freeze and industrial enterprises do not stand up, but the fact that in Ukraine most of the territory will turn into ruins and additionally die hundreds of thousands of people, then this is the fate of Ukraine, and in Europe, as in the USA, peace and tranquility, and let the Ukrainians not dream that someone will protect them, let the Ukrainians fight for at least 10 years so that bombs with rockets fall on them but not on us.

The logic of the leaders of Europe is understandable — let Ukraine and the USA pay for everything, but it is not clear what the US leaders want in the end: threats from the Kremlin of the NATO countries, for their own protection, to join the war on the territory of Ukraine and defeat the Putin horde so that the Kremlin leaders will not tempt themselves forever and ever to intimidate the United States and, in general, all the countries of the Free World,

If the war drags on for a long time, then this number will not pass painlessly for the United States, Putin is ready for this option, his factories make military products day and night, missiles, bombs and shells will fly incessantly with constant threats to US leaders to end America as it unleashed a war in Ukraine up to the use of nuclear weapons.

You will have to live with a constant threat either for many decades, or depending on what flashes in the head of the Kremlin Fuhrer, the course of history can accelerate — feeling cowardice on the part of the White House, he can throw several atomic bombs on the territory of Ukraine and Poland to intimidate US leaders and here the firmness of acceptance will appear The US decision is to retaliate with a nuclear strike on Russia or simply turn away.

But in this case, Putin will simply present an ultimatum to the American authorities without any fight to withdraw all American troops stationed at the bases of various countries and get out of the ocean so that missiles with nuclear warheads fired from Russian submarines floating in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans do not hit American cities.

And here is some kind of oddity - since the beginning of the war unleashed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden, senators, congressmen and Pentagon generals have fallen into a stupor from threats from the Kremlin to use a nuclear club from which they cannot get out for five months and specifically make a decision — defeat the Russian horde or surrender Ukraine.

It is not clear how such a powerful state as the United States with a powerful nuclear potential suddenly turned out to be so indecisive and ready to go to any whims of the Kremlin. Putin, like a predator, felt the weakness of the victim and begins to play with her, setting his own conditions.

No matter how the enemies mock the Russian army, but it is slowly and confidently biting off parts of the territory of Ukraine, Biden from the White House and the generals from the Pentagon look at the battlefield and, from impotence to provide powerful instant military assistance, wonder where the Russian horde will stop as soon as eight HIMARS will defeat the Russian military warehouses and headquarters, weapons will run out and, under the onslaught of the Ukrainian army, they will begin to abandon the occupied territories.

No, even 28 HIMARS will not solve the problem, only thousands of tanks, hundreds of aircraft, rocket launchers can stop the advance of the Russian horde, and when airfields, bases, missile launchers, warships and submarines are destroyed on the territory of Russia itself, so that not a single missile or projectile did not fly to Ukrainian territory.

But since this, judging by Biden's statements, will not happen, not only Ukraine, but also the United States itself is doomed to defeat. But it will be a conscious choice of the entire US government!!! Maybe Biden still expects that the sanctions that he and the West and East have imposed on Russia will work, if not this year then next year little consolation and unemployment will stir up millions of Russians to go against Putin is just nonsense.

But the fact that sanctions hit not only Europe but also the United States is a reality - unprecedented inflation with rising prices for everything without exception, and everyone begins to understand that not only Russia but also the United States and NATO are to blame for this, which turned out to be unable to oppose Putin with such troops with all types of weapons on the border, seeing which the Fuhrer would not even have thought to start a war.

But the NATO-paper tiger, as you can see now, could not resist anything, since NATO warehouses and bases had a limited number of weapons capable of resisting only for a short-term period and then a complete fuck-up, which unfortunately happened for Ukraine. It's a pity. Putin, having had enough of human blood in complete impunity, thinks of only one thing: how to involve the United States even more in the war, and since even this powerful state alone cannot pull out a war with Putin, sooner or later it will begin to demand European countries to get involved in the production of weapons to send military personnel to defend Ukraine.

And here complete confusion will appear - who wants to spend money on someone else's war, all the more so to protect them, then there is no particular desire for themselves, let the earth burn under the feet of Ukrainians, our cities do not need to be turned into Mariupol or Kharkov, it is better to surrender to Putin's mercy.

Now the main task of Putin is to set the countries of Europe against each other, and since the main instigator of the war is the United States, let them clear up themselves, we are not with them, there are many people in the countries who are ready to take power into their own hands in the wake of quarrels and strife and in order to please the new master will fulfill all his wishes, you can forget about the laws

Anatoliy Sibilov

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