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Voice of the People
Race, Differences between US, and Fixation
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
The Diversity of The Neighbors

It is time to say something straight about this insanity concerning the fixation we have about the colors of our skin. I am opining about people concerning their race, creed, national origin and the like. From what I have seen, and these are my observations. That most people of different cultures stay close to that culture, it is their nature to mistrust those of any major difference, and they tend to stick together in their race and they do relate to different groups as outsiders, this is partly due to the language barrier. Only out of common courtesy do different races coexist peacefully together. Race inherently goes beyond the color of the skin. It is due to this simplicity that we must see race for what it is, we cannot use anything but the truth to describe our differences sufficiently.

Basically, it is a social phenomenon. If the people on our planet were all one, skin color, let's say blue, all blue, we would still be fixated about some aspect of our appearance; for instance the deepness of blue or the shade. It is in our nature to be unique even in the viewing. It is not race that perpetuates our likes, dislikes, mistrust, and aversion for people of different races or cultures, people who are outsiders to our group; it is our basic life programming that creates this rift in our peoples. It is our race, credo, the way our parents raised us and how things happened for generations that created our families and how they view the world around them. It is our basic philosophies of life, including our concepts of right and wrong that make people different.

The element that makes us unique is our basic differences. It is everything, color, smell, our sounds, the way we dress, our history, our food and this thing that humans have that is unique only unto themselves, their art, and it is in itself unique. That is what keeps us separated as a peoples, we were not meant to be a homogonous blob on this planet's surface. That spark of uniqueness that each peoples have is what makes travel and adventure grand in other countries. The smells, the food, the endless diversity is what we can expect from the people of other cultures.

I know that there are problems between countries and problems between races, I am sure that will always be so; our differences are too vast to allow us to co-exist as elbow-to-elbow neighbors. That would be too good to be true for us to treat one another as good neighbors no matter what the dissimilarity, no matter who killed or slighted whom; no matter what the division between us is because of our history. Now is what really matters. Fact is we have to come to some agreement in order to survive. If you are an oppressor for whatever the ends, your motives beside the point, you are part of the world's problem. Your hate will not help heal the planet of its wounds.

I have seen you out there giving us the stink-eye. Things like dirty-looks are not healing to the peoples of the world. It only creates more discontent and mistrust these subtle hateful things we do to one another. If you think evil thoughts about your neighbors they will sense it and respond accordingly, evil thoughts lead to evil actions. If you use a heart that is of pure intention, it will break down the barriers between those who need to understand who you are. You do not need to ponder this simple thing; treat one another kindly and fairly in thought, word, and deed. If everyone on this world would do this thing how great we would all have it here on the earth. Companies would look upon their workers as a valuable resource instead of a heavy burden to bear. Supermarkets would cherish their customers and try to make their lives easier and more economical. The oil companies would not try to gouge the customer because greed would not be their motive for existence. They would be more humanitarian in their pursuit of commerce instead of being rank opportunist bent on shaking every penny they can out of the people's pockets, and speculators would not try to milk the markets for their own profits being considerate of how the world would be hurt by their actions. Greed, avarice, and self-importance would be put aside because it would not be in the best interest of the human race.

To by-pass hate is very important now, I know hate, and the world knows too much hate as well. What can we do about our differences? How do you develop tolerance and understanding in a world inhabited by six and a half billion? It all may be a matter of elbowroom, simply everyone having a good place to live. The Palestinian people would, I am sure, like a place of their own. Israel would also like a place to call home. Everybody needs elbow room plain and simple. Here are two races of people trying to learn to co-exist together. Why is there such primal hatred between these two people? What is the transgression that set off the original spark of resentment - because for the life of me I cannot see any difference in color or culture between these two groups of people?

Black, Asian, Caucasian, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Canadian, Mexican, Hispanic or Native American, no matter what your racial or religious origin you are an American now, some how in some way you have paid your dues as citizens of these United States. That is why our ancestors came to this country to escape the hate and disregard, to escape tyranny in all its nasty forms. If we disrespect one another then we are actually being anti-American in our actions. The way I look at it, leave if you do not love this country, leave if you are not here with the best of intentions. And surely leave if you are a rank opportunist bent on sucking the marrow out of the bones of the American economy. Point is when you take advantage, in any way; of your neighbor you are being anti-American, plain, and simple.

People as a rule have problems with one another as neighbors as it is; microcosmically or macrocosmically the problem is the same. The Mexican people (for example) stream across the border seeking the 'good life.' Who can blame them; I want the good life too who doesn't? Isn't this a similar thing as neighbors go the Mexican government is demonstrating some very un-neighborly characteristics in this matter. As I said, it is sometimes difficult for neighbors to see eye to eye.

From what I see of this thing; race relations is really neighbor relations. I have written this many times; be a good neighbor. Isn't it better to have a friend for a neighbor than an enemy?

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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