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  Global Views
World's Greatest Crisis
Absence of Good Leadership
By Charles Mercieca
The World Trade Center buildings being crumbled

In anything we do in life, if there is no sense of direction we will soon find ourselves in trouble sooner or later. If we were to examine carefully all of the world's problems, we could easily trace their origin to one source: absence of good leadership, which explains why in the world at large we seem to have no sense of direction anywhere.

We lack good leadership in every segment of society. Such an absence of good leadership is revealed not only in the government of our respective nations, but also in churches and religious group as well as in all educational circles. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the whole world looked at the United States for good world leadership. To the surprise of everyone, it was quickly found out that the United States had no good leadership to offer.

What the United States had to offer to the world was: (1) The sales of weapons to virtually every nation that massacred millions of innocent people most of whom were women and children. The US sells weapons every year more than all the nations of the world combined! (2) The continued manufacturing of nuclear weapons as well as landmines. The US was the only nation in the world who refused to make nuclear weapons and landmines illegal. (3) The increased pollution of our air and water through toxic wastes produced by the US military industrial complex and the weapons industry in particular.

The United States has been the only nation who would not sign the environmental protection treaty of Rio de Janeiro. These are the three major legacies the United States is determined to provide to our world. All this is due to conspicuous absence of good leadership in the United States in both the US Senate and House of Representatives, as well as in the White House. It's a pity that most Americans do not seem to be aware of this reality.

Conspicuous absence of good leadership is revealed in churches and religious groups everywhere. There is hardly any voice in these religious groups, which urges people not to work for the weapons industry. On the contrary, they all keep quiet because, they believe, people need to make a living! What a nice way to make a living! Manufacturing weapons for the purpose of killing millions of innocent people, in particular women, children, the sick and the elderly! In spite of their stand against abortion, which is viewed the massacre of the pre-born, churches and religious groups do not utter one word of condemnation against those who conduct the massacre of the post-born!

Absence of good leadership is revealed very clearly in all schools, colleges and universities. No wonder why such institutions have earned the name of being paper factories! They produce people with knowledge but, at the same time, without any responsibility to utilize such knowledge constructively. As a result, highly educated people commit most crimes in the more advanced nations, headed by the United States. Students graduate from schools at all levels of education without any sense of purpose in life, except for the purpose of getting some sort of a job and start making money.

Those who run our schools, particularly at the university level, seem to want such institutions to function merely as political units of the community. Such institutions are used, in essence, for any purpose except for the real purpose of learning, which makes individual responsibility a top priority of the entire educational process. Besides, the traditional concept of family unity has so much deteriorated, that married people tend to function more like partners in a business. Each one creates his or her own agenda, while ignoring the kind of leadership they need to procure for their own children. I am referring to that kind of leadership, which promotes a sense of responsibility in anything we do. No wonder why so many millions of children are facing so many problems.

Confronted with the reality of the world's greatest crisis, the absence of good leadership, we need to assume the responsibility, at the grassroots level, to fill up this great vacuum. We need to turn to ourselves to procure good leadership to everyone we come across using the media of the press, radio and television to reach millions of people simultaneously as much as possible. But even here we may encounter problems since nowadays the interests of big business heavily control the American news media.

Writer is president of International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) based in Alabama, U.S.A.






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