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"The Honduras-Corea 2005"
Amb. Umana Holds Honduras Art Exhibition
50 Paintings, Sculptures Exhibited in a Seoul Museum

Commemorating over 40 years of diplomatic ties between South Korea and Honduras, Ambassador Rene Francisco Umana to Seoul is showing parts of its culture to the public of his host country.

"The Honduras-Corea 2005" — The exhibition of paintings and sculptures by several famous Honduras artists — is currently going on at the Seoul Museum of Art in Shinmunro 2-ga in Seoul. The art exhibition was held on April 5, 2005 for a six-day run.

About 50 items of high quality works of art displayed at a spacious gallery of the museum's annex building right behind Seoul History Museum.

The Honduras works of art were produced by the 11 well-known painters and sculptors who were exposed in such countries as France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, the US, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia.

The Honduras artists whose works of art are exhibited in this show are Pinto Rodezno, Roque Zelaya, Dario A. Rivera Trejo, Jesus Antonio Zelaya, Carlos Garay, Julio Visquerra, MAFFELA (Maria Ofelia Garcia Casanova), Dylber Obed Padilla, Jose R. Ruiz, Yovany Adonay Navarro, and Rossel Barralaga.

Six of them attended the opening ceremony held in Seoul Museum of Art at 5 p.m. on April 4, 2005.

In the opening ceremony Ambassador Rene Francisco Umana said that the artworks of the Honduran artists are part of many public and private galleries and museums around the world and are recognized for the devotion they put in them.

"To make their work, our artists not only use their hands and eyes, they let their hearts and souls to conduct them in the creation of their fine art," said the top Honduras diplomat to Seoul.

"Please accept this exhibition as a chance to delight yourself with our fine artworks and as a chance to strengthen the cordial and friendly relations of our two countries," Ambassador Umana urged all the people attending the opening reception.

More than 200 high-profile guests — locals and foreigners — took part in the reception. Among the participants were scores of ambassadors some of whom brought their wife with them.

They are Amb. Amr M.K. Helmy of Egypt, Amb. Alfredo Francisco Ungo of El Salvador, Amb. Zaid Al-Sherida of Kuwait, Amb. Ahmed M. Tabuli of Libya, Amb. Vitali V. Fen of Uzbekistan, Amb. Carlos M.L. Frota of Portugal, Amb. Sydney Bafana Kubheka of South Africa, and Amb. Babiker Ali Khalifa of Sudan.

As aforementioned, all the six painters and sculptors were on hand at the opening ceremony, hobnobbing with lay appreciators of art.

Mr. Pinto Rodezno

"It is a nice experience for me to exhibit my paintings in Seoul. I am here for the first time. You can find a real life picture over this all kind of paintings," said Mr. Pinto Rodezno, one of the six Honduras artists who were present at the opening reception.

Asked about the motif of his painting Mr. Rodezno said that the "rain of fish" is a popular theme in Honduran painting. It is based on a phenomenon that occurred in the Department of Yoro in north-central Honduras.

"People there awoke one morning after a thunderstorm and found the ground covered with fish," said Rodezno. "This phenomenon still occurs from time to time."

The following are a short description of each of the Honduran artists who participated in this exhibition.

Pinto Rodezno
Watching the paintings of Pinto Rodezno is to penetrate in a world of magic corridors where surprises emerge in any moment; where the sound of bells and the reflections of the streets, like if they were mirrors, make us feel and smell the jasmines and bougainvillea. This description of Pinto Rodezno by Julio Visquerra let us know the personality of a young and modern artist who united his pictorial creativity in the vision of the urban significance. He has exposed in Quebec, Geneva, Miami, San Juan, New Orleans and Barcelona, among other international cities.

Roque Zelaya
The beauty of a painting makes people speechless. These words of LucianFreud describes Zelaya as an artist who puts his heart in his artworks. The painting of Roque is a memorable discovery in the international plastic art. Roque Zelaya of "The Language of the Flowers" is a paintbrush gardener, universal and outstanding painter who creates perfect and fine artworks. The ability in the details, the perfectionism in the drawings and the elegance in the popular representations, constitutes the keys of the ingenious painting of Roque Zelaya.

Dario A. Rivera Trejo
Concerned by the process and technique of arts, Dario experienced in different ways, identifying the materials to make of them creative artistic works, In his incursions in the sculpture and paintings he has his particular knowledge managing different materials to make a job of real and imaginary spaces where he losses the stilling form to duplicate and delight in uncertain directions, converting it in images that levitate and celebrate their liberation. Dario has exposed in Italy, U.S.A., Nicaragua, Mexico, France

Jesus Antonio Zelaya
" Who paints and sculpts what he sees is not an artist, only the one who paints and sculpt what he feels, may be considered like that. To my knowledge, this is the case of the sculpture of Jesus Antonio Zelaya." With this words Benigno Gomez, a graduated of the School of Belle Arts of Rome describes the magnificent artworks of this incredible artist. Concentration, faith, patience, and perseverance are always with him. In such way we have the joy to admire the positive results of a sculptor who gives life to logs.

Carlos Garay
Landscapes by Carlos Garay are the representation of his homeland: Honduras. He unifies a colored poetry with the shining American impressionism. It comes up from his palette to immortalize his art and his thematic in the same way Master Antonio Velasquez did it. We could call the trilogy of daydreams and reality: Honduras-Velasquez-Garay. His artworks can be admired in multiple galleries, public and private in Mexico Finland, U.S.A., Sweden, Russia, Israel and the Vatican among many others. His biography is very well explained in the British Encyclopedia 6-15 edition 1986

Julio Visquerra
Without any kind of incentives to guide him into the artistic activities, Visquerra found his way selling books and restoring antiques in Spain and France. With this humble position he had the chance to visit museums and private galleries, meeting many painters. For him, fruits are the unequivocal symbol representing life, hope and movement. Starting when he was 12 years old, his paintings connect human and animal figures with vegetables and we can find tropical rhythm and taste. Dreams and reality, fantasy and objectivity, irony and harshness. Life is beautiful, death is sad. Mystery and reality meet each other.

MAFFELA (Maria Ofelia Garcia Casanova)
Since 1986 MAFFELA has ventures in the plastics arts exposing her artworks in San Salvador, Miami, Washington, D.C., New Orleans and many other international cities. Well educated in English, drawing and painting, Beauty stylist, organ player and specialist in tourism, MAFFELA has been honored with different national and international awards as a modern artist exposing her talented artworks.

Dylber Obed Padilla
Winner of the Paul Gaugin Prize, offered by the Embassy of France in Honduras, Dylber Obed Padilla combines black, red, blue and brick colors, playing with them to create stealthy figures, adding warm and yellow tones to make formal expressions. Dylber is not only an artist in paintings; he started his works as sculptor modeling forms of strong, formal and impressive impact with unusual and irreverent expressions.

Jose R. Ruiz
The live expressions in the artworks of this talented artist transports to the viewer to an unreal world of fantasies and daydreams. His open mind reveals with the paintbrush his creativity and beauty of an emergent new style. The combination of green, yellow, red and blue converge in a colorful scenery to delight the most sophisticated taste in the plastic arts. Considered one of the youngest Honduran artist, has exposed his artworks in several public and private galleries in different countries.

Yovany Adonay Navarro
Clay, wood, rocks, marble, iron or what ever Navarro touches with his privileged hands is converted in a sculpture. His artworks are exposed around the world in private collections and museums, reflecting the admiration for the magic involved in every sculptures and painting. Exposing in "La Memoria presente dalla Shoah alla Cultura di pace" in Italy or "Daily Scenes" in Saint Peter, USA, is a demonstration of the technique and quality of Navarro's fine artworks.

Photos of "Honduras-Corea 2005" Exhibition






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