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Op-Ed story
The Woman Who Couldn't Become President
Special Contribution
By Babu G. Ranganathan
The Woman Who Couldn't Become President

There Linda Jones sat for twenty years under the ministry of her close female friend and the pastor of her church, the Rev. Beth Collins.

Rev. Beth, as she liked to be called, helped Linda greatly in her faith and gave direction to her life, but Linda knew something about Rev. Beth. Rev. Beth hated men. She just wouldn't forgive men for all the wrongs and inequalities they committed against women through the centuries.

Occasionally, not all of the time thankfully, Rev. Beth would speak out against men from behind the pulpit. Linda just ignored those comments because she knew that Rev. Beth was speaking out of emotion and not reason. Linda herself didn't hate men. Linda was so grateful for all the positive things Rev. Beth did for her in her life and so she didn't need to feel that she had to leave her church.

Then Linda ran for President. Linda had political experience and some very good ideas and wanted to build on as much common ground as possible between different people. Linda also had good knowledge about the world and other cultures and how and why people think the way they do in other parts of the world.

She thought she could be a good president. But, men across the country started ganging up against Linda when they found out that her female pastor hated men and said horrible things about men from behind the pulpit. The news spread fast that Linda must be a man-hater too. Linda tried to explain, but it didn't work.

Linda never became President.

I don't know about you, but Linda's story sounds pretty much like Sen. Barack Obama's situation except that in Obama's case the issue is race and not gender.

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The author, Babu G. Ranganathan, is an experienced Christian writer. Mr. Ranganathan has his B.A. with academic concentrations in Bible and Biology from Bob Jones University. As a religion and science writer he has been recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis Who's Who In The East. The author's articles have been published in various publications including Russia's Pravda and South Korea's The Seoul Times. The author's website may be accessed at:






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