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  Global Views
World Peace & Central Asia Conflict
By Tanveer Jafri
Contributing Writer
Azerbaijan mountain jews

Palestine-Israel conflict which may be called Arab-Jew conflict has become the greatest danger for the world peace. People from the Arab world are feeling that the rehabilitation of the Jews in the Central Asia is a planned plot to take hold of a great part of their land. Their feeling turned into their belief when in 1947, the Britain handed over this controversial matter for solution, to United Nations Organization. On seeing this regional matter being internationalized, the Arabs were enraged & believed that all this was a planned plot by the anti-Arab countries that were making it an international affair by keeping the matter in United Nations Organization.

Since the time when this controversial matter was handed over to U.N.O., the violence has spread all over this region. The Arabs & the Jews were at daggers drawn. By 1947, the population of the Jews was one third of the total population. During this time, the Jews were so badly treated in Nazi Germany that the Jews had to leave Europe. These refugee Jews also turned towards the controversial part of Central Asia. The cruelties to the Jews in the Second World War were so horrible, it is said that in this holocaust about 6 millions Jews had to loose their lives.

When in 1947, this matter came before the United Nations Organization; the organization took interest in it & set up special committee. This committee recommended in its report that two separate states can be made for the Jews & the Palestinians. As the Jews took it as a favorable recommendation so they accepted it but the Palestine representatives felt that they had been cheated. They considered this recommendation as a plot, by the Jews, to take hold of their territory & so rejected it. This committee, in its recommendation suggested that according to the division of this controversial region, the 56.47% area of the Palestine should be given to the Jews.

Gate of Zion in Jerusalem

The remaining 43.53% was to be kept for the Palestine. Where as it was suggested that Jerusalem should be kept under the international surveillance & there should be the control of United Nations Organization. In spite of being strongly opposed bye the Arab countries, this recommendation was put for voting on November 29 in the United Nations General Assembly. In this election, 33 countries voted in favour of this division where as 13 countries cast their votes against this division. 6 countries didn't take part in this election. As even before this election Palestine had rejected this recommendation, so after the election, too, this recommendation couldn't be implemented.

During this period, it was declared by the British government that was ruling there, that on May 15, 1948 Britain will free Palestine & the British people will leave Palestine. But even there, before May 15, 1948, the Palestinians became violent. So many British soldiers were killed in this conflict. At that time too British people opposed the British Army in Palestine as it is, now being opposed in America about the presence of American army in Iraq. Although Britain had already declared to leave the Palestine region.

But before leaving, Britain cleared the way for the Jews to come to this area. This step of Britain was also seconded by America. To settle more Jew colonies & to make the population equation in favour of the Jews cleared that it was a plot by the Americans & the British & both the big powers were interested & openly favoured the Jews. And this favour is still going on. May be that some rulers of Arab world feel happy to prostrate before America & Britain but the moral favour to the Jews by America & Britain has aroused the feeling in the Arabs that these two big powers are against them.

This made the Arabs & the Jews, active in the process of starting a long bloody conflict against each other. Both started organizing the armies. The Jews took the initiative to begin this bloody conflict. Under their offensive programme, the Jews started to make the Palestinians to leave the place. During this period, on May 14, 1948 at 4 pm at Tel Abib, the Jews declared the setting up of a new state named Israel.

On May 15, 1948, when the last group of the British army was leaving this area, the Jews implement this declaration. This was the first Jew country that appeared as the Jew country on the world map & it is known as Israel. With the nation named as Israel, that took birth with the help of America & England, there was a wave of anger in the Arab world.

Even today, in many Arab countries including Palestine this day of May 15 is known as a day of disaster or a day of mourning. With the declaration & organization of Israel, the Arab & the Jews soldiers openly started a battle. Both the sides began to attack the areas occupied by the others. With the help of some fundamentalist organizations, the Jew soldiers controlled some areas that were fixed for the Jews under the division plan. Besides this the Jews took some areas under their control that were fixed for the Palestinians, under the division plan. Violence, plundering & anarchy was everywhere in the area. The cruelty by the Jews was on the increase.

There was news of the massacre of the Palestinians everywhere. There was a feeling of the Jews terror among the Palestinians. Lakhs of the Palestinians, just to save their lives, ran to Egypt, Lebanon & western coasts. After the rise of the new nation, Israel; Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon & Egypt gave their help to Arab soldiers & attacked the new formed nation Israel. Israel soldiers foiled this attack but there was a good expansion of Israel borders after the end of the war.

Now almost all the areas that had been under the British rule over the Palestine were now under Israel. After this truce, Jordan joined the eastern Jerusalem & western coast areas in his territory. Area of Gaza Patti came in Egypt's share. This part was about 25 % of Palestinian area that remained under the British rule.

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Mr. Tanveer Jafri, who serves as contributing writer for The Seoul Times, is a noted columnist in India. He writes in a variety of issues including world peace, anti-terrorism, and national & international politics for numerous news dailies and portals in India. As a devoted social activist he is a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy.






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