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Bigotry, Racism and Discrimination
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
Anti racism demonstration

I was raised to be intolerant of my fellow human beings. I was told that there were some people who were better than others. I was also told that certain people needed to learn a lesson about who their betters were. I was forced to be a shallow and bigoted individual from an early age by my parents and others who were to educate me.

Now this may seem to be a thing of which to be ashamed, but I was told that there was no shame in it and that was just the way things were in our country and throughout the world in general, that most people were sub-human and only worthy of our contempt. You would think that any sane person would avoid these ideas in their basic thinking, but my parents did not, in fact they cultivated this attitude to its fullest measure. I accepted this absurd way of looking at the world as gospel until I was in my early teens, but I kept my new views of racial tolerance and human acceptance to myself because my parents would not have allowed me to think differently.

Many of my high school friends also felt the same way my parents felt especially about the African descendents here in America. My father and both of my grandfathers hated black people with a passion. They also hated the Irish, Germans, Jews, Porto Ricans, Italians, Asians, and just about anyone who was different in the slightest way. Well you get the picture I came from a family that generated a lot of hate for no really good reason.

Nothing has changed; I met a man a few months back that would not let a black man cut his hair because of his hate, he was a member of the Arian Brotherhood. I overheard an African American youth bragging that he would kill a white man's baby if he could. I have heard stories like this all of my life from many people during my travels. These attitudes are so common in the world that I sometimes get the feeling that we are not looking for the solutions to the troubles that are present all around us. Is it easier to hate than it is to love? Is it easier to wage war than it is to find peace?

I see into the minds and hearts of people and I do not like what I find there. Who am I to tell you what to think and feel, after all I too feel hate at times for my fellows. Look at what you are doing to the world, to my world, putting the entire human race in jeopardy day after day. Why is this happening in our world? One group hates another group and it goes on and on, this hate seems to be ceaseless. When is this hatred going to end?

We teach our children to hate from an early age, our clergy teach us to be separatist and that one religion is better than another, there is no end to the intolerance and bigotry. A teacher with a feeling of narrow-mindedness will put a little inflection on his or her words while describing a historical event, it is subtle, but it is there. The American Indians hate the whites for their atrocities. Who can blame them? Let it go! The minds of the unsuspecting youth are being molded by those who harbor a conscious or unconscious resentment for race, creed, color, social and religious standing. Education should be devoid of personal feelings and ideological opinions unless it is a course devoted to the understanding of such issues. This matter of the education of the youth in our world does not stop at the various grades of our classrooms it must begin at home. Parents your children mimic you in almost every way and if you are stupid in front of your children then they will be stupid, as a rule, in the same way, in front of their community. They will think it is acceptable to be bigoted if you do. If you have the slightest bit of concern for the world in which you live, then their education must start at the crib. Your children are the key to the future and the way the future will affect you as well. We need better leaders. Children are the leaders of the future, so why not create the best leaders you can by teaching them good sound moral values, ethics and a righteous sense of tolerance and honor.

All people who have hate in their hearts must stop poisoning the mind of the world. If you are a religious leader, you better be looking to your god in your prayers and start seeking true wisdom. Leave your political agendas at home or in your suitcase. Stop slanting the minds, of those who are looking to you for spiritual guidance, with your selfish power mongering. Clergymen stop preaching separatism and exclusiveism and do not create religious discrimination by telling your flock that someone else is going to hell because they do not believe the same way as you. Those teachings are not true and they are just backward de-evolved thinking.

Extremist leaders, those who create fear and destruction; you are the vilest of all the hateful bigots on this planet. You use dogmatic ideals and quote religious scripture to excite murder and harm the innocent. You are as far from the truth as you can get. Your misinterpretations of your holy books breed stupidity and hatred. After a time I have found that even you hate yourselves because you are eat-up with a toxic disease that destroys the mind and decays the spirit. Your teachings are false and you are telling lies to those who trust your judgment and words. Stop your lies. Stop your hate, even if it is disguised as something good. Like I said; search and pray for wisdom.

If you want to be happy then start by correcting that thing around you that has been in need of repair. Help your family to be happy, and healthy, help them to feel your love and kindness. I know this all sounds like passive flower child rhetoric, but it is not, it is a matter of sheer survival. You help your neighbor, whenever it is needed, and in turn, your neighbor will return the favor. Then your neighbor will help his neighbor and this will spread to the next person and so forth until the whole world is helping its neighbor.

In this very uncertain world of ours, don't you think it is better to have a friend for a neighbor than an enemy?

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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