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  Global Views
If I were the U.S. President — What Would I Do?
By Mitchell Gold

If I were the U.S. President, my top priority would be to bring back the American troops from Iraq. So, I would go on national television and have a heart to heart talk with the American people. I will then to proceed to make the following presentation:"My fellow Americans! "I know that the vast majority of you are not happy with our war involvement in Iraq and that I should bring our troops home without further delay. However, let us recognize the fact that I cannot bring them back without some kind of plan and preparation.

Just as we move onward preparing ourselves for a possible war, we should likewise be preparing ourselves for a possible peace. If we bring our troops back all of a sudden, more harm may be done in the long range.

"I know that we should not have been in Iraq in the first place. It was a grave mistake on my part for which I want to apologize and to ask for forgiveness from Michael Berg and each one of you. I also want to apologize to the whole world for my unilateral actions, which I realize they were somewhat arrogant. I do realize that what I did over the past four years was not in the best interest of the world at large.

The billions of dollars that have been drained in the Iraqi war might have been used for numerous humanitarian causes.

"This way, the hungry would have been provided with food, the sick with medicine and hospitalization, and the homeless with adequate shelters. I promise to take action to change the law that prohibits the United States from participating in the United Nations if a Global Tax were enunciated by the United Nations.

"I regret that I have caved in to the demands of big corporations that in a number of instances were detrimental to the American people and the rest of the world, I should say. I want to regain your confidence and that of the whole world by taking the initiative to change the culture of war which we inherited into a culture of peace.

This means that from now on I will resort to healthy dialogues to the best of my ability. This also means that I will no longer offer the nations of the world weapons and military equipment.

"Instead, I will be offering to them schools and hospitals, computers and medicine, food and housing facilities. I will also direct our scientists to use the brains that God gave them for positive and constructive purposes. I will ask them to stop trying to create more devastating weapons for the destruction of the infrastructure of society and the killing of tens of thousands of innocent people. I will ask them to work day in and day out to find a permanent cure to cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease and other maladies that have shortened human life considerably. This is what the culture of peace is all about, a culture to which our children and grandchildren are entitled to inherit.

"Before bringing back the soldiers from Iraq, and even from Afghanistan, we would need to train them in the notions of a Culture of Peace - probably using Jean Houstons Social Artistry model. - We need to organize for them programs as to rehabilitate them from the trauma of war that might have damaged them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while they were fighting. In short, we have to make the home return of our troops a beneficial event that it would become an indelible landmark in the annals of history.

"At this point, we may bring the healthy soldiers back while making them aware of the outlined program. We will make them understand that from soldiers of the culture of war they are now becoming humanitarians equipped with the responsibility to promote the culture of peace. Imagine we have almost overnight some 150,000 new teachers for peace. In view of this, I want the United States from now on to become a valuable asset to the United Nations in the elimination of war and in the promotion of peace.

"I want to set up an example to future political leaders to recognize when they are wrong and to apologize to the people of their nation and the rest of the world accordingly. In essence, this is the culture of peace at work.

"Since the UN does not seem to be equipped with the genuine philosophy of the culture of peace, I want to bring together wise people from different traditions to form what could be termed a wisdom council. Its purpose would be to monitor the funding of the state culture of peace program and its administration. I think that covers it all.

"To end up where I started, I will do my best not only to bring the American troops home but to let them go through a rehabilitation program as to have them changed from soldiers of war into angels of peace. I hope and pray you will be all blessed and that you look into a new future that would be characterized by genuine friendship, true prosperity and permanent peace."

About the writer

Mr. Mitchell Gold is Peacemaker, International Association of Educators for World Peace(IAEWP), a NGO headquartered in Alabama, United States. He is responsible for website of and can be reached at .






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