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  Global Views
H1N1 — Global Conspiracy in the Making?
Special Contribution
By Dr. Roger Joe Knightley
In 2009 the pharmaceutical conglomerate of BAXTER tried to infiltrate the considerable quantity of 72kg of contaminated H1N1 – flue-virus vaccine concentrate into the World Health Organisation (WHO) with the deliberate intention to distribute this very vaccine to various regional WHO offices around the world, and a highly-questionnable indirect-deliberancy to have millions of rather unaware people vaccinated around the world.

In fact such quantity could suffice to prepare many thousands of flu-vaccine-shots, and all of them being contaminated meaning that following the flu-shots, patients could become severely sick, yes, even die consequentially, especially young children. It has been proven multifold (USA, Mexico, Ukraine) that such contaminated vaccines cause more harm to the human body, and in fact, may even attack the human nervous system, the immuno-system and the brain. When an honorable global institution such as the WHO is supposed to help protect humankind, the very opposite has provenly happened when this very World Health Organisation intentionally and absolutely-unethically tried to become a “distributor of death” instead of following its moral obligations toward humankind. Serious questionning arises whether the directorship of this WHO is still integer enough to fulfill its global function in a moral and “ people-serving “ manner.

Through the brave- and courageous journalistic groundwork of Dr. Jane Burgermeister of Austria, those malevolent intentions of BAXTER CORP. along with its “booze-buddy” the World Health Organisation (WHO) were uncovered accidentally and only the very last minute, yet just early enough - followed by a series of legal-backstabbings and accusations - to prevent massive distribution and consequential rather lethal vaccinations across ASIA , as well.

However, this may have just been the beginning of an entire series of malevolent actions against the very lifes of people, by the so-called elitary-ruling-few orchestrating and ushering in a New-World-Order by stealth, right now. If they cannot distribute those deadly-vaccines thru the WHO-arm of their pyramidical downline-structure, they will accomplish it by spraying those lab-created bioweapon-viruses into the air/atmosphere with the help of airplanes (Chemtrail-phenomenon !) as they had done - again provenly - over the skies of Ukraine; thousands of Ukrainians fell seriously ill following those chemtrail-activities over the Ukrainian skies during the last winter season.

Those chemtrail-activities happen all over Europe, North America and even parts of Australia. Unless Asian governments and their respective health ministries want to play this devilish game along against their very own people, it is high-time now to be informed, to become aware and to start saying NO to unnecessary stage 6-pandemic-levels, to start saying NO when it comes to issues of national health and to stop being brainwashed by a so-called “shadow-world-government” and to start taking back your own national control of such important issues, once again.






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