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Dialogue on Principles
Special Contribution
By Mohammad Yousuf Naqash
Mirwaiz is the spiritual leaders of the 5.3 million Muslims of the Kashmir Valley.

New Delhi’s announcement of dialogue on Kashmir though on cards is yet to materialize as no formal invitation in this regard was served so far. There is also no clarity on the agenda as New Delhi has neither divulged details about the proposed dialogue nor explained its intent.

Also the contents of the would be invitation are yet unknown. Just one thing is clear that New Delhi wants to invite both pro-Indian and pro-freedom parties and has been misconstrued as invitation to only All Parties Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz by its Chairman and other Executive members. Very before this verbal offer by New Delhi media disclosed behind the curtain interaction of New Delhi with Hurriyat Conference admitted by Mirwaiz and professor. What is cooking in that hidden interaction is not known. Why the Quorum of the forum comprising both executive and general council is in dark about it and not taken into confidence remains a mystery unraveled.

While briefing media after his return from U.S.A Mirwaiz announced to convene the joint meeting of both executive and General Council but in a surprising move opted for only executive meeting and also briefed the media without asking for the suggestions of the general council or taking it in to confidence. This act of Mirwaiz being unjustified amounts to utter violation of Hurriyat constitution. Why then he did so? Is there anything he wants to hide from general council? How is it possible to evolve consensus with the parties outside forum when the forum itself is divided on the issue of dialogue. There seems something fishy.

In fact the call for evolving consensus with Geelani and Yasin seems only for public consumption otherwise the move is not sincere. Firstly the nomination of two member delegation comprising Fazal Haque Qureshi and Bilal Lone is not worth digesting. Geelani never wants to be associated with Lone, because he thinks Lone tended towards India rather than supportive of the movement, given Lone’s brother and sister nexus with India, participation in Elections and past allegations of; proxy involvement in Elections of joint people’s conference that caused the division of Hurriyat Conference.

Barring Yaseen Malik other pro-freedom parties including Syed Ali Shah Gilani will never like to interact with Bilal Lone. The leadership and the Chairmanship of Mirwaiz is not the dispute. Matter of serious concern is other than this. One feels hidden hands conspicuously conspiring to use Mirwaiz for something dangerous against the movement and even more dangerous is the unintentional negligence of Mirwaiz towards this development. Attempts are made to either convince or force Mirwaiz for annulment of agreement entered with Syed Ali Shah Gilani in 2008 which affirms struggle for right to self determination (freedom) and tripartite talks in consonance with the Hurriyat Conference Constitution of 1993 because said constitution being objectively realistic and in tune with the struggle and aspirations of the people formed the basis of larger unity in the past.

The whole Kashmiri nation is witness to the said agreement which reunited pro-freedom camp for a common objective. At present our concern should be thrust on unity rather than pursuing the path of bilateralism, which has all along failed in achieving break through in respect of solution of Kashmir dispute. Civil society has the moral obligation in this regard. It must stress for objective unity.

Now that New Delhi proposes dialogue with pro-freedom camp. How surprising hardly before one and a half month Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh used tough language against the pro-freedom camp and also rejected dialogue with the said camp terming it irrelevant. He even claimed that people of Kashmir have mandated their loyalty to India through Elections. What made New Delhi to lower its tone and offer the dialogue? The compulsions are many. Encouragingly international community is straight forward stressing for complete independence of Jammu Kashmir instead of using the words like solution. Every passing day pressure is mounting on New Delhi for dialogue. The main stream parties of Kashmir origin are now playing the plank of Kashmir solution to keep their constituencies of support intact because they know people of Kashmir do have the sentiment of freedom embedded deep.

Actually perpetual struggle and supreme sacrifices by Kashmiri people has caused this victory both at internal and external level. Coming to the point New Delhi wants to ease out this pressure so it has chosen to initiate dialogue on Kashmir. But keeping in mind New Delhi’s past, intransigent, insincere attitude Chankiyan policy and mindset of deceit Kashmiri people do not trust New Delhi and apprehend it may once again push for such exercise for face saving like that of the past futile meaningless one which fetched nothing and deflected even the at attributives of the dispute like demilitarization repeal of Black Draconian laws and release of prisoners.

If at all New Delhi is sincere now, let it first recognize Kashmir disputed and initiate the process of trilateral dialogue so that future political dispensation of the state is worked out in a proper way. Hurriyat Conference or any other pro-freedom party does not have the mandate for bilateral dialogue with in the framework of Indian Constitution. The dialogue if any has to be trilateral in accordance with Hurriyat’s 1993 constitution. Any leader forum or party proposing or readying for bilateral talks shall be deemed deviating from the movement. Pakistan as a sovereign country can afford to engage with New Delhi bilaterally but our involvement on the terms of New Delhi will be very damaging to our cause.

New Delhi is deceiving Kashmiri people on the plank of bilateralism. It wants to consume our time and energy. Kashmir is not the cat and mouse game what New Delhi is playing with. It is the concern of subjugation of a territory by New Delhi fromWhich Kashmir’s want emancipation. Those readying for bilateralism in jubilation must diagnose Indian Intentions as they have the past experience of New Delhi’s insincerity which they have admitted in the political sermons and media briefings. They should also keep in mind that the undisputed towering leader of Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah earned the name of traitor for his misadventure on Kashmir question. He himself appeals during his last days to the Kashmiri people, mention me mistaken not the traitor But history knows no sympathy.

Mohammad Yousuf Naqash
Islamic Political Party (jk)
Human Rights Committee
All Parties Hurriyat Committee
Kursu Rajbagh Srinagar Kashmir

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Mohammad Yousuf Naqash serves as a special contributor to The Seoul Times. He is chairman of the Islamic Political Party (jk) and also a head of the Head Human Rights Committee and All Parties Hurriyat Committee, Kursu Rajbagh Srinagar Kashmir. He can be reached at






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