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The Chinese Monkey Trap
How Outsourcing Will Destroy America
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
China's Shanghai in fast development

I learned a shocking truth the other day, is this a big secret or a joke, I am not sure what it is, but it is scary, and disheartening, you better sit down for this one.

EVERY THING IS MADE IN CHINA! Turn it over and discover what's on that label on the other side of your shorts.

We have, through our greed as manufactures, lost it all to the Peoples Republic of China, they make almost every thing we use here in America, automobile batteries, tires, packaging, video, audio components, cigarette lighters, electronic components, this list can go on indefinitely, this computer I am using to write this article is Chinese made, they have us right where they want us, economically.

If they wanted to cripple us, all the Chinese would have to do, is stop sending us our imports, we would come to a screeching halt. They could sell to the rest of the world and ignore us, of course, they would not do such a thing to us, after all, we are all friends in the world. I wish not to sound as an alarmist or naysayer but I am the watchdog and as such, I make noise when things are wrong. I see this and I cannot keep my pen off it so here is what I have on this manufacturing deficit we have with China. There is a direct fiscal agenda being in acted by the government of China. In addition, the beauty of the whole thing is that it is not aggressive; in fact, it is solely a beautiful thing the government of China is doing.

Since the 1970's the Chinese, economy has grown ten fold, China is now rich, and they also understand finance and banking. The Chinese have become world-class players and they are able to use the worlds stock markets and they also have investors, they can do financially anything any one else can do and do it well it seems. China has grown to be the second largest economy in the world, next to us. The Chinese are about to beat us at our own game, the game of monies, and finance. What about the bond market, are they buying our bonds?

If you looked at China, the land mass, the number of people residing within their borders, all of them are potential workers, all of them devoted Maoist, and all of them determined to have a good life for themselves and their families. They are powerfully determined to be strong and fruitful; it has nothing to do with us. We don't factor into the equation, not really. Yes, we are the fodder, which powers this financial growth machine. We will be like so much road kill in the end, we may be forced to pay what ever the world wants for the things we need, we could be held hostage for the basic necessities, like tooth paste or toilet paper. That's funny, you say, what would happen if toilet paper disappeared, we would adapt. What if a thousand things like toilet paper disappeared? That would be a disaster!

We now enjoy the privilege of going to the store and finding any kind of battery we wish to find, do you get what I am saying, batteries are just the tip of the iceberg. China has a good heart I am sure, but the bottom line is this is not a romantic notion, it is the real world and like some one said in the orient; ‘Business Is War!' I had no idea until today what that meant.

The Republic of China, a communist state, once viewed as an enemy of the free enterprise system, now holds a unique position in the world's economy; they can now corner the worlds manufacturing market. With this position, China could in turn hold the world hostage in so many ways.

China's world over view for the environment is impressive. The Three Rivers project will supply the Chinese the necessary electricity to build anything and resource the revitalization of the central and southern provinces. China has become a friend of the environment by directing a substantial amount of its internal resources to the defense of Mother Nature.

The Chinese people have found a way to win it all, and we just gave it to them on a platter of gold. They also have woven into their material philosophy a spiritual concept, the Taoist core philosophy helps them reflect on nature's truths.

With a little lap top computer and an order pad, a Chinese manufacturing representative meets with a new client in a popular coffee shop here in Los Angeles.

He entices his potential client not with expensive coffee drinks, but with rising profit margins and on time deliveries.

The Chinese representative states his case clearly and concisely, all the while showing his customer that his incentive is more profits and less work-force headaches. The reduction of workers compensation payouts and unemployment insurance are also hidden factors to be considered when a manufacturer sends his creativity off shore.

The Chinese representative eagerly handles his new client by offering him every incentive imaginable. The client now begins to see that the streets are paved with gold and a brighter future will be ahead for all, all but the employees who will loose their jobs due to over seas out sourcing. Fewer employees mean fewer paychecks and higher profits.

This is a scene, which is played out many times a day by Chinese representatives all across North America. Orders for durable good are being sent to China en masse' every day. In addition, every time these orders are sent to China, the American workforce suffers. This practice of out sourcing manufacturing is hurting the workers in America.

The owners of major corporations, through their greed for higher profits are responsible for higher unemployment, payouts of benefits to laid off workers and a social deterioration of our nation's labor force, not to mention making America dependent on a foreign manufacturer for our much-needed necessities.

Our country has become a gigantic monkey, which has fallen prey to a great monkey trap.

Our greedy monkey hands are trapped inside the gourd grasping the shiny coins within. We are unable to with draw our fists because we greedily are grasping coins.

As capitalists, the Chinese are using our weakness against us; we have fallen prey to our own greed. We have become unsuspecting victims; we will never see the disaster, which surrounds Chinese out sourcing.

The greedy Americans have become a nation of retailing sheep, producing very little themselves. Sure, we grow agricultural goods and we refine oil and produce some of the world's medicine, but we are loosing much of our manufacturing to over seas concerns.

We can stop this now, limit our outsourcing to a few non-critical items like cigarette lighters and dinnerware. What are we to do about our high technology? What about those items which are critical to defense and our nations infrastructure? Can we really afford to have a foreign power supply us with these necessary and critical items?

I think not, I think that American Business should think more about its country and less about its pockets. Is profit more important than national security, and is profit more important than assuring our work force a future, which is secure?

The problem really lies in the communications that should be present between management and labor; they must find a compromise, which is beneficial to both the working class and the consumer, a compromise that makes both management and labor happy. After all, isn't outsourcing about labor and the cost of it?

By the way, all the jobs that the Chinese workers now have use to belong to American workers and all those trade secrets the Chinese now have use to belong to American Manufacturers. How smart is all that America?

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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