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Pope issue: Foes of the Islam?
By Tanveer Jafri
Contributing Writer
Pope Benedict XV1

Thank God, Pope Benedict XV1 felt deeply sorry publicly for his comments about the Islam, what he said during his six days stay in Germany and it has pacified the angry reaction of the Muslim world after being selected as the world's greatest and honourable Christian religious guide in 2005, it was his first controversial statement which enraged the whole Muslim world. Pope during his stay in Germany last days, has quoted a statement about the Islam, made by a Christian King of fourteenth century, in which that Christian King had said that the Islam had shown inhumanity and stressed on the spread of religion, with the help of sword. Pope clarified that it was neither his personal statement nor his personal opinion and he has only given a reference of a remark given by a Christian king of fourteenth century. But in reality it does not behave a respectable person as Pope Benedict, who is sitting on the chair of the highest religious leader of the Christian religion to include such a controversial reference in his speech.

Undoubtedly the Christian religious leader feeling the opposition of the Muslim world has proved by his regretfulness that he neither wanted to start a controversy nor insult the Islam. In this apology he felt sorry because of hurting the feelings of the Mohammedans and said that he was extremely sorry that his statement has hurt the people of the Islam religion. He also said that he respected the Islam religion. Just after the controversial statement of the Pope, not only the Muslim population in the world but the heads of some Muslim nations had started giving their sharp reactions also. In many countries, there were demonstrations against Pope. There started the burning of effigies. Some Muslim leaders started saying that these comments of Pope were done under the pressure of American President George W. Bush.

Anyhow it all reflects the greatness of the Pope that he finished this controversy by his apology and undoubtedly he has played a significant role in saving the world from the class struggle. Although the Muslim world has started giving sharp reactions on the statement given by the great religious leader Pope, yet Pope is not the first person to give such comments on Islam religion. Before this, cartoon published in newspaper in Denmark was giving the message in which terrorism & the Islam were shown as synonyms. And so many others who are traditional Anti-Muslim go on expressing their reactions about the Islam. If we accept that it is a conspiracy to affront the Islam, then too, there is nothing to worry for the Muslims of the world. How do they get a chance to give such comments? Are they able to be called the Muslims who give them such chances?

In the reply to the controversial statement given by Pope Benedict 16 th, the Muslim leaders began to give examples of Hitler & Mussolini. It was brought in memory that in Germany, Hitler had massacred more than 60 lacs Jews. At that time Pope was favouring the Jews. Undoubtedly the Muslims in the world are facing hard times but the Muslims in the world can neither deny nor ignore the facts of the history in which in the history of 1400 years of the Islam, so many Muslim kings & rulers have blemished the Islam religion & affronted the Mohammedans by their aggressive actions & cruelty just like Hitler & Mussolini.

Undoubtedly, tarnishing the Islam started immediately after the death of Prophet Mohammad. Really the Islam is a religion that gives a message of peace, brotherhood & equality. But who was Yazeed who killed in Karbala maternal grandson of Prophet Mohammad & Hazrat Ali & Fatima's son Hazrat Hussain & his relatives? He was Muslim or Christian? Can this incident written in history be hidden? Has that Yazeedi species vanished? Not at all! In the 1400 years of Islamic history, there was no era when the Muslim ruler had not been synonyms of terror. We may talk of Hajjaj, who was governor of Iraq in seventh century or ruler called Valeed, who collected all the Christians in a church & burnt them to death. In 1033, 6000 Jews were killed in Morocco during the Muslim rule. Ebak in1202 after that Iltutmish, Alaudin Khilji, Taimur in 15 th century After that Zahiruddin, Mohammad Babar who founded the Mughal dynasty in India, Sikander Lodhi, Mehmood Ghaznavi & in the present time of history, Idi Amin; ruler of Uganda, Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussain & the Talibans who lost in Afghanistan, all these, during their rule did a rule of destruction, killings, devastation, corruption, religious extremity & cruelty, in the name of Islam which is even today harming the Islam. Even today the extremists in the Hindus call the Indian Muslims, 'Descendents of Beher.' Is it not what is owed from such type of hundreds of the Muslim rulers? Because of all this the Muslim community is suspected & opponents of the Islam directly associate the activities of these cruel rulers with that of Islamic teachings.

Why we do criticize Hitler & Mussolini? In the present controversy of Pope's statement is there not this example? Even in the last two decades, the media has been often publishing about the cruelty of America on the Muslim countries that the Christianity is being aggressive towards the Islam. This is because of the chance when a class or a culture continuously goes on attacking the other class or the culture. Today, because of the Arab conflict, the Muslims say it again & again that the Christians are depriving the Muslims of their rights & they are being treated badly.

To avoid such allegations, there is a way out. That is the Islam religion should be freed from those cruel & wicked people who are Muslims but affronting the Muslims of the world because of their Anti-Muslim actions. They even get the favour of the Muslims of the world because of being the Muslims. Until this pious religion is associated with Yazeed to Laden & Mulla Umar, nobody can stop the fingers that are raised against the Islam that say that the Islam has given a message of wickedness & inhumanity. Islam religion had never remained the property of cruel & robber kings, neither it is nor it will be. This religion is a pious religion that has got its inspiration & energy from Prophet Mohammad, Hazrat Hussain, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti, Hazrat Nizammudin, Amir Khusro, Baba Sheikh Farid & the like many Sufi saints. It is not the ancestral property of rulers who were robbers & their followers & who want to lead the religion even being half learned & are a figure among ciphers.

The need of the hour is that the Mohammedans from the entire world must try to live with the feelings of cooperation, brotherhood & mutual harmony among the people of all religions & sects. The Mohammedans of the world must keep in mind that these are the Non-Muslims who are opposing American bad behaviour towards the Muslims. Today, the biggest organization of the Muslim countries in the world O.I.C. has proved short stature before America. Many Muslim countries & many Muslim rulers are with America. Then how can it be said that the Christianity is against the Islam. Even the former Pope known as the greatest keeper of Christianity visited a Muslim shrine & paid obeisance there.

Reality is that the enemies of the Islam have remained the so called Muslims & it is still going on even today. If we become impartial & analyze the facts, we shall easily understand that who are Anti-Muslims?

As a poet has said:-

"The question is not whether the glass has broken or not,"

"We are to see from where has the stone come."

"Sawaal yeh nahin sheesha bacha ki toot gaya"

"yeh dekhna hai ki patthar kahan se aaya hai."

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Mr.Tanveer Jafri, who serves as contributing writer for The Seoul Times, is a noted columnist in India. He writes in a variety of issues including world peace, anti-terrorism, and national & international politics for numerous news dailies and portals in India. As a devoted social activist he is a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy.






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