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Open Letter to Kim Jong-Il, N. Korean Leader
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il

I must speak to you concerning your father Kim Il Sung, first by explaining that there are two types of rulers in The Afterlife. The most common are those that rule over an historical period. A good example of this is Queen Victoria of England.

Then there are those that rule over spiritual Kingdoms. A good example of this is Lord Zeus of The Olympians. Those who rule over historical periods have little spiritual power and are merely called Teachers. But Those that rule over spiritual Kingdoms have a great deal of power and are called Givers Of Light, for They often empower The Lords Of Light protecting the children of Earth, giving them the strength to protect their people.

Your father has been serving your people in the capacity of an historical ruler and has been doing an excellent job. But indiivduals were impressed by his recent efforts of joining his power with that of Michael Jackson in rescuing a hundred of his people from certain obliteration in the second death. Everyone said "Indeed, this shows that he is far more than a mere historical ruler and has the power of a Light Giver."

Pope John Paul II, who was disappointed that he and his people did not have the power to do the same believed that your father should be elevated, that North Korea in The Afterlife cease to be a mere historical territory but become an independent spiritual nation with your father as its leader. He took a petition to all the other spiritual leaders stating this, and asked them to agree to sign it. They did so.

He also got the signatures of many historical leaders, then the petition was presented to me. I reviewed the evidence and agreed with those presenting the petition and have authorized the change of status. So on the sabbath of July 17th, after the regular worship services, a grand review will be held for your father. All the spiritual Kingdoms will send contingents to march before him and salute him. Then all the other Givers Of Light in The Afterlife will sign a Declaration declaring that the territories of North Korea in The Afterlife are a spiritual Kingdom with all the rights and privileges that such a Kingdom enjoys, and that their leader shall be given all authority and power as a Giver Of Light.

Your beloved father would like you to declare this day a day of celebration. Have your people do no labor but set aside their burdens and celebrate his ascension. I apologize for giving you so little time to prepare. But We are extremely embattled right now, and struggling for Our very existence. Your father's demonstration of power has given Us hope, and therefore I must praise it and acknowledge his people's wishes. In the future he requests that this celebration be added to his birthday festivities. He wishes this occurance could've happened so the document could've been signed then. But he will consider that is the case and ask his people to consider likewise. He has asked me to inform you that he is trying to better the offer that has been made to you for your cooperation in saving mankind, increase territory on the Shintu world for you to rule over, or perhaps if things go well, a world of your own. But this is something that will have to be worked on and negotiated, and nothing can be done on this until The Japanese People send the Shintu protector to Speaker Gerald A. Polley who I am communicating through and you send the Korean protector. Their power and authority is needed before further negotiations can take place. I wish I could simply say "This will be so!" but I cannot. I am giving others authority and I cannot usurp that authority.

I wish very much that you would establish direct communications with Speaker Gerald A. Polley. I will remind you he has nothing to do with The United States government. He is at odds with The United States government. But he will be fulfilling my wishes and running for the presidency in 2,012. And if you show the world what he can accomplish it would be of benefit to you, your people, and, the world.

Your father sends a special request to you to declare your son, Kim Jong Un, your heir, and declare him the future leader. But before he takes his duties he would like him to come to The United States and discuss his future with Speaker Polley, spending a couple of weeks with him, and enjoying the American countryside. There is a reason for this that must be kept private. But your father wishes it.

Again, I cannot tell you how much I desire you establishing direct communications. If you could send some emmissaries to Speaker Polley to discuss these matters, so that We do not have to use this cumbersome system, it would be appreciated. But always send male and female pairs, never send all male delegations. This is inappropriate to Gerald's people. They negotiate with all of the people, not just half of them. So the women of a society must be represented as well as the males.

It is my deepest desire that you accept this honor that is offered your father, and acknowledge it. I cannot tell you how much We need the power that is flowing through him given to Us by The North Korean People. If any part of the current flow fails the entire human race could fail, and it must not!

One thing that you should discuss with Speaker Polley is The Awakening. The Children Of The Lords, The Children Of Spirit, are in every nation of the world and soon they will begin to awaken, return to their heritage. Those in North Korea will not be your enemies, they will respect you and your government. And when there are enough of them in your capitol your father would like them to build a temple and dedicate it to him, something they would be overjoyed to do.

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

Speaker Gerald A. Polley
An Open Decree From God The Father
Given At The Embassy Of The Kingdoms Of God And The Grand Alliance
North Dakota USA 58501

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