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We Now Weep Tears for the Future
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
Baghdad after recent suicide bomb attack

As I sit and watch the international news this morning I see a world still in agony. Why would seemingly sane men and woman kill themselves in the name of God? Why would they kill their own men, women and children to make a political-religious statement? I cannot see the purpose for this kind of hate and violence, maybe it's me, am I missing something here? Am I so naive that these high minded individuals are trying to make such a lofty statement that the rest of the world, mainly myself, is baffled by the truly intellectual message that they are trying to give to the rest of us? It would scare me to think that I am the only sane and rational person left on the planet and that the maniacs of the world are in control of our destinies.

Cowardly acts of violence in the name of religion and hatred are, for lack of better words, dim-witted and ineffectual. Those insane leaders who are perpetrating this kind of terrorism are cowards, they do not belong in the world today, they need to be put aside in the deepest holes of prisons and made to suffer the many agonies they themselves have inflicted upon their own people and the innocents of the world in general. No matter how they may justify their actions, they are still truly sick and distorted and have gone beyond help, and now are deserving of extinction for their crimes against humanity.

I am angered and I am saddened by these suicide bombers, these criminals and their masterminds who think they are making the world better because they are murderers and thugs; there is nothing special about you, as a rule you crawl on your stomach and have not as yet become human beings.

I cannot imagine that Allah, a righteous and just God, bringing you to his bosom after seeing what you have done in the world, no way, Allah does not support crime and if you think that is not the case then you are deluding yourselves. The surprise will be yours when you die and find you are for eternity condemned to the lowest pit of hell. You will join your brothers and sisters in the place of eternal damnation; you watch what will happen to your soul when you pass from this earth. God will not reward you for hate, violence, and cowardice. Suicide is a sin, a grave and mortal sin in all cultures, what makes you think that you are special, Allah will punish you for the multitude of transgressions you have perpetrated in this life, and you must pay in the next. Do not be deluded; read your Koran and discover the truth that is hidden there, don't just read a few selected passages, read the whole thing with passion and understanding, then you will know that I am right about Allah. This God of yours is not a criminal, why would Allah welcome criminals to his open arms with praise and bounty, he will not!!!

Through out history many have subverted their Holy Books to their own ends, some greater and lesser crimes have been committed in the name of the Lord, but they have always been found out and cited as examples of insane, power hungry, manipulators of the weak and addle minded who have followed them. Reject those who use the Holy Scriptures to their own ends and turn your eyes to God and ask for his guidance, and remember that you must make the world a better place for all people not just a few power crazed charismatic leaders who are really serpents disguised as men. Do not follow the unfortunate path laid down by a few smooth talking zealots, but follow your own destinies and reap the rewards for a life of love and understanding. Love life, raise your families and become brothers and sisters to the world, and do not spawn more hate and violence in this already war weary world of ours.

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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