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600 Billion Dollars!
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
US Soldier shoots an AT-4 round during weapon familiarization at the Udari Range in Iraq.

When I first read those figures I was taken aback. I could not believe what I had read, six hundred billion American taxpayer dollars will be used to fund that war America is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The actual figure for that endless war, as of September 29, 2007, is 455,700,000,000 and continues to rise at a million dollars an hour. These figures come from our accounting office in Washington.

Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) – "The Pentagon is requesting almost $190 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in fiscal year 2008, which would be the largest annual expenditure since the conflicts began." By the time these insane warmongers finish this war the total will be in excess of 650+ billion American dollars. Who knows what the future holds concerning this ceaseless conflict. So far this is the projected total as the future sees it.

Here is another set of figures you might be interested in knowing about this unholy war; this conflict has cost the lives of 4101 coalition soldiers of which 3801 of them were brave Americans. There have also been 28,009 American soldiers wounded as of September 28, 2007. This is definitely a sad commentary to footnote this endless waste.

America is no doubt in a fight for its very survival. This battle has the front lines drawn across our living rooms. The enemy is a silent and secret enemy; it has engaged us not with guns and ammunition, but with intellect, propaganda, and dollars. We have allowed this enemy to slip into our lives and corrupt our society.

We are the sheep upon which these wolves will feed if we let them. America Wake Up! Stop allowing these power-crazed individual's access to our fragile and valuable freedom.

Stop listening to the lies that are being spoon fed to us from our government in Washington. We are not stupid, we are not lazy, and we are not the fools George W. Bush thinks we are. We have the power to remove incompetence from this most important government job, fire this ineffectual president now before he can do any more damage to our lives.

Most of the citizens in America feel the same as I do about this dangerous man, and those who do not are profiting from his endeavors. I cannot emphasize these warnings enough and I will not stop trying to bring to light the dangers associated with our current government administration. Like I said, we are fighting for our lives; our very way of life is in jeopardy.

I have inquired into a few discussion groups and it is the opinion of many working class Americans that this money has been pilfered by the many people who have access to these funds. There is no possible way in which all this money could have been spent on that fiasco in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is just another prime example of how the George W. Bush administration has mishandled our financial affairs. The fleecing of the American people continues under this man's guidance, he has manifested himself and his staff into nothing more than a group of gangsters. An evil chiseler of the American dream, a huckster whose sole purpose it is to mismanage the citizen's dollars and slip the wealth of America into his and his cohort's pockets.

Six hundred billion dollars – an incredible sum of money that will never be accounted for to the American's who foot the bill for such extravagance. George W. Bush and his band of pirates have essentially embezzled from America its hard-earned money for private profit and gain. This war in Iraq is the most expensive war in America's history and it has produced fewer results than any war, not to mention the great loss of life, a horrid blow to many of our American families. We must say to George W. Bush; "STOP KILLING OUR CHILDREN!"

George W. Bush is a criminal and if our government investigators do not indict him for his war crimes then they are negligent in their duties as protectors of the people. We must find the absolute truth about this man and his underhanded way of acquiring power. He has cheated America out of its money and its lives and he must be punished for it.

Ask now for an accounting, an accurate accounting; not a cooked set of books or excuses. Real hard facts must be presented to the American people. We must know where every cent was spent, and we must know that those who received those funds for services rendered delivered to our government products of a good quality and value. Another thing, if any company, who provided goods and services, which supported this war in Iraq, gouged us for their products, indict them, as well, for the thieves that they are. Did we pay fair market value for all the military hardware we purchased?

The government uses exclusively the taxpayer to support, fund and maintain every federal project that is undertaken by America. We should know in detail how every dollar is spent. This is not some fly-by-night operation; this is the United States government. A public accounting is mandatory and required for this operation in Iraq. The war on terrorism has been just the excuse to dig deep into America's pocket. They have used our fear to their advantage. Fear is our greatest enemy. Our masters in Washington know that we are afraid of the Muslim factor and they are milking us because of this fear. We must swallow our dread and pull closed the purse strings on this so-called war on terrorism. The true terrorist is George W. Bush, first and foremost. Stop this insane man and you will stop the threat to America.

America has taken a beating because of this bloody war in Iraq, the loss of life and injury on all sides of this conflict has been horrific, the waste of taxpayer dollars, and the degrading of America's prestige has left us in turmoil and full of internal strife.

This commander and chief, who should have been neither, has run our country into serious debt. Remove this madman from office before it is too late. Another year of this foolish man will be more than America can stand. He cannot be allowed to do any more damage to our government and our society.

George W. Bush, with his corruption and his poor decision making skills, should not have been allowed to enter this office in the first place. America has been more than patient in its dealings with this unqualified leader. We cannot allow him to systematically destroy America any further.

Actually, this war, as I have said in the past, is about the oil companies and the greed associated with special interest, by keeping the oil flowing and keeping us dependent on fossil fuels. Now when you hear this you think, because of your media conditioning, that I am following some leftist rhetoric. In reality, what I am following is strict common sense; I am opposing the evil that lurks in Washington. We will continue to be slaves to big business as long as we support the lies of this current government.

I guess I do sound like a naysayer with the way I keep fighting against the status quo. How long can we continue to suffer at the hands of the greedy minority, the few who are spending money to sway the governments of the world in order to keep the working class majority enslaved to their products and single-minded philosophies? The fossil fuel engine, products manufactured by foreign workers and imported to America without tariffs, the systematic destruction of our farmlands and our forests… the disease of corruption is everywhere in our wonderful country and throughout the free world. We must heal ourselves and take control of that which is out of control, our economy.

All of these examples are part and parcel, the reason for this hellacious war in Iraq – the petroleum, plain and simple. We could have purchased every drop of oil in the Holy Land for the 600 Billion plus dollars it will cost to fight this useless fight, what a waste of money and lives this has been. Foolishness of the worse kind, foolishness is the word I would like to adhere to "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

As we approach the six hundred billion dollar mark, we must consider what could have been done with this wasted money; universal health care for all Americans, resources for small businesses to bring manufacturing back to our country, educational scholarships for young people and adults who need funds to better further their education, better education over all for each state, the rebuilding of the urban centers in our major cities, the bolstering of Veterans benefits and Veterans hospitals, rebuilding America's image overseas, and many other useful projects, projects that would have been more beneficial than this useless war in the Middle East. The list of things is endless as to what America could have done with those lost taxpayer dollars.

George W. Bush will go down in American history as our worse president in almost every category. We have just one thing to say to our government in Washington about this atrocity and waste called the Iraqi War; "WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!"

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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