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Rumors and Truth
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
Ptolomaeus one of the prover of the Earth being round

How can the truth be of value to me? The truth can be of value to any one, on any level, and as we grow the truth either grows with us or it becomes a lie. But still you have to pass through the lesser truth to get to the next level that is unavoidable.

About the world of rumors they are designed as diversions and are simple in structure and complex by nature. The government calls them misinformation. They are basically lies which hold the mantle of truth; slightly, and essentially they are designed to affect the lives of the people they are about. The rumor is supposed to color the disposition of a person, group or entity.

Most lies, like rumors are the enemies of truth and righteousness, they strip away the ability to function properly and muddy the waters of that which really is.

Truth needs support to exist and to grow if it is to flourish and grow roots within the structured society, philosophy or person. Truth, like most philosophical things needs to be burned in the crucible of purification in order to become substantiated.

Truth has a tendency to be raw like ore, it needs smelting in order to be pure and free from impurities and doubt.

Truth needs proof and evidence to support itself, it should never be taken at face value or for granted. It must be proven and never assumed to be 'the truth,' verification is its smelting fire and it must be burned time and time again to make it pure and refined. Never assume that something is true, an assumed truth is no better than a rumor. Once a truth goes unproven, it finds its way into the unsubstantiated realm and becomes less than worthless, a truth must always be proven.

A truth becomes alive like a child and it will live on in the hearts and minds of the faithful who support that truth and make it an entity.

A body of knowledge can be a truth and manifest itself into the text of a document and live as truth even though others in the world might find the philosophy repugnant.

Most philosophies find their way into the hearts and minds of social groups and a certain strata of society and only affect certain people and not everyone, like religion, for example. This truth is tolerated by all and accepted by some, unless it is outlawed by all of a political or legal group. Religion is usually a tolerated truth, accepted by a few and tolerated by everyone.

A selected truth, now we have seen that, but what about a truth that is the law of the land? This truth has to be accepted by all the members of the social group which it governs. A constitution is a law which is accepted as truth by those whom it governs or you must go and live under some other great legal truth. In other words it is against the law not to believe in the body of philosophy which governs your society.

Some truths seem immutable and but their validity must change as the sophistication of the observer changes.

Example; once the world was thought of as being flat, many swore by this and would go to the ropes to defend this belief. Then several explorers and great thinkers, (who where considered heretics, by the way), proved that we lived on this very round, spherical planet. We grew from there and eventually we developed ways to map and chart the real dimensions of the world. The truth changes as we acquire more information and we become more knowledgeable of the world we live upon.

As we grow and our philosophical out look becomes more mature, we begin to seek a truth which is more universal and absolute.

We begin, as we grow in our knowledge, to seek the absolute truth; by asking those pointed questions. We begin to question that which we have accepted as truth and we begin to realize that it is time to change our way of seeing the world and its philosophical and theological truths.

Like; (who is god?) or (what is god?) or (is there a god?); these are some of the questions which might be asked to challenge the blind acceptance of that which we have been forced to believe in for thousands of years. Also; (why are we here?) or (what is the meaning of life?), we must question these truths to be sure that they are really valid and worthy of our devotion philosophically.

Blind faith and acceptance is no longer tolerated in a world in which the freedom of thought and ideas are normal. We are now a world full of scientists and scholastic thinkers, whose goal it is to prove or disprove the faiths and ideologies of our ancestors.

And as it has been said by some obscure person, somewhere lost in history and which has been chiseled into stone on countless public buildings: THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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