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Vox Populi
American Seeing through the Haze
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and US Sen. Hillary Clinton

With the 2008 election looming on the horizon America is being bombarded with endless hype and strategic ploys to sway the election votes in November. We are looked upon as mindless drones whose only purpose is to elect another top hog who will gorge itself at the trough of the American taxpayer's purse.

I watch the evening news and feel insulted that the media (swayed this way and that by the powers that be) has no more respect for our understanding than to push their candidates down our hungry throats. We are to the point, in this country, that we do not feel that we have any power to make a difference. The "big boys" use all the science at their disposal to figure out how to manipulate our minds and our pockets to move the public vote in a particular direction.

This manipulation is so subtle and decorative that we cannot tell what is going on behind the scenes. Mind control tactics have been used to move the voters one way or another through out the recent history of our nation. I, for one, am tired of the political machine looking at me and mine as if we were just a flock of placated sheep waiting to be fleeced by the surreptitious sheers of the impending pre-elected government. We never see the axe until it is about to fall and that is the case with this election. We are being manipulated plain and simple.

The forces that set up these elections never allow us to have an honest people's candidate; they rig the situations so we have to choose between candidates who are less than useless. They condition our minds to believe that what is presented to us is all that is available to our country. The reality of the situation is; in order to be a politician you must be deceitful and underhanded to win these elections. You need a tremendous amount of money and you need support from people who are already in power. To get these things you must play up to the wants and needs of those who have the resources to get you nominated, well-placed politicians, money gathers, and celebrity endorsements. Deals must be made and palms greased to find the passage to the high offices of this land.

For a good and honest person to be elected to the highest of public offices they must be corrupted first to fit in with the existing dishonesty. They must meet the standards perpetuated by the power mongers and the dealers of self-interested greed. An honest person cannot survive in public office on any level. If there is an exception to the rule they are virtually made ineffectual and belabored with busy work and misdirected energy to keep them from doing the public any good. And if some well-intentioned person rocks the boat and threatens the status quo of government evil they are disposed of permanently.

I do not know when the corruption entered onto the scene in Washington, but it is now pandemic in our federal government. It may never be healed of its disease because the roots of corruption are so deep in our government its rot may last until the fall of our society here in America. In order to heal the United States of America of this disease we may need a cleansing revolution to restore the greatness to our country. The corruption is so vast it permeates all the levels of our government to the point that it is not recognizable nor is it distinguishable from that, which is true and honorable in our governmental process. It is to the degree that we cannot tell what is a lie and what is the truth, our leaders cannot tell the difference between right and what is wrong. Our leaders have forgotten the meaning of righteousness and honor.

I crave leaders for our country who were like our nation's founders. Men and women like Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Ross, and the other patriots who made our country great. These were men and women who did not succumb to their own baser animal interests. They surely wanted a land to call their home and they wished for the basic ideals of America to prevail. Ideals like freedom and liberty, free enterprise and a country were men and women could feel comfortable and safe with the leaders they had chosen to work in their best interests. The reason they were happy, these patriots, was that they had honorable ideas and left their petty passions of self-interest and greed behind them as they fought to make our country great for all who lived and worked here. Of course there were those who were dishonest and power crazed, but these people were, as a rule, found out and disposed to a way of life that did not move the nation towards their nihilistic goals.

Today we are faced with men and women who have no moral compass to guide them through the onslaught of power brokers who want to use the government to line their pockets and change the course of our nation towards an evil end. They sway the weak minded and the addle brained public officials to do their bidding by whatever means is at their disposal. Such tactics as extortion, confusion, payoffs, and the promise of kickbacks are just a few of the ways in which our elected politicians are manipulated into doing the bidding of the unscrupulous evil lurking the government halls of Washington, D.C..

It is now time for the American people to strike a blow for the way of life we have been born and dedicated to as citizens of this great country; freedom, liberty and justice for all. We cannot allow the dishonest few to steal the dreams of the many. We cannot allow the hard earned country our fathers fought to preserve to be stolen by those who have no idea what it is really like to be an American. The citizen must now become the patriot in the same vein as our founding fathers by fighting for this land we all love. Do not allow the incompetent politicians to rule this country any longer. Do not allow them to further blemish our country's reputation by dragging us down in the eyes of the world community. In November 2008, vote with your conscience and your heart and do not allow the insanity to continue.

Thank you, Thomas Emmon Pisano

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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