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Afghan realities
Afghan Politician Urges West for its Democracy
H. Maiwand, Leader Afghan's Liberal Democratic Party
Special Contribution

Afghan President Hamid Karzai

This year on the Sept. 18, 2005 Afghanistan plans to hold elections for Parlament. It is certain that war lords, drug-bosses, and radical Islamists will be elected into Parliament.

President Hamid Karzai has been in power in Afghanistan for three and a half years. He has, however, other than perceived by the public opinion in the West, no real influence neighter in Kabul nor in the rest of the country. This goverment and the goverment officials are corrupt.

So far Afghanistan has no working bank and fax-system and the administration does not work either.

The consequences of corruption are that in the vincinity of Kabul 266 persons froze to death in their tents only ij thepast winter. In Afghanistan as a whole a lot more victims of the winter cold are to be expected.

For the past three and a half years since Karsei took office he did not manage to have clay huts built for the refugees which could at least provide a kind of protection on the lowest level.

To built such a clay hut for a family of ten in Afghanistan would only cost approximately 6.000,00 US$.This is the point where one should ask oneself where the billions of dollars of support from the West go to, if not even measures such as building simple and cheap clay huts for the poor are popssible.

Karzai and his goverment lack the thought of an environment policy completely. When the sun sets over Kabul a black cloud of smog and smoke hangs in the air. There is no running water or drainage system in neither of Afghanistan`s cities.

Only a very small part of the enormous amounts of money provided by the US and Europe for the reconstruction of the country ias being invested into such important projects. Most of the money oozes away (into dark cannels).

The Taliban are recovering from the military blows caused by the Western World. New structures of organization and communication have selling grugs.

Meanwhile, the Taliban ploay an iomportant role in the cities and in the rural communities.

Since the Taliban have recovered in Afghanistan opium-farming has tripled. 87 percent of the world's opium and in each and every village it is not the Afghan goverment that rules but little "monarchs."

There are criminal organisations in every town of the country. In Kabul alone threre are three major gangs who dominate the life of the inhabitants. Freedom and democracy do not exist. Karzai's proclaimed evolution of democracy is pare propaganda.

American and European soldiers have come to Afghanistan to ensure law and order and to support the country in its fight for freedom and democracy.

Many of these soldiers have already died. In the light of the ongoing corruption and the undefensible circumstances in Afghanistan their death has been in vain.

Dear Americans, dear Europeans,

Karzai 's policy will never bring freedom and democracy to Afghanistan. The current regime supports opium-farming and make money with it. A working administration is out of sight. Environmental policy is non-existent.

The Poorest have to suffer under these circumstances. There is a growing danger that islamistic Taliban and the terrorists benefit from this development and gain growing support from the local people. The influence of these radical and extremly dangerous groupt is increasing day after day.

The opportunities for a peaceful and democratic Afghanistan are still there, especially if the Western world provider money political and economic "know-how" and soldiers.

But don't forget that these targets cannot be met with Karzai's corrupt government. The Afghan people have long lost their faith in this goverment, onkly the Western World still believes in their empty promises.

Should Karzai stay in office, it would be a waste of your money and your time and it would endanger the lives of your sons and daugthers who do their duty in Afghanistan.

Help Afghanistan to become a free and democratic state where the rule of law governs and stability evolves. Use your influence to support our case wherever you can. Urge your politicans and make them explain where the money of the Western world goes to.

Yours sincerely,

Hayattullah Maiwand,
Chairman of the FDPA (Liberal Democratic Party of Afghanistan)






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