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Voice of the People
The Russian Mob and America
Our Economy Caught in The Midst of Organized Fraud
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
A Russian mafia member is being arrested by American police.

Everything in life was simple, black and white. Apparent evil in the form of crime was the only thing with which to be concerned, because if you could see it you could fight against its influence in the society of human's, crime was very two-dimensional. Now, I have learned that this is not true, and that nothing could be further from the truth, that crime is managed on the same scale as any big business, with absolute speculation. Within the confines of these organizations, decisions have to be made as to whether some underhanded dealings are profitable or not. Moreover, other such notions must take place in order for their 'businesses' to survive.

As if struck by lightning I discovered two very unique things taking place in the world at the very same time.

The first thing I discovered was the Russian Mob, a people, who by their very nature are counterproductive to everything that is civilized and therefore important in our American culture and society. Are they really counterproductive? They do supply the people with things that could not be acquired otherwise. Illegal sex, drugs, and undeclared money are a few of the contraband items the 'Mob' supplies to the decadent people here and around the world, because some of the people in the United States are addicted to the pleasures brought about by the 'black market.'

There is, as well, the trafficking of human flesh, the slave labor trade, mail order brides, every aspect of pornography, also extortion, and of course, the classic protection rackets, which are all under the banner of these organized crime syndicates. This slave trade has its world headquarters based in Israel according to many accounts. All the human vices are pandered to by these opportunistic vampires.

They have descended upon us like a swarm of invisible locusts; the Russian Mob has invaded the shores of America. Included in this invasion of our borders is the mention (this I have read in two different articles) of a submarine purchased by the ‘Mob.' Is a Russian (Soviet-era) submarine being used to smuggle drugs into our country? The plan was to purchase this vessel in 1997 for the meager sum of five million dollars. Did that purchase ever take place? Are the smugglers in possession of a Russian submarine? I have read these things and I want to know what is really going on concerning this criminal activity and the use of a submarine.

If the enemies of the United States can smuggle drugs by using this kind of technology, they can also smuggle weapons of mass destruction into America as easily. The magnitude of this thing is overwhelming. Is the State Department involved in the investigation of such things? Then the F.B.I. and the military should be alerted to the fact that the enemies of our society are using secret technology to invade our borders. There are 200 Russian crime syndicates operating in the United States according to the statistics I gleaned from The F.B.I., State Department and other law enforcement agencies; how can we ignore these people and their destructive activities?

They are the Red Mafia referred to in the media and popular culture as the Russian Mafia or Russian Mob as they are sometimes called in other venues, but they have a unique name in their Russian language and culture. They are the vory or the thieves in law, as they call themselves. This worldwide organization is also involved with the Jewish Mafia, which operates out of Israel, a major center for the trafficking of slaves and abducted women for sexual prostitution. I had no idea what I was about to discover. This thing is insidious in its global scope; it may embrace every country in the world today with strong holds in Amsterdam, the Flemish States, Israel, Russia, Columbia, The United States, Canada, and every place where it is profitable to do something illegal for easy money. The international ‘black market' is part of a ‘shadow economy' that the organized crime people use to fuel their massive organization. Money laundering, as a matter of fact, is a very important part of this secret organism's life's blood.

I started digging further and low what did I find; a second thing that needed to be shown to the light of day? I found instance after instance of logged documentation concerning the Jewish Mob in America, their illegal activities and their involvement with the Russian crime syndicates. Accounts documenting serious crimes, such as; drug smuggling, murder for hire, and money laundering for the people who are selling the Heroine and Cocaine to the addicts in our culture. Much of this money winds up in the hands of our enemies who use this undocumented cash for their terrorist endeavors here and overseas. The trail of this money winds up around the world and accounts for a large portion of the finances, which is used against the United States in our fight for freedom abroad. There are a few other miscellaneous type crimes that complete this circle of behavior, which is less than honorable for a people who are purported to be so spiritually pious.

These conspiracies exist and the Russian / Jewish Mob, and their counterparts exist. There are too many pieces, which fit together too nicely for there not to be a secret plan by organized crime to take over America or at the very least, destroy our wonderful country and our way of life.

Look at this; there was a period in recent Russian history, after the fall of the old Soviet Union, in which many of the banks in Russia were taken over through a series of murders involving their executives, according to reliable accounts 95 of these executives died over a very short period of time. I don't have to document these facts for the reader; these are facts I pulled from reliable sources. You can look up these facts and find out for yourself what is happening behind our backs concerning this silent war being waged right here in our homeland. I am telling you what I have found as a reporter. Are our banks at risk from fraudulent people who have expert knowledge of our banking system and can use that technical knowledge to pilfer our money from our banks?

The Red Mafia Coming to America.

It was very convenient, the United States opening its arms to refugees fleeing the former Soviet bloc countries. Did the Russians empty their prisons, by sending us members of their organized crime syndicates and other hardened criminals? Immigrants escaping the Soviet Union's tyranny, oppression, and hunger were readily taken in by our government. During the Soviet Era, we accepted refugees on nothing more than face value when it came to the matter of political oppression and asylum.

All through the nineties Soviet and ex-Soviet government employees and some military personnel, highly placed of course, went into the profiteering business, the 'black-market', and other such related enterprises; this meant they controlled the goods flowing in and out of their new found federation. These organized criminals, through sheer force, then gained control of the banking system in the now newly formed Russian Federation. What the Russian Mafia did to the Russian banking system between 1993 and 1998 was horrid. I would like to demonstrate the extremes that these mobsters go to, to gain control of a financial organization so I am reiterating the facts. The vory traffics in illegal drugs, prostitutes, human slavery, murder for hire, kidnapping, extortion, and money laundering, just to mention a few of the ‘criminal businesses' participated in by the Russian Mob in America and around the world for that matter.

Dead Banks in America, Did Russia's House of Cards Fall The Same Way?

They are a stronghold for the preservation of our funds, our dreams, and a hedge against inflation that is our American banking system. Our banks are the strongest and most regulated of any institution in the nation. For the most part our banking system is hard to defraud, but some have and could.

The one thing these criminal organizations undertook and became specialized in was gaining control of the banks and financial institutions in the new Russian Federation. They were no longer content with just depositing their ill-gotten funds in those banks. The Russian Mob went after total control of the banks and seized their assets through violent force, brutality, and guile in most cases. They wanted the banks to use for their various illegal schemes, including the most profitable scheme of all, money laundering for the world's drug trade.

The taken banks, depleted of their assets, soon fell into disreputable standing, their value deflated to the point that they could not be used. So consequently, these banks failed to be reliable for legal transactions. They failed, as a matter of fact, so they were only good for the receivership of 'black market' funds to be diverted elsewhere.

Now that the Russian Mob has moved into the suburbs of America, you cannot help but wonder… has bank failure come to the United States by-way of organized crime? It did happen to the Russian Federation; why not here?

In the past eight years, we have seen the failure of more than 40 banks insured by the F.D.I.C. Many of these banks have failed from nothing more than mismanagement in the form of bad loans to people who could not afford those loans. Now in 2008 the failure of America's financial institutions is epidemic in its scale. Our government has thrown more of our capital into this problem to feed this endless money pit that is still hemorrhaging our hard-earned funds. I believe that this 'bail out' money will go the way of the money already lost by said institutions, and into the pockets of the unscrupulous and the fraudulent who perpetrated this problem from the onset.

Recently, some of these institutional failures have been earmarked as fraud. Suspicions have been raised by several investigative organizations including the F.D.I.C., the F.B.I., and the Attorney General of the United States and those investigations are at present ongoing. One of the problems is sorting through the data it takes a lot of time and is very tedious and costly. This is one of the other things these gangsters are skilled at, the 'paper chase.' Remember the 1997 gasoline tax fraud scheme; that was a 'blizzard of paper' one investigator said, it cost the American taxpayer 17 million dollars and was perpetrated by Russian organized criminals. Meanwhile, more financial institutions fail and the endless investigative process continues. We all hope it will not be too late before the true cause of these failures comes to the light of day.

Fraud — this label is consistent with the philosophy of the Russian / American organized crime groups; they take over a banking institution and destroy it from within. This activity is classic and holds true to form for many of the places where the Russian Mob has resided in Europe.

The number of Russians who have immigrated to America since 1990 is close to 200,000. The State Department suspects the Russian government sent us their hardened criminals who were incarcerated in their prisons, first, then their political offenders next and so forth. The U.S. government, through F.B.I. sources has estimated 200 Russian crime organizations have been established in America. They have been unified into a network of powerful evil here in our country. There may be nothing to the Russian Mob and any suspicious ties to the failing banking institutions here in our country, but still we need to keep our eyes on the wolves when they are near the door.

...To Sound The Alarm!

The American patriot, what is that? Who are these men and women who stand diligently at the bulwark of life watching and reporting? I am an American patriot. It is my duty to help preserve this freedom we have sought, fought, and worked for so hardily. We must be diligent, we cannot hide from the truth, nor can we ignore the obvious. The United States of America, our country, is overrun by gangsters imported and domestic!

Organized crime is operating from coast to coast here in America. They are operating under every conceivable banner and guise, and their basic philosophies are essentially the same; use secret thug force to muscle their way into a system and corrupt it from the inside by the use of threats and extortion to gain control of the banks or some similar institutions. The criminals now are very smart and savvy to the technology that floats the business machines of America and the World.

Not only are the banking and financial institutions at risk, but our very government as well is in peril from these underhanded criminals who… We have heard it all before, the ranting of the mad man who sees danger around every corner, who is tilting at windmills. I am not trying to create an unreasonable alarm just let you know that insanity and the lack of reason are about to steal our country from us and we are just sitting there watching.

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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