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Postmortem Is Over
By Tahir Khan
Bombay Correspondent
Postmortem is over.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barack has said "Our purpose is to hit Hamas in such a way that will force it to halt any firing and other hostile activities against Israeli citizens and against the IDF" before beginning of 'operation cast lead' against civilians of Gaza.

On occasion of New Year Israel planes pounded Gaza in form of bunker buster bomb, white phosphorus bombs and depleted uranium bombs. They bombed everything from mosques, houses, schools, shelter camp even hospitals and ambulance. This cleansing campaign took around 20 days and slaughter more than 1,400 innocent among them 410 are children and 5000 wounded, and obviously at last Israel achieve their goal, shrinking the Gaza more and now Gaza completely paralyzed and in the iron fist of Israel.

Previously the condition of Gaza was worse, people are living in miserable conditions, bombing operation now worsen the situation more and destroyed Gaza completely and make life like hell.

Israel can not justify his action by blaming Hamas rocket attacks, for this they are indulge in truce. This event was well planned and orchestrated, and US play greater role in helping the Israel in all forms. Most of the weaponry used by Israel is provided by USA and this event look like used to tilting Muslim hatred more towards Israel rather than US due to failure of ongoing US policy against Iraq and Afghanistan but Muslims neither Pardon US nor Israel for their actions.

This event is clear violation of UN law itself in forms of use of banned weapons and bombed civilians population. This event shows we are not living in civilized world, we are still living among barbarians nation like Israel who has no law and no barriers and no limits, they can do what ever they want and for this they have their own justification.

Suffering of the Palestinians is well know, they lost their own nation and we do not know how many Palestine will lost there lives and how long they will be blame as terrorist and how long they like Ginny pigs of world political laboratory.

Tahir Khan
January 21, 2009.

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Mr. Tahir Khan serves as Bombay correspondent for The Seoul Times. Based on Bhopal, India he covers Bombay and other areas. He studied computer, journalism and biology at universities. He writes on various topics like world politics, currents events, news analysis and science.






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