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Is Islam to Rule the World?
By Thomas Emmon Pisano
US Correspondent
A Muslim woman

With the Muslim world comprising one fifth of the world’s population, it would look as though in a few generations Islam will dominate the societies of the world that would be fine except those radical religious dictators would destroy all who do not believe the same as they believe. The rest of the non-Muslim world would be tormented by their intolerance.

We are in a precarious situation in our free society of the United States; because we are lovers of religious freedom and we expect these freedoms as rights for the citizens and residents of our country. The freedom that we all enjoy may be our undoing simply because it guarantees Islam the same religious rights we afford other religious groups and because we tolerate their philosophies, we must tolerate their radicalism.

As we have seen time and time again, we have allowed the jihadists to grow and flourish under the guise of religious tolerance here in our country and have and will pay the price for our passive acceptance of their hateful ideals.

Their basic religious philosophy is against all who do not believe in their spiritual concepts or ideologies and they are secretly and overtly hateful of our way of thinking and scornful of the basic tenants of our society. In short, they hate America and what we stand for, and that is in no uncertain terms.

We are at war! This is not a myth nor is it something that just effects people in another country; it is a fact that touches each and every person in the United States and it affects all the people of the non-Muslim world as well.

The enemy we are fighting is flourishing here inside our borders and should not be tolerated. Still, we allow American mosques to spew hateful doctrine and preach anti-American sentiment in a language that most cannot understand; that doctrine is intolerance for our culture and our way of life. Their holy book, the Koran, tells the faithful that they must strike down the infidel and the heathen and furthermore that America is a Satan to the Muslim world.

I don’t know how far off base I am with this essay, but from my researches into the basic philosophies of the Islamic religion, we are not the chosen ones in Allah’s eyes. According to the Muslims I have read and heard speak, we are to be destroyed with the rest of the non-believers so that Islam can move forward.

How are we to allow this radical thinking, which breeds terrorism and allows it to continue to grow under our banner of religious freedom and acceptance, to influence and jeopardize our society?

I am a firm believer, since this war against Islamic radicalism started, that we should close our borders and tighten the reins on Islamic religious institutions. Furthermore, we should create a very hard line concerning people who are immigrants from predominately Islamic countries. We should tighten up America so that our homegrown terrorists have no place in which to perpetuate their fascist beliefs.

These terrorist organizations are using fifth column tactics and they are working from inside our borders in their insane efforts to harm our country and our people. This is not just paranoia; do you remember nine-eleven? There are other pieces of evidence confirming these facts such as the recent attempt on an in-bound airliner, not to mention countless suicide bombers around the world. These attackers are relentless to say the least. We are constantly in danger from the radical Islamic extremists that secretly reside within our borders.

It is now time for homeland security to start earning its money. All of Islam is extreme, this concept of the Sharia, (Sharat Allah-God’s law) the frowning Allah and the other aspects of Islam, the smiling Allah, is just bunk. It is all extremist double talk and our security forces should involve themselves in the elimination of this religion on our shores. I also believe that every American that can learn Farsi should learn this language so we can understand what is being said, both spoken and written in the Koran; we should know the enemy.

We are a people that need very little spiritual guidance to keep us righteous; we have a good religious base and a superlative government; it serves to keep our mind, body, and spirit in tact. It does seem that the people who are influenced by the Islamic religion are morally prone to an assortment of corruptions, so consequently they need a stricter hand to govern their lives.

We are a civilized people here in America. We believe in peace but we will fight when we are provoked by injustice, terrorism, and intolerance in all its forms. We will fight viciously to preserve our freedom.

Another thing, which needs to be said, the word Allah, according to the Islamic Clerics, can only be used by the Muslim people in relation to their religion and not by any other religion. Why is that? Could it be because they are afraid that if we all have a belief in Allah, they cannot single us out for their unfounded hatred or could it be that they are again demonstrating their pointless religious intolerance? This is another example of the insanity that has been perpetrated by their clerics and their backward religious interpretations.

These philosophically insane people are all around us and we should not take it for granted that the government is going to protect us from the enemies that have infiltrated our borders.

If we want to keep America, we must be diligent because the enemy is, at present, here waiting to seize this country while we are not looking.

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Mr. Thomas Emmon Pisano, an electronics-engineer-turned professional writer, serves as US correspondent for The Seoul Times. A New Jersey native he has lived in California. He has started his writing career in 2003 and has authored four books including “No Murder Too Small” and Big Crimes Small Miracles.”






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