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Enemies of the State
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
A Lebanese Palestinian girl

There is so much going on now with the upcoming elections on the horizon that every one who is anyone is vying for the attention of the media. From those who are running for public office to those who have fallen to disfavor with the government they are all trying to use whatever means possible to gain attention in the public eye.

And it also seems that those who are doing the dirty deeds behind the curtain of politics are working even harder to keep their presence and actions concealed from our sight. These people who pull the strings behind the scenes are responsible for many of the atrocities and unfathomable occurrences, which are created in the world to influence people and politics. People who have power and influence with our elected officials and with corporate sponsors are trying to change the course of history and the destinies of the human race. The secret few do things with their influence which is totally in their own interests and they use their power to make changes which only benefit a chosen few and damn the rest of the world around them.

We never know who these power mongers are exactly; we just see the influence they have around the world with their results directed through more obvious forces like the military, state department, and in business dealings, which influence the stock and bond markets. There are those people who have a special interest in commerce, finance and in foreign affairs. One such place, which seems to interest the silent shapers of the world's destiny, is Israel.

There are many hotspots in the world; these places are inflamed repeatedly by influence brokers in order to satisfy secret agendas and keep our eyes diverted from the truth that must be kept hidden from the average person and those who are not privy to the secret strategies that are being perpetrated around the world. I know, I know, this all sounds like the ranting of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but still you wonder who is footing the bill when it comes to some of the unconscionable actions governments are responsible for these days.

For instance, it seems that the powers that be, wish for the United States to continue to support the Zionists no matter how ruthless or how short sighted they may be in their dealings with their neighbors. Israel's domestic and foreign policy is one of intolerance towards the rest of the Arab and Islamic World, especially Palestine. It seems that Palestine has begun to grow into a state of understanding with its own internal problems, but still outside forces continue to interfere with their development. Interested parties have begun to ask for the Military to find some sort of solution in the region and to intervene with the development of the internal government of the Palestinian people as they settle their differences at their headquarters in Gaza.

This pressure being delivered by American Jews to prevent Palestine from having any peace is almost obvious and quite predictable. Instead of working behind the scenes they should come out and speak up about their wants and needs in the Middle East and stop being a silent tool trying to move the Islamic world away from peace and tranquility. All of the problems that have forced Palestine to become militant has arisen from the creation of the Zionist state and will not stop being a problem until America and the American Jews cease their meddling in the affairs of the people in that region. Surely, we can see why Iran hates the Zionist and surely we can see why there are such militants and organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel, it is because of the way that Israel treats its neighbors, who are Islamic.

America is not a Jewish state, we are many different peoples, and I am sure that if you ask any non-Jew in America if we should be involved with the plight of the people of Palestine or Israel they will say emphatically; no. We should have a hands off policy in that part of the world and allow the people there to settle their differences them selves. That problem has been enflamed because of foreign and political self-interest and will not heal itself until the antagonists around the world leave the Holy Land alone and to the people who have to live there.

We, America, must leave Israel to its own fate, as I have said over and over again; leave those genocidal maniacs in Israel to their own devices. America should be dealing with its multitude of domestic problems and go home. This country of ours needs to heal itself and it must stop trying to change these people to fit our model of what we think people should be, besides we are not there with pure intentions our greedy eyes are on things of a petroleum nature thus spawned by another secret string pulling corporate monster who has its eyes on a prize there in that human wasteland in the Middle East.

We are not there in the Un-Holy Land with the best of intentions. Consequently, we will have to pay for our greed and avarice with innocent and military blood in the end.

The people who are spurring us along with this course of action there in Iraq and else ware are enemies of our own nation and are not acting in Americas best interest; they are truly enemies of the state and should be held accountable in an investigation which probes into who is causing America to be involved in matters which are wholly criminal and greedy in nature.

Corporate, government, and religious powers must be recognized for what they are; self-interested, greedy, money-grubbing Americans, who do not understand any thing on the human level. Our thirst for oil has caused us to turn a blind eye upon the miseries of the world and it has also caused us to act in a manner, which is morally reprehensible. We cannot continue to trade blood for oil, we cannot continue being irresponsible when it comes to our foreign policies around the world.

Fact is, for all the expense and loss we have given for our war with Iraq, we could have bought every drop of oil coming out of the Middle East many times over. We have squandered military lives and our finances, and we have created a situation of "Bad Will" around the world by not considering the folly perpetrated by this senseless war.

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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