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Pole to Pole 2006: Inspirational Insanity, Again!
Call for Korean Youth 18-28 to Join Growing Int'l Team
Members of Pole to Pole 2006

Young people from over 30 countries around the world have already applied to be part of a Pole to Pole team that will undertake one of the most epic projects of our time. Youths from 18 to 28 years old from Nepal, Argentina, the U.S.A., New Zealand, Korea, Finland and 25 other countries have connected their communities with this global initiative. Applications are still being accepted and like the first Pole to Pole Journey in 2000, when Korean youth Jay Choi traveled with a team of international youths, this team will also include young people from Korea.

The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute recently launched a call for applicants to participate in its second epic project centering around a human-powered journey — this time from the South to the North Pole, the first ever attempt of this route. But, the journey is the easy part!

The real mission is to inspire youth from around the world to become connected as local community leaders and take on the critical issues of our time, whether it be in Seoul, London, or Cape Town. The successes of the project will demonstrate youth can accomplish the incredible, both globally and locally.

The Institute is looking for 5,000 youth leaders from around the globe to become members of its four teams.

International charitable leader and co-founder Kevin Scott began by saying "I have been a part of the international charitable sector for over fifteen years, and I can easily say there is no other project that is so inspiring and empowering for our leaders of tomorrow. I'm excited to see the incredible passion and enthusiasm from our current applicants from over 30 countries, but we want more from around the world. The potential really is staggering. The success of the first Journey is going to be eclipsed by what we are doing this time."

The golden-tread of the initiative is the never before attempted, human-powered expedition from the South Pole to the North Pole. Two teams of twelve youths from around the globe will make the journey from the South to the North Pole. The first team will hand-off to the second team on the equator at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and two people from the first team will be selected to continue on and complete the entire route.

A members of Pole to Pole 2006

As the expedition team makes its way along the journey's golden-tread (route) they will meet up with the Institutes "Advance Teams." These teams will spend six to eight months volunteering with established charitable organizations on critical humanitarian projects. These projects will include wildlife habitat projection in Kenya, AIDS orphans in South Africa, recycling in Europe, and many others.

The third team is an "Education Team." This team will travel throughout North America and Europe facilitating programs for young people and using their ongoing adventures during the journey as invaluable leadership lessons and real-life demonstrations of individuals overcoming incredible challenges. The Team will also use the ongoing Advance Team's charitable work as examples of youth taking on the critical issues of our times and they will draw a connection to local charitable programs.

The remainder of the applicants will form the Virtual Team. This team will follow the Expedition Team and Advance live via the Internet. This team will receive online training in leadership and social involvement and they will also be responsible for setting-up a network that will run charitable programs in their local communities translating the lessons learned from the other teams.

The application and selection process speaks to the heart of the project. First of all, anyone aged 18-28 can apply. The Institute is not only looking for exceptional athletes or avid environmentalists. All kinds of inspired young people with different skill sets are needed to make up the teams and instead of an application fee, everyone who applies needs to find 10 members for the non-profit organization. A membership costs $25. In this way a huge network of supporters and enthusiasts will stay informed both about the progress of the expedition and the development of the humanitarian and education projects. This project will include communities from all around the planet!

One of the hundreds of recent inspired applicant writes: "I know that my calling is to be involved with international issues, especially in humanitarian projects. I was thrilled to learn of this opportunity, because it is exactly what I was looking for."

Martyn Williams, Chairman of the Pole to Pole Leadership Institute, adds, "The Pole to Pole Teams will inspire world youth as well as train and empower them to become leaders in their communities. With the tools and support provided by the Institute amazing things will be accomplished. Join us on this global odyssey, to make a difference in your life and the lives of millions all over the planet. This is without question one of the greatest opportunities for 18-28 year olds to discover what's possible."

This is the second expedition undertaken by the Institute. In 2000 the Pole to Pole Expedition Team 1 successfully completed a never before attempted relay from the North Pole to the South Pole through North and South America. The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute is a federally registered non-profit society and you can see photos and videos and learn about the project at:

Martyn Williams
Phone 604-562-4096

The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute's website: has amazing photos, videos and stories from the first expedition as well as detailed information on how to get involved with their next project.






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