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Why Are We Creating More Insanity in Lebanon?
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent

Here we have another confusing situation coming out of the Middle East. Out of the goodness of its heart Lebanon has opened up its country to allow quite a few refugee camps to be maintained there.

Yesterday, there was a lot of information coming out of that region but the news is now dwindling to the point that the information we are getting is causing nothing but confusion.

Here is what I am seeing from the various news service articles I have so far read: The Fatah is trying to exact power through influence and is trying to rally a call to arms from within the various Palestinians camps they are at present occupying. I have not seen a map of the region, but I suspect that we are talking about southern Lebanon, where other problems have been of late. I do not think that the Fattah will rally much support because the people in these camps are mostly tired and weary of traveling and just in general tired of the general abuse the world has heaped upon them during the past few years, at best we will see some sympathy but no new recruits to their military ranks for the Fattah al Islam.

If the Fattah al Islam group were truly interested in effecting a positive change for the Palestinians then they would be helping to heal the sick, build schools, and feed the hungry. Provoking another excuse for the world to endanger the Palestinians is anti-productive and it strains an already fragile peace by giving America and its allies an excuse to destroy more innocent lives in the name of stopping terrorism. Are you people even looking at the big picture? Is the Fattah even thinking of the future and the consequences of their actions? I think not, these people are insane, single minded and without a conscious.

Usually, I am for the downtrodden and the oppressed but now I am seeing the Fattah as a group of troublemaking thugs who care not for the lives of the Palestinians they claim to be protecting. Actually, the Hezbollah has been doing a better job of helping the refugees in Lebanon. These insane actions by the Fattah are with out a doubt counterproductive. That's right Fattah al-Islam, give everyone an excuse to mount more armed conflicts there in the middle of everything which is good for the Palestinians; namely their refugee camps.

Why not come out with a political statement, which states your position, but no when you do say something it is militant and combative, talking like mentally disturbed losers. I am suspecting that your mental stability is in question and before you decide to mount a military operation you seek some competent mental counseling. How dare you bring harm to those people who are having a horrific time as it is? The actions of the Fattah are selfish and thoughtless and you have no business being anywhere near those Lebanese refugee camps.

Pull up your stakes and go home to a place that will appreciate your misguided actions. Perhaps if you practiced tolerance in your own personal lives you would not be so quick to hate everyone and everything. It takes a lot of energy and resources to hate, if you haven't anything to do, build hospitals or schools for your people, give them a leg up instead of putting them in harms way, which is cowardly to the maximum extreme. A reader once said to me, "Thomas, tell those terrorist enemies to come out of hiding and fight like men." Well what about it; toe to toe, man to man, no more back stabbing without honor. You cannot and you will not fight with honor, I believe that people who fight these kinds of wars, from behind curtains or sneak up behind their enemies, are without honor.

Your people were at times united in a cause; during the time of the crusades, during the Middle Ages, just a guess; under Salahadin?

Run all foreign interest out of the Persian Gulf and the Middle Eastern Region. Leave the Israelis you are all brothers under the skin, your races come from the same blood.

Again I must say to America; "Hands off Persia and the Arabia's, go home and deal with your own problems, use your own oil or Europe's oil they don't mind our heavy consumption.

The greedy industrialists have taken control of America for quite a few years now, we need to slow down and fix some of our domestic problems, but greed being what it is cannot bow to necessity. "Repair Crews," need to get out into our communities and find out where the needs are, all across the United States America we need to seek out the hungry and the homeless, heal itself before it becomes a third world nation where only a few have and the rest are punished while they make a living. So America pull up your stakes in the Middle East as well and go back to your own miseries and leave the rest of the world alone, we really do need a president who can produce a solid, fair, and well balanced foreign policy, something we really haven't had for decades.

"…Killing the world, we are killing the world an inch at a time." I am not saying to be a tree hugger or a hippy freak; all I am saying is take some time to think positively and constructively. Thank your god, who ever or what every it is, for the gift you have inherited from your family, your life in this world. Just think how precious that gift is to you and your neighbors.

Thank You; Thomas Emmon Pisano

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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