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  Global Views
Saddam Hussein and American Military Role
By Charles Mercieca
Deposed Saddam Hussein:
the former Iraqi President. .

The situation in the Middle East is much more serious and complicated than one could possibly imagine.

This is due to the fact that the news media reporters tend to concentrate on the problem as seen by their naked eye and not on the sources, which caused it. Sadam Hussein is merely a pawn, which the American military chose to use for its own purposes.

Although we may enlist numerous factors that have led to the Middle East crisis, the American military certainly plays a big role. Very few rich people in big businesses, the weapons industry in particular, control the United States as a capitalist nation. Their job is to sell their product merely for profit but under the guise of national defense and security! During the Iran/Iraq war, the USA furnished Iraq with all military weapons against Iran. At that time, the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran viewed the USA as a satanic empire, which must be destroyed.

In spite of this, the US weapons industry found a way, via third countries, to sell Iran over $15 billion dollars of military equipment. Such an industry would not care as to how such military weapons would be used afterwards. Let us keep in mind that the capitalist goal is merely to build a never-ending capital. Whether this goal is achieved through God's blessing or through a demonic plot that would eventually destroy our entire planet, it would not make any bit of difference as long as the projected monetary gain is achieved fast and smooth.

Many people in the USA are being faced with health care and educational problems. They want to know as to why the United States keeps on spending so much money on weapons when the Soviet Union has collapsed and communism is virtually gone. The USA has justified its continued military build up by creating pawns and upheavals in various global areas through its secret government, consisting of a small group of persons from every walk of life and profession who are determined to build a never-ending capital.

The United States has insisted that Iraq is very dangerous for its neighbors because it has chemical weapons, which it has already used in the past more than once. Iraq is viewed as a repeat offender. To this end the United States want to make sure that all of such weapons are dismantled or destroyed.

United States Contradictory Role

Considering that the US is a capitalist nation, whose major objective is to build a never-ending capital, a couple of questions need to be raised:

1) What is the purpose of destroying Iraq's chemical weapons when the USA would have furnished Saddam Hussein afterwards with all the chemical weapons and other dangers weapons he would have wanted, if he paid secretly the right price? There would be no surprise if the US secret government has planned to fleece Iraq of billions of dollars in exchange for the nation's rearmament with all dangerous weapons Saddam Hussein might have wanted.

2) The US explained why the UN inspection should make sure there are
no more dangerous weapons in Iraq. It underlined the fact, as stated earlier, that Iraq is a repeat offender because it did use chemical weapons previously more than once. Well, what about having another UN inspection team visiting the nuclear sites of the United States to make this nation dismantle all of its nuclear weapons? The United States is the only nation on earth, which used nuclear weapons more than once. This means that, as far as the nuclear arsenal is concerned, the United States has proved itself to be a repeat offender!

Iraq, which used chemical weapons in its warfare, is not more or less dangerous than the United States, which already used nuclear weapons in its warfare. This explains why the United Nations, aided especially by the nations of the Security Council, must lead the world toward the solid development of a demilitarized global community. This would be the greatest gift we could give to our children and their posterity in the 21st century and the 3rd millennium.

Throughout history the military has never solved problems on a permanent basis. Very often, its approach to the solution of problems has been very barbaric to say the least. Diplomacy still remains the best means at our disposal to help solve all of our problems. The Middle East may become the most peaceful region on earth if the nations of this region where to pursue a program of demilitarization and of civilian economic development at the same time.

Dr. Charles Mercieca is President of
International Association of Educators for World Peace(IAEWP) dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education,Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Disarmament. He is Professor Emeritus, Alabama A&M University of the United States and residing in the States.






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