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Rap Music, America's Silent Enemy?
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
Rap musicians

In order to frame America in conflict and bloody chaos, to reduce our effectiveness as parents and consequently to subvert the future generations; our enemies are using the arts as tools to affect a disastrous change here on our doorstep.

We, I know, have those basic rights in America, which give all of us the freedom of speech, artistic expression and the written word. These pseudo-artists are using these legal loopholes to subvert our nation and to negatively influence our impressionable young.

In our society, there are laws which protect each of us from harm and prevent criminals from taking advantage of the unsuspecting and the unwary. This is a good thing, but these gangsters are using our laws and their music to promote murder, slavery and sexual prostitution; along with gang violence and illegal drug usage and sales, not to mention a myriad of lesser crimes.

The battle rages on, while the working and invested class struggle to maintain some semblance of law and order in our society, others, mainly the criminally minded individuals and organizations, work equally as hard to destroy the safe haven we have created here in America.

The constitution is our bastion of protection here in the United States, our great law of the land. But the strength of the constitution is based on one simple thing; the power of the vote. We cannot allow the subversive elements here and elsewhere to gain control of the vote; i.e. the next generation. Our youngsters are a precious resource and these criminals are more than aware of that fact.

What will be left of our society if the children are assuaged to believe that the destruction of authority and the legalization of dangerous mind-altering drugs are acceptable? What if they were convinced that the government of the United States of America should be over thrown and chaos should prevail?

Anarchy as a rule is still chaos. Who would benefit from this change, not the young, not the working class or even the well intentioned liberals, only the power mongers who sell the stupefying drugs would reap the rewards of a shift in the power base here in America. Then we would all be slaves to the evil drug lord gangsters and their various visions of what America should become.

Think of the possibilities that could come about if these insane, amoral, power hungry, Rap artist agents are allowed to affect any dynamic change in our country. We would be vulnerable to other scourges, like the Russian mafia or any dangerous underground political organization thirsty to rule this great nation of ours. There would be a power vacuum which would put us up for grabs. An enemy would not have to fire a shot to enslave the United States. Of course this is a worse case scenario and an exaggeration, but still are we to take these chances with our precious home land? I should hope not.

There is a war being fought here on our very soil, not a war with armies, but a war which uses the monies gleaned from impressionable youngsters, who will hypnotically support any glitz and glamour life style advertised by these psychologically disturbed musicians and their supportive underground organizations.

I know, that in the past that many of us have cried, 'that the sky was falling' but listen to the words that are being whispered into the ears of your children, just get that IPOD and sneak a listen to the instructions which are being given to the impressionable minds of our youth. It will scare the bejeebies out of any parent who has to sleep in the same house with their children. I am afraid that our offspring are being recruited to fight a war against the establishment and they don't even know it.

Know this; we protect our children from all kinds of destructive influences. Why are we not protecting our children from these hypnotic, brain washing techniques that these musicians use to control those who are unsuspecting?

We, my friends, are at war, why can't our leaders invoke some of those acts we use to stop other kinds of terrorist?

These musical lyrics are destructive messages and are aimed at undermining the solid structure of the American way of life.

The enemy is using constitutional loop holes to subvert our children, why shouldn't a nation which is presently at war do the same to protect its children.

The United States Government should reach out and squelch anything, which is Anti-American, and damn the A.C.L.U. or any other organization, which thinks that fifth column tactics should be used against our people.

Musicians you better be careful what you are saying to our children, we are listening to you now. The subliminal hayride is over.

One final note; parents, your help is needed to provide strong guidance and leadership to the youth of America. Many of our children are beyond the influences of these monsters, but many are not, we must protect our little ones at all cost, America's future will depend upon it. Other cultures watch jealously over their children, why shouldn't we?

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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