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The Price of Tea in China
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
A Chinese factory

Many months ago I wrote several articles proclaiming the dangers of foreign outsourcing. I particularly warned of the Chinese goods imported by American manufacturers. In those articles I described their shortcomings, inferiorities, and limitations.

Since then it seems that Chinese goods have been failing to meet the standards that we all are accustomed to seeing in our domestically created products. We are a nation of consumers and we are also a nation of innovators too. We expect the products that we purchase to be unique, reasonably priced, and durable. Outsourced goods are neither priced accordingly nor do they stand the test of time, as stated in recent reports.

Outsourcing is hurting America in so many ways that our economy will eventually be destroyed because of these inferior products and services, not to mention the damage it is causing the American workforce. Between foreign outsourcing and legal and illegal alien laborers, the American worker does not have a chance. The government of the United States is falling short in its efforts to protect us.

The Chinese do not care about quality; in fact, it is one of their claims to fame; the creation of products, which are shoddy and of a substandard quality for a cheap price. We at one time called these inferior illegal products "knock-offs."

Another thing; does anyone in the Free World remember that the Chinese communist are the enemies of freedom, human rights and capitalism? Does anyone remember the cold war and the Bamboo Curtain? Have we forgotten that China ignores the civil liberties and human rights of its own people in order to manufacture the goods we purchase from them? Does anyone remember the wars we fought with China indirectly in Vietnam and Korea?

Our greed is making us blind to all the things we, as Americans, hold sacred. We have fought many wars and have lost countless lives in the pursuit of our freedom. How can we turn a blind eye to the plight of the Chinese sweatshops?

The Chinese communists hate America, they always have, and they hold our way of life and our philosophies of human rights and freedom in contempt. It would serve their cause if America would fall and no longer be a great world power. The cold war still exists, instead of guns and atomic bombs they are using manufacturing and finance as weapons of destruction. From our dependence on their goods will sprout a tree of economic disaster and we will lose our ability to produce the quality products the world has recognized through out our history.

Also, America is financing the efforts of our enemy; we are helping the communists to grow and prosper. We are supporting their inhumane practices and their injustices throughout the world and we are helping them to spread this wayward philosophy into parts of the world that are at present vulnerable and easy to influence.

In another time and place the manufacturers that are supporting communism, would be indicted and tried for treason. The late chairman Mao would be, at this moment in history, applauding the efforts of the Chinese people for beating the west at its own game. This goes to show you how our politicians have again sold out the American people through their support of special interest groups. Political leaders are as greedy as the manufacturers that give them money for their legislative favors.

Our greed is choking us; we have lost the ability to compete in the world market. We are destroying our own Gross Domestic Product, which is the backbone of our economy. Not only does the worker suffer from this hazardous practice of outsourcing, but the consumer suffers as well. The Chinese government is playing a new game in the cold war, a subtle game of economic annihilation and they are using our greed against us.

Our government in Washington should be held accountable for allowing big business to degrade our economy through this stupid practice of foreign outsourcing. Tariffs should, as they had been in the past, be imposed on imported goods no matter what their purpose. Tariffs were once used to protect America from cheap foreign goods. Why have we stopped protecting our country from our enemies? Why not open our borders and real estate to foreign interests and forget the health, well being, and prosperity of the American people? That is essentially what we are doing now to our country. Our enemies do not need a bomb to destroy us; all they need to do is buy the United States out from under us.

China watched the collapse of its greatest enemy, the Soviet Union, through economic distress, the idea was perfect, now America could fall like the Soviet government fell if we let this problem grow to catastrophic proportions.

Realize this; the communist Chinese hate America, they always have and always will, we must realize that we are helping one of our most dangerous enemies become strong and powerful at our expense.

Wake up America; do not let a few select groups build their wealth on the backs of the working people. It is now time for a revolution, not of guns and violence, but of votes, intelligence, and truth. It is now time for the true Americans in this country to reach out and change this insanity of greed and stupidity. We must stop the greedy few and send a message to the power brokers that we have had enough of their abuse. We want our country back!

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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