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  Global Views
UNO — Again Helpless
By Tanveer Jafri
Contributing Writer
UNO — Again Helpless

The present Israel-Lebanon conflict

A lthough fingers are being raised on the existence & pressure of United Nations Organisation yet after the American attack on Iraq, the entire world has almost agreed that at present the United Nations Organisation has lost its power of being called an impressive world authority. In reality today it has become, "The might is right." The decisions taken in United Nations Organisation are mostly taken keeping in view, the motives of America. If in some decision, the motives of America are not in favour of America, in such situations; America uses its veto power. In spite of it, if United Nations Organisation doesn't keep in view the American motives, then America doesn't hesitate to ignore it. Obviously, America that calls itself the most pro-democratic & the greatest guardian of human rights & most disciplined country & the most powerful country, if found to ignore the United Nations Organisation & doesn't give required importance to it, then it is not unordinary that a country such as Israel, that is hacked by America may flout the directions of United Nations Organisation.

A living example of it can be seen in the present Israel-Lebanon conflict. Probably, in the world nobody has witnessed that a country has attacked the other country & destroyed it just for the sake of release of its one or two soldiers. But Israel did it. Firstly, just to get released its one soldier, Israel army, fighting against the Palestine guerrillas & doing a great loss of lives & property & on the pretext of getting released its other two soldiers from Hezbullah guerrillas based in Lebanon, attacked Lebanon. Just on the pretext of getting released its other two soldiers from Hezbollah, the news is that about one thousand persons have been killed during Israel attacks & most of them are children & women. It is the biggest military action of Israel against Lebanon since 1982.

It is known that Israel had vacated this region, after 18 years, under the heavy pressure of Hezbullah. That is why, the people of this region are grateful to Hezbullah for their liberation from Israel. This is also the reason for Hezbullah's popularity in this region. But Israel says that Hezbullah is a terrorist organization. Right in the same way as after the liberation of Palestine from Israel by Hamas, Hamas won with great majority in the general election in Palestine. But Israel thinks that rule of Palestine has gone in the hands of terrorists in the form of Hamas. In 2000, when Israel left South Lebanon, Israel threatened that it wouldn't bear any provoking action in future. Clearly, the kidnapping of two Israel soldiers by Hezbullah gave Israel, the pretext for military action against Lebanon.

Now Israel is hoping for two aspects. One is that Lebanese people must feel that the responsibility of loss of lives & property falls upon Hezbullah & that this feeling among Lebanese people will produce hatred in them for Hezbullah & thus take them away from him. Second aspect of Israel is United Nations Security Council should implement its resolution 1559. In this resolution 1559, it was decided that Hezbullah should be disarmed & Hezbullah must yield completely. The proposal of Security Council was also favoured by America. It also wants that Hezbullah should surrender his arms. But Israel & America are adopting double standards here. Since 1967, Israel has illegally & forcibly occupied a great water source named Sheeba Farm in Lebanon. America has also done his duty of asking Israel to vacate this region. But all this has fallen flat on Israel. On the other hand, Israel talks about resolution 1559 & in reality not only Hezbullah, all the armed organization in the world should surrender their arms. But for it, the law must be equal for all. Israel, itself doesn't want to act upon resolution 242 & 338 of United Nations Security Council in which Security Council explained that all the Arab regions that came under Jew rule should be vacated & they should go to political boundaries that were in force before 1967 war. But Israel didn't act upon these resolutions yet.

Under the fresh circumstances of Israel-Lebanon conflict, America puppet named Israel has once again flouted the existence of United Nations Organisation. Amid great destruction in Lebanon, United Nations Organisation had appealed to Israel for 72 hours truce which was rejected by Israel. In the course of this truce, United Nations Organisation didn't want to indulge in any discussion, but it wanted that during this truce period, the aged men, wounded children & other injured may be brought out of the war affected areas & they may be given needed help. But Israel didn't need this appeal. Not only this, Israeli soldiers attacked a watch camp of United Nations Organisation & four peace keeping soldiers were killed. If we listen to the general secretary of United Nations Organisation, Kofi Annan, Israel knowingly aimed at the camp of observers. It is being said so because Israel cannons had already made 14 times severe attacks on this observer's camp. After that, this air attack was done. Protesting against this attack United Nations clarified to Israel that when its relief team went to clear the ruins, Israeli soldiers aimed at them also.

Now the question arises, if the only new formed Jew nation can dare to constantly ignore the directions of United Nations Organisation. Not only had this, its soldiers, in guise, aimed at the observer's camp of United Nations Organisation. Now it seems that United Nations Organisation is becoming helpless. Power is dominating everywhere. So it is meaningless to talk about human rights. Now the solution of such impasse comes in the form of unity of the Arab world or in the form of the other effective world authority- all is in rerum natura.

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Mr. Tanveer Jafri, who serves as contributing writer for The Seoul Times, is a noted columnist in India. He writes in a variety of issues including world peace, anti-terrorism, and national & international politics for numerous news dailies and portals in India. As a devoted social activist he is a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy.






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