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Koreans' Uncivilized Treatment of Dogs & Cats
Dogs in a case are waiting to be slaughtered at Moran Market in Seongnam, east of Seoul. Moran Market is the largest dog meat market in South Korea.

Dear Editor,

I live in Canada. Yes, that great country where the one thing that remains barbaric and uncivilized is the atrocious annual slaughter of seals. But many Canadians are voicing their opinions about this stain on Canada's reputation.

I recently moved to Vancouver and for the next 4 months I became aware of the eeriest sounds I have ever heard in my life.

My first thought was that it was a dog who was in the most exquisite of pains, but the sounds were so alien and truly horrific to me that I discarded that thought immediately.

After hearing it 4 or 5 times, each time at which I cringed, then convinced myself it was some crazy kids' toy, I never heard it again when the summer was over.

Until I found out in november that the Korean family at the back of my house, owned a large dog that was kept in a garage at all times. That dog is no more, but I now know where those chilling sounds came from: a poor defenseless animal tortured and eaten by a Korean family. I felt like a nightmare had come true.

I found out on the Internet through the Seoul Times that some Koreans are still sticking to this ancient and horrific practice of torturing innocent animals for their own barbaric customs.

I had booked a trip in October to Seoul and Kunsan, but I have cancelled that as I refuse to go to Korea until all Koreans become humane humans.

Yes, it is a bad thing for Canada to slaughter seals, but to slaughter pets and eat them is beyond any civilized concept.

I will no longer go to eat in Korean restaurants, I will no longer associate with Korean people and I shall spread the (disgusting) word about what is happening to dogs and cats in Korea wherever and whenever I can.

Yours Truly in disgust,

Madelon Keij
Vancouver, British Columbia,

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